Hannibal Buress - Waiting for the Right Time to Release "Comedy Camisado"

February 3, 2016 - Hannibal Buress 02/03/2016 Views: 20,290

Comedian and "Broad City" co-star Hannibal Buress finds out why his performance in South Africa didn't go well and chats about his Netflix stand-up special "Comedy Camisado." (5:25)

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-Please welcome Hannibal Buress!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)


-What's up, man?-Hey...! What's up, Hannibal?

-How's it going?-How you doing, man?

-Doing all right.-You're looking good.

You're looking, uh,you're looking healthy, man.

I'm not healthy at all, man.

-(laughter)-I've been trying to get healthy

for the past few years--I just fall...

I'm not...I'm turning 33 tomorrow.

-Oh, you're serious?-Yeah.

-(cheering)-No, it's not...

I'm not in good shape.

-Happy before birthday.-Thank you, man. I appre...

-33 is young.-I'm happy to be doing this.

You look heal... What doyou mean you're not healthy?

On Sunday, I laughed hard,

and my body crampedin three places.


And it was a cramp over hereand two over here,

and so I was tryingto stretch them out,

but since they wereon opposite sides...

when I would go on this side,they would aggravate each other,

and I was just a see-sawof destruction.

-It was bad. It sucked.-Oh, man. Cramping.

Cramping at 33.Is it the road life?

-Is that what it is?-Road life and irresponsibility.

Poor eating, drinking,a lot of things.

I need to takea daily vitamin, probably,

and I need to get backoff my ex-girlfriend.


I like thatyou've narrowed it down.

-Yep.-Got it down to the key things.

I know the thingsI need to do--

-I just don't do them.-That's everyone, though.

-Is it?-That's health. That's life.

You got to work out,you got to eat well.

-Yeah. -We know the things,but we don't do them.

We don't do them.Things you do do, though,

-is, uh, you do comedy, man,you do comedy. -Do comedy.

-You were in South Africarecently. -Yeah.

Why were you fightingwith the media?

I wasn't fightingwith the media.

The show...my South African show...

-went horribly. Uh...-(laughter)

Which is, if showsgo poorly sometimes,

it just sucks when you fly15 hours for a show to suck.

You're like, "No, that wasa long way to go to do poorly."


You know what's weird is,it didn't suck.

-This was the strange thing.-Yeah.

-Some of the reportersin South Africa -Yeah.

-didn't think you werea comedian, -Yeah.

they-- no, not in a bad way;let me explain this.

They... they thoughtthat you were, like,

a man who speaks outagainst rape.

-(laughter)-'Cause of the Bill Cosby thing.

-So they just thought...-So some people were just, like,

they were, like,Hannibal Buress,

and then the first thingthat pops up

-is obviously the thing,-Yeah.

and then they were like,"Oh, so now he's into comedy?"

-And so...-(laughter)

they thought you were, like,just doing a show,

-Yeah. -so, like, some peoplethat came to the show,

they were like, "Oh, yeah,we heard about this guy."

So some people were there towatch you give, like, a speech


about Quaaludes and stuff.

You need to get ridof those things on Google, man.

-Yep. How do you do that?-You can.

I think you can,like, write to Google

-and say, "Hey, no more."-All right.

"No more"?

-Hey, Google, stop that.-That's how it works.

Uh, Broad City. Very funny.That's coming back again.

-Yeah, man! -Yeah.-(cheering, applause, whistling)

We're gonna see you, uh...

I also saw you in Daddy's Home.

-That was funny. -Yeah,I was in Daddy's Home, yeah.

Are you ever gonna,like, run in a movie?

-Uh...-No, 'cause, like, you play,

like, a very chill-- I mean,you are very chilled out.

But do you ever thinkyou're gonna be, like,

one of those guys whoswitch over to, like, action?

I would like to.I think somebody's waiting

to give me an action movie--they're just saying,

-"Nah, he's too fat now.-(laughter)

"It's not time. Let's wait.

"Let's see if he can...if he can do it,

and then we'll..."I think there's a offer waiting,

-and it's just not time yet.-It's not time for you to do it.

Yeah. I want to do...I think I want to have my, uh,

Chris Pratt transformation.

-(laughter)-Like, everybody's,

"Holy (bleep)!He's skinny now!"

And chicks are like,"Oh (bleep)!"

Everything changed for him.

-Let's talk about the specialreal quick. -Yeah.

Comedy Camisado. Last time I met you,

you were talking abouthow you wanted to tour it out.

You were like, "I don't wantto release the special

-Yeah. -until it's ready,I want to have fun with it."

-So now it's ready.-It's ready. Yeah. It's ready.

Everyone waits for you--you know that Hannibal is, like,

that dude,you are that dude in comedy.

-Everyone talks about you...-I'm one of the dudes.

There's a few...I'm one of the dudes.

I'm the top dude named Hannibal.

-(laughter) -There'sone other Hannibal in comedy.

He tried to open for me.I was like, "Nah, man."

-(laughter) -Have you seriouslymet another Hannibal?

Haven't met him,but I talked with him online.

It's this guy named Hannibalin the Bay Area.

I was like,"You seem like a nice guy,

but I'm not tryingto split the vote."


Who wou you vote for?I mean...

let's make it, let's make itof the Republican guys.

-Yeah. -I mean, there's a guywho you remind me of.

-Yeah, it's tough not...-(laughter)




And yeah, I know I sharea lot of the same politics

with Marco Rubio, and...

so I get what you're saying.

Yeah, man, Ben Carsonlooks too much like my dad,


and I don't like...it's weird when he says...

when he says dumb stuff.

Also, he talks like mea little bit sometimes!

Oh, you notice that now?

-Oh, man.-He talks like me sometimes.

I'm like, yo, has he been...have I been watching him,

or has he been watching me?

-What's been going on here?-Oh, man, Hannibal,

so much funhaving you here, man.

-Thank you very much.-Thanks for having me, man.

Comedy Camisado will be available on Netflix,

uh, Netflix on Friday.

Broad City returns toComedy Central on February 17.

Hannibal Buress, everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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