Ice Cube - Making "Ride Along 2" Sexier and Cooler

January 14, 2016 - Ice Cube 01/14/2016 Views: 34,144

Rapper and actor Ice Cube discusses being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a part of N.W.A and describes working with Kevin Hart in "Ride Along 2." (6:45)

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Please welcome Ice Cube.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)



Don't you dare.

Don't you dare "boo" my guest.

I love that, Mr. Ice Cube.

-I cannot believe this is you,man. -Hey, it's me.

This is you.Before we go anywhere,

I want to congratulate youon being inducted

into the, uh, Rock 'N' RollHall of Fame.

Oh, yeah, yeah.It's great.

That is, uh...

Did you-did you ever believethat that would happen?

I mean, as...I mean, you know,

NWA wasn't the most...

-accepted group,in the beginning. -Yeah.

It wasn't too family friendly,you know what I mean?

So, you know, I knewthe Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame--

you know, if they wantedto really keep the name

"Rock 'N' Roll",-they-they had to look at...

at some of the groupsthat were a little more edgy.

And so I felt NWA fit,you know, fit that criteria.

And sooner or laterthey had to let us in,

and here we are.

I love that persistence,sooner or later.

Sooner or laterthey had to let us in.

And they did let you in.

Uh, a place that didn'tlet you guys in was the Oscars.

Am I the only person that wassaying what's up with that?

I mean, Straight Outta Compton was amazing.

It got rave reviews as well.

It wasn't oneof those movies where

the people loved itand the reviewers didn't.

Like, is that somethingthat gets to you?

Uh, only a little bit,you know what I mean?

Only a little bit.You know, I know NWA

was anti-establishment.

You know, we didn't have noneof that slave stuff you had.

Wish I had a little bitof that...

(humming a tune) spread on there.

You... Sure, you see?You see how effective...

-If you'd have done that, man.-Hey, man. We'd have won.

-You know what I mean?-You'd have won.

We'd have... we'd havedefinitely been nominated.

But it's all good.You know, we didn't

make that movie for the Oscars.We made that movie

-for the people, and the peopleloved it. -And the people...

The people loved it.

-Yeah. -The people definitely,definitely loved it.

I remember watching, uh, Straight Outta Compton,

and I was like,"Man, how did they get someone

who looks exactlylike Ice Cube?"

-Yeah.-And then someone's like...

-That's your son? -Yeah,that's my son, O'Shea Junior.

He looks exactly like you.

Exactly like me.Yup, I can't deny that one.

But he smiles more. He just...That's the only thing.

He smiles more.That's why I was like, who...

Yeah, 'cause he grew up rich,that's why he smiles more.

I'd be smiling too if I grew up

with a silver mic in my mouth.

-You know what I mean?-Is he anything like you?

Yeah, yeah, you know,we-we definitely

-got the same, you know,sense of humor and, uh... -Yeah.

You know, we got a dark senseof humor. So it's funny.

You know, we...we love to just clown,

talk about peopleand have fun.

Yeah, and he's gonna...I-I'm hoping

he's gonna getmore into acting now.

I mean, he's just... He wasamazing in that film.

Everyone was, really.

Yeah, you know,I-I hope he get...

deep into it, you know,so he can start

spending his own moneyinstead of spending mine.

I feel like there'sa lot of animosity here.

Uh, all right, let's talk about,uh, the movie on your shirt,

-Ride Along 2. -Yes.

-I loved Ride Along 1.-Yeah.

And then I was like,"Where are these guys gonna go

-with Ride Along 2? -Miami, baby.

-Everybody love Miami, so...-Everybody does love Miami.

We was cheating a little bitby going to Miami

'cause everybodylove Miami, so we knew,

okay, our movie'sdefinitely gonna be

a little more sexier,a little more cooler.

-You know, we got Olivia Munnin there, so... -Yeah.

You know, Kevin gotthe ugly part down right,

she got the pretty, so...

You know, we got Ken Jeongin the backseat.

You know, he called himselfRice Cube.

So it's all good.

It's all good,it's all good.

-Oh, man.-All good.

Oh... Can I ask you a question?

How do you keep a straightface acting with Kevin Hart?

Because he has... Not onlyis he just over every...

I mean, like, his energyis so ins... like, he's not...

-People don't understand, that'shim all the time. -That's him.

You know, he's-he's the lifeof the party kind of dude,

always high on energy,

you know, always want to makepeople have a good time, and

I just put on my producer hat,you know what I mean?

I put on my producer hatand I just think in my head

that he's my little brother

doing something so stupid,

and I wantto get something done.

And with that in my head,you know,

it makes me holda straight face.

it's, uh, it's-it's really funnyto see you guys on screen.

I was... I was wondering, Ride Along 3--

you gonna gointernational, maybe?

Man, I-I was tryingto get to Rio, so... Yeah...

I feel like you justgo to places

where there's beautiful people.There's not a plot,

-you just go in there.-Hey, man, you know,

I'm a producer,so I got a say in it.

You know what I mean?So why should we

go to, like, you know,Cleveland or something,

you know what I mean?

I, uh, I always wondered,when you're acting in movies

you've become notoriousfor the man...

for being the manwho doesn't smile.

-Mm-hmm.-Was that always you?

Was that... were you, like,the Ice Cube scowl?

Was that, like,your thing, always?

Or is... did someone tell you,"Hey, you don't smile."

And you were like,"I didn't notice."

That's it.You know, people tell me,

you know, "You don't smile."And I didn't notice.

You know, I smile all the time.I'm smiling inside.

I just don't look it.

Oh, man. It was funnythe way you say,

-"I'm smiling right now."-I'm smiling right now.

I'm smiling right now.Well, that's not smiling.

That's not smiling. What is...what is the worst thing

that happened on setbetween and you Kevin?

Was there somethingthat he did that made you go,

"I should have hit youfor real in that scene"?

Uh, he took off his shoes.

You know, he has someof the ugliest feet ever.

I mean, them things is...

I don't know what they doing.

One is... is sittingon top of the other.


-pretty bad. And they stink.-And he took...

I'm picturing Kevin...Is this in the car?

'Cause you guys were in...You spent a lot of time

-in cars in that movie.-Yeah, yeah, you know,

we-we spent a lot of timein the cars.

We had fun in the cars, though.That-that was no problem.

You know, it's just...And that trailer, you know.

Sometimes he wants to comein my trailer and play too much.

Play too much.He wanted to use my toilet.

Ain't nothing like smellingKevin Hart using the bathroom.

It's just terrible.

It's, like, the feet,the bathroom--

you're making him look so bad.

-He's look good right now.-He is bad.

He's, like,he's looking so good.

Man, that boy is terrible.

This is-this is camaraderiebetween you guys.

I love this.He actually, uh,

he brought me a giftwhen he came.

He was my first guestwhen-when, uh,

when we... when welaunched the show.

Did you-did youbring me anyth-anything...

I mean... I mean, it could besomething you're wearing

-around your neck. I mean, I...-I mean, you know, uh...

I mean, I'm...

I... I-I got youwhat I got you last time.

What was that?


I'm smiling on the inside.

Ride Along 2 will be in theaters on Friday.

-It's Ice Cube, everybody.-Yay-yay.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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