Jerrod Carmichael - Tackling Controversy on "The Carmichael Show"

April 5, 2016 - Jerrod Carmichael 04/05/2016 Views: 1,257

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael describes how his sitcom "The Carmichael Show" breaks down controversial subjects and then ponders being a black Republican. (5:35)

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Please welcomeJerrod Carmichael.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-The most controversial...-I know, right?

Hey, you guys.

-Oh, man.-What's happening?

That is the mostcontroversial clip ever.

Welcome to the show, man.

Well, I figured I-I'd playsomething welcoming.

-Yeah. I don't knowif that was welcoming. -I know.

I mean, it was, uh...It was, uh...

but, really, uh,welcome to the show.

-Thank you for being here.-I'm happy to be here.

Let's-let's startwith the most important thing--

congratulations on the show.

I mean, it is not every daysomeone gets

a network television show,my friend.

-Well...-(cheering, applause)

Thank you very much.

Uh... still... still too many.

-Still too many?-Still too many.

Too many people get 'em.It's like, it happens,

and then a lot of 'emare horrible,

and I'm justtrying to avoid that.

-I'm just trying... -I likehow you say it, like you...

you're-you're one of the peoplethat just snuck in.

-Or, but it's...-Yeah, well, you do sneak in.

That's the only way.You got to kind of sneak in

-under the radar. It's the onlyway... -That is true. try and makesomething good.

-Congratulations to you.-For sneaking under the radar?


-I appreciate that.-Yes, but for being so dope.

This is so great.And I've always been a fan.

-I'm really happy for you.-Thank-thank you very much.

-Yeah, we've, uh, we've knowneach other a while now. -Yeah.

-We've known each other a while.-I know. You know,

me and Trevor... Let's justtell old, uh, stand-up stories.

We should, right?Oh, me and Jerrod go way back.

-We go way back to the...Yeah, yeah. -Way... way back.

-It's bourbon in here, right?-Fi-Five months, four months?


-Yeah. -No, no, but, I mean,you-you've come a long way

from-from just being, um,a stand-up, you know, young guy,

to now executive producingand running a TV show.

And... and not justa normal sitcom show.

One thing that fascinates me--and people write about this

all the time-- is thatyour show tackles issues.

-Yeah.-Do you do that on purpose?

Yeah, well, becauseit's, like, uh, you know,

it's an adult audience.And-and you try and respect

the integrity of, uh, of thetopics, but you also realize

that there are people who,you know,

have these real conversationsall day,

and I don't want my showto just be, you know,

zany sitcom topics that no onegives a (bleep) about, you know?

It's, like, very real thingsand-and, uh, it reflects

-the conversations that I havein-in everyday life. -Yeah.

-Like... That's where the...-Like whether to go and watch

-Bill Cosby or not. -Whether togo and watch Bill Cosby or not.

You know? But it's a real thing.We've all dealt with it

in some form or another, whetherit's, uh, an entertainer

-or-or a restaurant or a...-Yes. know, a thing that didsomething that's, uh,

-controversial or against yourbeliefs. -And then you go,

can you separate the talentfrom the incident?

-Yes. -Can you separatethe person from the persona?

Yes. Can you separate thedelicious Chick-fil-A sandwiches

from what they support?You know what I mean?

From the... from the homophobia,is that what you...

From the homophobia,yeah, exactly. You...

But it is... It's this moraldilemma, and that's what the...

-that episode in particularwas about. -Yeah.

And-and we try and findthese gray areas that...

It's-it's... You've alwaysfound the gray areas, though.

-I mean, even in your stand-up.-Yeah.

I remember when I firstsaw you on stage,

you were talking aboutbeing a black Republican.

-Are you-are you...-Well, it was...

it was my desire to be one,you know? It was like...

Did you-did you not know,like, how did...

-what did you, like... -Well,you know where it came from

-is because... -Did you likered? I'm always fascinated.

-I want to know...-You know where it came from?

It genuinely comes froma place where, uh,

you grow up in a disenfranchised-environment. -Yeah.

And by "disenfranchised",it just means old computers.

And, like...

And, like, and your-yourbook's out of date.

And it stopped at, like...My-my, like, history book

stopped at, like, '79.And it was just...

And then, like,the teacher was just

going off memoryfor the rest of the...

It's like, "Well, I think thatthen Thriller came out."

But, uh, but it was,uh, and you grew up...

I love the idea thatyou don't know how it all ended.

-I love the idea... -You haveno idea. You have no idea.

I still don't know what'sgoing on with Vietnam. Um...

But-but, uh, but you grow upin this-this environment,

-and you're told what you canand can't do, right? -Yeah.

And-and... Well,I mean, obviously.

You... You more than anyone,know. You know, like,

you're... you grow upwith these rules.

And you-you kind of rebelagainst that, you know,

in my stand-up and what I dokind of reflects, uh,

trying to move the parametersand move the-the walls

and the linesthat are drawn for you.

So, me being from theenvironment that I'm from,

just having a desireto be a Republican is absurd.

It's the craziest thingyou could possibly say.

But, also, I just did my taxesand it's not a horrible idea.

-That's...-Not the worst idea.

-Yeah, yeah. -One of... one ofthe incentives, I guess, yeah.

-Yeah, yeah. -It's, uh,it's-it's a great show, man.

-It's like, where it's going.-Oh, thank you.

-Where it's... It's... -Youreached out, you reached out.

You were very nice.You reached out

-and you sent a nice message.-Oh, I did.

-Because I'm a huge fan.-Yeah, I wanted to frame it.

Everyone-everyoneshould watch it.

You can't frame it. It's a text,though. You can't...

Yeah, you can print...They still have printers.

So, you're gonnaprint the text out?

Yeah, we'll print a text.I will...

And on glossy paper,'cause you deserve that.

And I'm gonna...and I'm gonna frame it.

Do you... Is this, like,a thing you do? Is this...

It's starting now.

You know what's weirdis we're joking about this

-and someone out there...-I'm genuinely gonna do it.

-You're gonna do a glossy text?-I'm genuinely gonna do it.

I feel like someone'sgonna start selling

glossy text messagesand we're gonna be behind it.

-Times square, just a glossy...-Yeah, just, like, people's...

Just a naked cowboy

-and the glossy text guy.-...glossy text messages.

I'm trying to picture him now.Where's the glossy text?

-It's over... -Where'sthe glossy text? I don't know.

-'Cause he's naked. -It's justa whole wall-- he's got watches,

-he's got... glossy texts. Yeah.-Glossy texts.

I like that idea.

I'm trying to thinkof what text I'll glossify.

We need-we needfallbacks, Trevor.

-We need fallbacks, my friend.-Tele-television's

-a fickle industry. -You're notgonna need the fallback.

It's an amazing show.Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you very much.Thanks for having me.

-I really appreciate it. -The Carmichael Show

airs Sunday nightsat 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

Jerrod Carmichael.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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