Gad Elmaleh - Pandering to America Like a Presidential Candidate

January 25, 2016 - Gad Elmaleh 01/25/2016 Views: 24,702

French comedian Gad Elmaleh talks about performing in different languages and explains why he wanted to bring his stand-up to America. (5:06)

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My guest tonightis a French comedian

who is currently doinga residency at Joe's Pub

here in New York City.

Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome Gad Elmaleh!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Hey. -That is the fastest exitI've ever seen.

-Yeah. Yeah.-You wasted no time.

No. I was excited.You know, this is...

Oh, wow, this is...We see this on TV in France.

-What? Mugs? Mugs?-For me, this is America.

-We don't drink in this.-You...

We... So I'm gonna drinkin this mug tonight.

-Don't...-No, yeah, I...

-It's not...-I need it. Please.

-It's not... y...-Cheers.

-(laughter) -Thanksfor having me on the show!

(cheering, applause)

It's from Flint, Michigan.We...


Thank you.Thanks for having me, Trevor.

-Thank you so much. Thank youfor being here. -No, really.

-Um, let's startat the beginning. -Yeah.

For people who have no cluewho you are,

-which is most people.-Most people that are...

Most peopleon this side of the world.

Yeah, on this side of...Yeah. Yeah.

And-and these people, also.

Oh, there's some people herewho know who you are.

-Really?-Yeah. Yeah.

(cheering, applause)

And there's... and there'ssome liars as well.

-Yeah. -Um...-(laughter)

No, but you are a superstarin not just France--

which other countriesdo you tour in?

-Uh, North Africa, where Iwas born, by the way. -Yeah.

Uh, Middle East and Europeand, uh...

I was born in Morocco.I live in France.

-(whooping, cheering)-See? I told you. I told you.

-Oh. That's great.-See?



He's from South Africa.I was born North Africa.

-Right?-I don't have as much...

-No.-I just... They...

It didn't go down as well.

But for Americans,it's easy to know

that your countryis in South Africa,

because Africa is in the nameof the country.

Well, that'swhy we named it like that,

-just so that we wouldn'thave... -But Morocco,

they don't really know.

-Do people not know?-Nah.

-They think it's,like, Middle East? -No. No.

-Where do they think Morocco is?-They don't think.

-They... they just...-(laughter)

-They think of Monaco or...-Oh, that's very different.

-No, that has nothing... Yeah.-That's, like, a lot of money.

Not that Moroccodoesn't have money,

-but, like, a lot more money.-Be careful.

-It does. So, okay,-Be careful.

so Gad Elmaleh is touringaround the world.

You are a Moroccan comic,but living in France.

-I mean, you speak how manylanguages, four? -Four.

You speak also... four?

-I speak six, but, I mean,that's not the point. -Oh.

-(laughter)-I mean... that's...

-this is your interview, Gad.-Okay, I see. Okay, okay.

This is your...What are the languages?

-You speak French, English...-French, English,

-Hebrew, Arabic...-(man whoops)

and, um... The "whoo"was for which language?

That "whoo." That's four.I speak four languages.

That's your four languages.

-Do you tour in allof those languages? -Yeah. Yeah.

What's your favorite languageto do comedy in?

Uh, now English. Really.Really, really.

(whooping, applause)

-Come on.-He's pandering, people!

-I'm on American TV. -You'relike a presidential candidate.

You just pandered to them,that's what you did.

Yeah, exactly. "Who are you...

what are you voting for,"the guy said, right?

"Who are you voting for?"-Yeah. "Who are you voting for?"

-Tell me.-Who am I voting for?

-Yeah.-Gad Elmaleh.

Yeah. Come on!

Okay, um, so the show. Like,this is what blows my mind.

And a lot of peopledon't understand this.

Not only are you a comediancoming from another country--

I came as an African comedianthat nobody knew--

but you also movedinto speaking another language,

-Yeah. -doing comedy ina completely foreign language.

Where do you even start?


Okay, I had to learn English,all right?


Uh, becausesometimes people say,

"Oh, there'sa lot of similarities

"with Trevor Noah, you'reboth from another country,

and he was famousin his country,"

but I had to learn English;you already speak English

-when you came here.-Yeah, I did, I did.

Uh, do you understand my Englishright now? Yeah.

(cheering, whooping, applause)

So... and you know, really,it was really...

it's something crazy thatI'm doing right now, you know?

And it's new,it's very exciting.

And why am I doing this?To be honest with you...

You want the American answer?

-No, no, I want the real answer.-Real answer?

No, I'm gonna give youthe American one.

What's the American one?

(different accent):I need to challenge myself.



You know, that's funny.Was that...

was that an American accent?

That sounded like an Americanperson doing a French accent

of a person doingan American accent.

-Born in Morocco.-That's what that was?

Yeah. Yeah. That'sthe East Coast version of it.

-Why...-You want the West Coast?

What's the West Coast?

(different accent):It's my passion project.


-(applause)-That's why I'm doing it.

-Oh, man!-Are they watching the show

on the West Coast right now?

-Not right now.-No, not right now.

I mean, we're taping it,and then they're...

and then there'sthree hours behind...

-Oh, we didn't know that.-There's, like...

My mom is watching right now.

-This show?-Yeah.

-Not now. I mean...-(laughter)

Of course.Well, uh, hi, Mom.

And if you're not Mom,you can see Gad perform standup

at Joe's Put herein New York City through June.

Super funny.

-Gad Elmaleh, everybody!-Thank you so much.

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