Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson - The Evolution of Broad City

March 7, 2016 - Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson 03/07/2016 Views: 1,050

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the stars and creators of Broad City, talk about capturing the experience of living in New York City and describe the show's writing process. (6:55)

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Please welcome Ilana Glazerand Abbi Jacobson.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)


-Wow.-Thank you so much.

-Thank you for being here.-Thanks for having us.

You guys look really glammed up.

-Glam squad. -Yeah, we lookglam squad. -I, uh...

First of all, can we start offthe top--

I love Broad City so much it.I really...

It is one of the funniest showsI have ever seen.

It's so... I think a lot of thesuccess has been the fact

that it is so different.

Did you set out to make itdifferent

or are you just different?That sounded negative

-and it wasn't negative.-No. -I took it as positive.

If you guys didn't laughthat means there'd be

-a negative thing.-I took it as positive.

-No, your audience are full ofassholes. -They laughed, like,

negative, I was going...I was going... Yeah, they are.

I took it as a compliment, jeez.

-No, um... -I-I don't...I think when we set out

to make this show,it was really just

to make something.

Like it's funny,'cause "Co-Op", uh, last week

or two weeks ago--them switching,

-it's, like, so typical.-Yeah.

So I don't think of it asdifferent, but I feel like

we're doing classic stuffin our specific voice.

-You know what I mean?-Yeah.

It's like, that-that was,you've seen that

on every show or something.I don't know.

Well, not... Well, not everyshow.. The-the way you do

what you do. I mean, you havebecome... uh, uh,

thought leadersin comedy, you know?

A lot of people go,"Oh, what they're doing

is-is changing culture,the way things are perceived."

For instance,before I watched your show

I thought everyone had niceapartments in New York City.

-Like... I feel...-You did?

-I'm not even joking. -'Causeyou'd see, like, Friends?

I have seen, like, Sex and the City and Friends

and these types of showsand I was just like,

"Wow, people living good."

And then, like, if-if... I betif someone watched Broad City

in parts of Africa,

they'd be like,"Oh, they're also suffering."

Listen, we're tryingto change people's, um...

yeah, we're trying to chan...make some change on the show.

-Starting with the sets.-Yeah.

-Trying to make sets crappieron TV. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-'Cause it reflects real life.-I think they could even be

crappier.When we first made, um...

in the original pilot,we were so upset

that my bedroom wasn't smaller

-to reflect reality.-And everybody was like,

"It's gross to filmin a smaller spot."

And then by the end of the day,you're smelling

the camera guy's balls,and you're like, "I get it."

I get it. Let's make it bigger.

-I like how you pointed at thespecific cameraman, -Sorry.

like you were finding him.You were like, "Where is he?

-Ah, there he is. Yes, yes, thecameraman's balls." -That guy.

-The cameraman's balls.-The camera just moves back.

-Yeah. -Do-do you feel you feel like...

Because this-this is something.I-I mean, we're in comedy

in different ways, obviously.But comedy umbrella.

-And same network, obviously.-Our shows are pretty similar.

-Yeah. -I-I...Similar in what way?

-The-the to-camera element.-Yeah.

-We have more than two cam... wehave more than two... -No, no.

-To camera. Yeah. -Oh, to cam...into cam... You don't...

-you don't talk to... -J.K.,Trevor. -No, we don't. Sorry.

-So they're not similar.-They're not similar at all.

-Sorry. They're not similar.-That's not cool, guys.

-You made me look dumb on TV.That's not cool. -Sorry.

It's your show.You're doing fine.

It's-it's... So, what'sinteresting to me, right, is...

Stop it, people. Stop it.What's interesting to me

is-is how much...Is it pressure or is it...

is it just an accoladethat has been given to you

when they go,"You're shifting cultures

"and, more importantly,for-for comedy, for women,

"you have this-this, uh...this mantle

that you have to look after."Is that... is that something

that you feelor do you just make the show

outside of that bubble?

I thinkit's a little bit of both,

especially goinginto this season, uh,

because we had a secondto process,

um, people's reactionswith the first two seasons.

Um, so there'sdefinitely pressure, uh,

a-as people, as creative people,

as comedians, as women,as all those things.

But I think at the endof the day, we're just like,

"Let's just huddle upand make what we think's funny."

-Yeah. -We've been talkingabout this. This season was

the hardest to writeand the funnest to shoot.

-Why was that?-So, we've been talking about it

as, like, the first season,it was like infancy.

Um, second seasonwas like Wendy's big kid meal.

You're, like, nine.Um, and third season

was adolescence.And we're, like, praying

that fourth season is more,like, whatever... like,

a more adult version.And we don't have...

But we had this, like, brain...I don't know.

It was, like, so, um...

I think we were, like,more self-aware.

And like Abbi was saying,like, uh, between season one

and season two,we-we just went right into it.

We didn't have any time off.And this was, like, two months

of, like...of just, like, thinking

about what had happened.And it was just...

It just made it so... so muchharder. And it was like, "Ugh."

Like, you know, pitching a joke,and you're like, "I'm gross.

I-I'm not funny." You know? Idon't know. It was just, like...

Really, you-you don't pickthat up at all. Because it seems

like you're so confidentin everything that you're doing.

You don't ever picturea moment of self-doubt

-in that creation process.-Writing was gross this year.

There's a whole episodethat was supposed to be our...

the first episode that Ilanaand I have not shown anyone.

Because it's all about the co...a cobbler visit.

And it was like, "They're goingto the cobbler. They got to go

-and fix..." It was... -We werelike... (humming circus theme)

-And it was just, like, not...It was, like, -It was so insane.

not, like, the same thing, butwe were, like, trying to get...

There was another episode thatwe wrote, I mean, six times.

We wrote this epi...rewrote this episode six times.

Another episode, we, like... Imean, it just... it was like...

We've literally written--and I don't know what it is--

every time Wallace Shawn...We've literally written

-Wallace Shawn into the show,like, six times, -Wallace Shawn.

and he's never fit...finally made it

-because something happens.-Yeah. -Do you... do you...

do you smoke weed when writingthe show or is that...

No, no. I just... I just wond...Or is that, like, a part

-of just the show itself?-We didn't, um...

Okay, this is so bad.The first season, I was smoking

cigarettes in the stairwell,

'cause I was like,"Oh, God, what are we doing?

"What are we gonna do?Is this gonna go on TV?

-What's happening?"-And she'd come back and reek

-and be like, "What? Nothing."-And I was, like,

-hand sanitizer... -I feellike the cameraman was like,

"Ah, and you complainabout my balls. You complain

-about my balls."-I'm so sorry. Um, but then...

but, like, no weed. And thenthis year, it would be, like,

12 hours of writing,and sometimes I would

in the eighth to ten hour.And I'm... Tenth hour.

-And I'm probably the only one.-It's definitely not a thing

-we do in the room.-But I'd be like, "I'm a dead...

I'm gonna take a hit."And that was... You know,

it's not like, "Blaze!"It was just, like, whatever.

It's-it's... You know what I love about it?

What I love about it is you'redoing something raw, authentic,

original, new, and you'regetting people to come on.

I mean, this season, WhoopiGoldberg coming on as a guest.

-That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah.-Ooh. That was incredible.

You got, uh, Hillary Clintoncoming on as a guest.

-Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that'samazing. -Oh, my God. -Yeah.

That's amazing.And then to top it all off,

you've been renewedfor two more seasons,

-even though you'rein the third season. -Yeah.

-(cheering and applause)-So, uh, huge fan.

We'll keep on watching. Broad City airs Wednesday nights

at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson,everybody.

-(cheering and applause)-Thank you so much.

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