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February 8, 2016 - Gillian Jacobs 02/08/2016 Views: 29,154

Actress Gillian Jacobs weighs in on the possibility of a "Community" movie and talks about her Netflix series "Love." (5:28)

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Please welcome Gillian Jacobs!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

NOAH:Thank you so much.

-♪ -(applause continues)

-Thank you so muchfor being here. -My pleasure.

First of all, I'm gonna beselfish with this interview

and start at the top.

-Huge fan of Community. Huge, huge fan. -Aw.

(cheering, applause)

Thank you.

Like... the mantra of the show

is, uh..."six seasons and a movie."

But, like... but the movie when?

Like, who do we need to pressureto get this to happen?

Uh, one man,whose name is Dan Harmon.

So... we just need to get Danto write the script,

and I think we'd all makethe movie in an instant.

We're calling you out,Dan Harmon.

-This is it.-Calling you out, Dan Harmon.

-Dan Harmon!-Harmon!


Such a huge fan of yours.

Uh, I told you earlier, you setthe building, like, on fire.

People were like,"Oh, my God, Gillian's coming,

Gillian's coming."Like, all the writers were like,

"Gillian's coming.Can I ask her a question?"

-I was like, "No." Um...-(laughter)

Thank you for being here.Before we talk about Love,

you have sucha diverse portfolio

of what you love.

I mean, you're a big filmerof documentary filmmaking now.

-Yeah. -Is that a passionyou've always had?

No. I kind of fellinto documentary filmmaking.

Uh, a couple of my cast mateson Community,

-uh, Danny Pudi and Ken Jeong,made 30 for 30. -(whooping)

Oh, yeah.They're great as well.

-(cheering, applause)-Uh...

-they made some 30 for 30 docsfor ESPN, -Yes, yes.

and so I met one of theproducers there, and I was like,

if you're giving actorswho've never directed before

a directing job,sign me up, please.

-Uh...-Nicely done.

Yeah. Very unqualifiedand very eager.

So, uh, yeah, I got the chanceto direct a documentary

for,Nate Silver's Web site,

-about a computer coder...-(cheering, applause)


This woman named Grace Hopper.

So from there, it really sparkedan interest in computer coding,

which I don't really knowanything about,

-and making documentary films.-It's such a...

it's a fascinating story,because you call her that,

"The Queen of Code," uh,but she was an icon--

she didn't wantto be held up as an icon,

but that's really what she was.

She inspired young girlsand women in general

-to get into coding.-Yeah.

So it's a fascinating story.

Um, if you could directany film now,

if you could makeany documentary,

-what would you make it about?-Mmm...

Well, another, I think,remarkable woman in tech

is Hedy Lamarr--do you know anything about her?

-(cheering, applause)-No.

Uh, yeah.She was a movie star,

a very glamorous movie star,but it turned out

that she was actuallyan incredible inventor as well.

And during World War II,she felt compelled

to somehow help the war effort.

So, together witha film composer in Hollywood,

they invented this technology

which the governmentrefused to use--

they kind of dismissed her'cause she was...

a glamorous movie star.

Um, but it laterbecame the basis

for Wi-Fi and Bluetoothtechnology.

-So she basically invented...-That's insane.

-Yeah. The Internet.-Here's something...

I picked up-- it's funny you saythat she was dismissed

as a glamorous-- like, you hada bit of a tumultuous start.

I mean, like,when you were in school,

I read thata lot of your teachers

would say things to you--they'd be like,

"You're very pretty,but you don't act like a woman."

(laughs) Well, they told meI had terrible posture,

uh, that I shuffled my feet,uh, they... they told me

that I did well for someonewith no natural ability.

You don't forget thingslike this.

-Wow.-They say it to you once,

and it's searedin your brain forever.

Do you ever go back? Like, just,like, in a really nice car

and then just be like,"Oh, I was in the neighborhood.

-(laughter)-"Thought I'd come by and...

Oh, did I dropa few million dollars?"

-(laughter)-Do you ever go back?

-Do they ever say anythingto you now? -No.

And actually,the mere sight of the building

actually still makesmy knees shake a little bit,

so I need a little bit moretherapy before I can confront...

You need to go backand terrorize them now.

-Oh, gosh.-You could go back and terrorize

every single one of them.

You've done so great.And this new show

really is... funny.

It's really fantastic.

Judd Apatow is involvedin producing it, right?

Yes. He's oneof the cocreators,

um, producer, along with PaulRust, who you saw in that clip,

-Yes. -and Leslie Arfin.Yeah, they created the show.

So in a nutshell, for peoplewho are gonna get into it,

-what is the show about?-Well, you saw

the two main goofballsin that clip--

myself and Paul Rust--and we are a very unlikely pair.

Both have a lot of issues,but on the surface,

you know,I'm a bit of a wild child,

he seems like an uptight nerd,but, uh, we meet

and stumble towards love,

but, uh, we make a lotof mistakes along the way,

and, uh, cause a lot of havocin Los Angeles.

That's a good wayto put it. Yeah.

It's fun, because I seea lot of people gravitating

towards Netflix now.

Like, stories are being toldin a more authentic way,

people are relaxing...

What would you say you prefer?

I'm not saying choosebetween Community and Love.

I'm saying which formdo you prefer?

Oh, let me think about that.

Um, Netflix gave us two seasonsright off the bat.

Um, we were almost canceledsix years in a row on NBC.

-I think I prefer Netflixright now. -(laughter)

(whooping, applause)

It really's a wonderful story.

It's super funny.

And I guessthe best part about it

is that it's gonna be coming outright around Valentine's Day.

-So people can, uh...can get into the love. -Yeah.

Either you havea great Valentine's Day

and you can be smugabout our misadventures,

or you have a terrible dayand you can commiserate with us.

Misery loves company. Love will be available

on Netflix starting February 19.

Gillian Jacobs, everybody!

(cheering, applause)

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