Ellen Page - Discovering the Global LGBT Community on "Gaycation"

March 8, 2016 - Ellen Page 03/08/2016 Views: 840

"Gaycation" co-host Ellen Page talks about traveling the world with her friend Ian Daniel to learn about different LGBT cultures and lifestyles. (5:20)

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Please welcome Ellen Page.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thank you.

-Wow. -Thank you so muchfor being here.

Oh, thank you for having me.

-No, no. Thank you forbeing here. -Oh. Here we are.

Let's, uh, talk a little bitabout Gaycation...

-Mm-hmm. -which sounds likea National Lampoon's movie.

-(laughter)-But it's not at all.

-No.-It is not a comedy.

-Uh, it's a... it's a beautifulshow, by the way. -Oh, thanks.

If you haven't started watchingit, you guys really should.


other than the obvious reasons,

why did you feelthis show needed to be made?

Well, I think, you know,I felt like it needed to be made

because I'm always interestedin the LGBT community

being, just,represented more, you know?

And I thought it wasan opportunity to travel

around the worldand to learn so much, you know?

I've had the opportunity to meetsome of the most courageous,

-brave human beings, activists.-Yeah.

Um, that you could ever be sofortunate to meet in your life.

And I just wanted an opportunity

to, uh, allow peopleto tell their story

and so people could...You know, of course,

we explore--my best friend Ian and I--

explore the-the triumphsand the joys

and-and even the nightlife,and all these things,

but sadly, unfortunately,of course,

a part of the showis about discrimination

and the oppressionthat people face.

And I think for the most part,

sometimes peoplejust don't know.

You know? They justdon't know the struggles

that a lot of people face.And hopefully,

it's an opportunityfor people to see that

and maybe that could helpchange some minds

-or open some hearts, yeah.-Yeah, it's...

When you're in Brazil,there's a moment...

I-I was afraid for you.I-I mean, I...

You know, it's one of thosethings where you're watching it

and you're, like,"Is she gonna survive?"

And you're like,"Yeah, you know she survives,

because she's on the show."But still, I was like,

"Is she gonna survive?"

You are in Brazil talking to...

I mean, is he stilla member of the police?

-A retired cop.-A retired cop, who basically

-prides himselfon killing gay people. -Mm-hmm.

And you tell him you're...You don't...

He doesn't know you're gay whenyou're coming to talk to him.

Why would you do... Do you knowwhat the favelas are?

-I do.-Like, why would you do that?

You know there's, like, bungeejumping and stuff like that.

Why... Why would yougo into that environment,

and weren't you terrifiedwhen this was happening?

You know, honestly,it could just be, like,

a horribly naivething to do, you know?

Um, I thinkwhen we're in these places,

we work with incredibleproducers on the ground.

Um, and in Brazil, this came upwhen one of these amazing people

we were working with--and she was a real,

um, uh, extraordinary,brave journalist there--

sort of, you know,presented this opportunity

for this interview.Um, and we did it...

Uh... you know, it felt...it feels important,

'cause I do thinkit's-it's important to see

what that is-- thatthat exists. You know?

And I think in thatsituation, you don't...

You're not reallythinking about yourself.

You're thinking aboutthose who are vulnerable

in the community there,who might not know

that this man's walking downthe street right next to them.

I think that's whatyou're thinking about

for the most part.You know?

And some of the people arereally walking on the street

next to them, 'cause it's notjust international countries.

You had an interestingencounter with Ted Cruz.


Did he knowwho you-who you were?

I don't... Probably not.Not totally, you know?

Ted Cruz doesn't watch X-Men?

Ted Cruz didn't watch Inception-- he didn't know?

-I don't know, maybe. -Didn'twatch Juno? He doesn't...

Doesn't seem like a Juno guy.No, he doesn't.

I don't know.

What is... What did he sayto you? Did he connect with you

in any way? What did he tryand to say to you there?

Um, you know, I was essentiallyjust trying to ask him

about, you know, the...his stance on LGBT equality,

which, um, I thinkwe're all well aware

is, uh, is bad.

-Um, to say the least.-To say the least.

And, um, and, uh, you know,

I do think it's prettyextraordinary to be in a place

and live in a country wherethat conversation's possible.

-Yeah. And that Ted Cruzis willing to talk to me

and-and continuethe conversation, you know?

-And that's something I feel...-He's wearing an apron

-while doing it. -He's wearingan apron, yeah. It was at the...

it was atthe state fair in Iowa.

Um, did we connect on any level?

No, you know, I don't know whatto say, I don't think he...

It doesn't seem like somethinghe really wants to hear,

and sadly, that's, um, you know,

really unfortunatefor the LGBT community.

I think what we needto understand

is that rhetoricis destructive, you know?

It's... If you're perpetuatingdiscrimination or hate,

that reallyaffects people's lives

and it really affectsour society negatively.

It helps no one.

And I hope the showcan somehow demonstrate that

that rhetoric really doeshurt people, you know?

(whooping, cheering, applause)

It's a, uh...

It's a beautiful story that Ithink will connect with every...

I'll tell you, when I waswatching it, I was...

As I say, I was afraid for you.I was afraid with you.

And it's really a beautifulstory that connects you

to a group of people that, uh,need as many voices as possible.

So thank you very muchfor being here.

-Oh, thank you.-Thank you so much.

Gaycation airs Wednesdaysat 10:00 p.m. on Viceland.

Ellen Page, everybody.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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