Gael Garcia Bernal on "Mozart in the Jungle"

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Gael Garcia Bernal discusses his role in "Mozart in the Jungle" and his shocked reaction to winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series. (5:20)

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Please welcomeGael Garcia Bernal!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

All right!

Wow! (laughs)

Bravo! Nice!

-Ah... Gael, Gael...-Man, man, man, such a pleasure.

-That's such a great name. Gael.-Mm.

Let's talk about your success.First of all,

I mean,let's get straight into it.

Congratulationson the Golden Globe.

-(cheering, applause)-Thank you. Thank you so much.

-Yeah! (laughs)-That was, uh...

Thank you.

Wonderful moment.Why did you look so shocked?

I saw you, and then, like,you got up, and I was...

at first I thoughtyou were doing that fake thing

that they do on... whereyou're like, "Ah, oh, me, ah..."

-But you really were shocked.-I was really shocked. Yes.

-Why?-I... I...

I don't know. You know, whenyou start doing these things,

you don't expectthese things to happen

or this kind of attentionto happen to something

-about classical music.-Yeah.

So all of a sudden, it was,like, it started to be real

and more real,and when they said my name,

it just got really slow motion.

And it just got worse and...

-(laughter)-and I had to walk

down the steps,and the good thing is

that as soon asI was walking down the steps,

I saw AlejandroGonzález Iñárritu,

who's the directorthat I first worked with.

-Who you worked with, yes.-And now he's, like,

super uber domin...

-nominated for The Revenant. -Yeah, for Revenant. Yeah.

And he said, like,something like,

(exclaiming in Spanish)

And... and I was like,"Yeah, (speaking Spanish)!"

And so I went up the stairs,and that was my...

the way to get up the stairsand start to say something.

Because alsoI had nothing prepared.

-I didn't know what to say.-That is hilarious.

I love that he brought you backto reality with home.

That's basically what he did,just ramble off in Spanish.

Um... Mozart in the Jungle, you know what,

when I first saw the shotsof the, like, the poster,

I thought it wasa spoof of something,

because it's a musical,like, as a composer,

and New York City behind him...looks like a joke,

Mozart in the Jungle.

But it's a... it'sa beautiful story, it really is,

about classical musicand a lot of sex.

A lot of sex, yes.

Is there that much sexin the classical music world?

Is that what you found funny?

I didn't find the sex funny,I found the...

There were momentsthat were funny, but...

Yeah, yeah. But there'sa lot of sex in the...

yeah, I think with all those,you know,

like, long oboes and kind of...

-(laughter)-You know...

-Did you...-You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, the drums and stuff,they're...

I just love that you thinkthe oboes are the sexiest thing.

That was the first instrumentthat came to your mind.

-Mmm, oboes.-I know, I know, I know, I know.

Well, man, I've been veryin touch with the orchestra,

-Yeah. -and once you arein touch with the orchestra,

you kind of, you know,you grow up...

different appetites, you know?


This is...You are you so charming.

You just have, like, this thing.

Everyone at homeis, like, "Mmm, oboes."

Did you...This is a great story.

For those who don't know,so it's basically the story

of, um, of a young manwho is very talented,

uh, does well for himselfin his home country,

comes to New York Cityand takes over a job

from an older manwho is revered in New York

for doing what he does--very farfetched story.

-(laughter) -Um...

but, uh...

-but you...-Mm, sorry, sorry.


But your character comes in,and... and as a composer,

did you have to learn...did you learn any composing,

or are you just making it up?

-It looks like I'm making it up,right? -It doesn't look

like you're making it up,but I was like,

I never know, because it lookslike they're all making it up.

Well, for us amat...yeah, for us amateurs,

it might look like,oh, hey, looks like, you know,

-something's happening.-Yeah.

But for real musicians,they go like, "Well, yeah,

like, one-fifth of what you didwas kind of okay."

And then the rest is just,like, but... like singing.

I mean, you know,good singers don't need

to have, like,a good trained voice.

I mean, they just need the...

the blood, no?To sing with the blood.

And, uh... and Rodrigo playswith the blood.

-You know, my character. The...-Yes.

-So I studied a little bit.-Before I let you go,

I wanted to ask you,'cause this was fascinating.

I read... I read about this.

-You're working on a movie...-Mm.

that is about...

a Mexican immigrantmaking his way into America

and the story is...

I know thisis not coming out yet,

but I found it so fascinating.

What is that moviegonna be about?

It's, uh... it's a storyabout a group of migrants.

The character I playis a migrant that's coming back

-to the United Statesbecause he was deported, -Oh.

and they are crossing the border

between Mexicoand the United States.

And once they cross,there is one of those guys

that decides to take matterinto their hands

and protect...the imaginary line.

-Ted Cruz. Yeah.-(laughter)

-(applause)-I get it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And decides to shoot them.

Decides to shoot at them.

And then it becomesa cat-and-mouse, eh...

-You know, it becomesan action-packed -Yeah.

horror movie.

It looks absolutely amazing.

And, uh, everything you'redoing, man. Great things.

-Thank you so much, man. -Thankyou so much for being here.

Mozart in the Jungle, seasons one and two

are availableon Amazon right now.

Gael Garcia Bernal, everyone!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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