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Jerrod Carmichael weighs in on what it's like to be a black man in America in light of the Philando Castile verdict and talks about his movie "Transformers: The Last Knight." (8:14)

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Please welcomeJerrod Carmichael.

(cheering and applause)

Hello y'all,good to see you guys.

What's going on?

What's happening, man?

-Welcome back to the show.-Thank you very much.

I really wanted to wear a suit.

I did, man, but...

I feel like you say that to meand I think...

It got lost in the thing,it was a thing.

I feel like you take advantageof the fact

-that we're friends and so,what you do, -Yeah.

is you make minimal effortwhen you come to my show.

-Yeah. Yeah, it's...-'Cause last time you were here,

you didn't wear a suit,and then you were like,

"I'll make sure I wear a suitnext time."

I know, but I feel socomfortable around you.

I put on what I would pick on topick you up from the airport.

That's what happensin relationships.

-People get comfortable,-Yeah.

and they start wearingthe baggy clothes.

-I know. I'm sorry. -I wantto see your body, Jerrod.

I want to remember youthe way I remember you

-when we first met, man.-I know.

Well, I was wearing worse shitthan this when we first met.

I mean, this isn't the worstthing ever, is it?

-I-- can I say to you,very important. -Yeah.

Uh, I've been watching,especially this week

with Philando Castileand just talking about it.

And I think it's beautiful,I think it's incredible.

-Oh, thank you. I appreciate it.-It's really, really important.

-Thank you. Thank you.-And needs to be said.

It is great.It's so great.

-People don't talk aboutthe-the fear. -No.

Like, it's a real fear,you know.

Because people are only really--you're only really afraid

-of stuff that, like,could effect you. -Right.

That's just kind of naturalhuman behavior, right?

Like, you know, if you,if you told me that, like,

your dad died in ahot air balloon accident,

I'd be like, "Oh, well, well,that's not that sad."

It would be just... don't get ina hot air balloon.

That's crazy. I just won'tdo that and I'm fine.

You know? But it's like,you know,

we hear cancerand you get frightened,

-because you can beeffected by cancer. -Exactly.

And, like, I don't know, man,what's going on is like,

really, truthfully a-a cancer,for, you know,

black males who are just goingthrough this every single day.

It really is like a cancer.

So it's important to hear yousay things about it.

-I appreciate that, man.-Yeah, it's great.

Thank you very-- and you knowwhat's-what's sad is that

it's not just black males,

-it's black femalesin America as well. -Yeah.

Like, when you look at thenumbers, it's actually scary.

-But, uh, but let's-let's talkabout that in a bit. -Yeah.

I-- we have to talk about Transformers,

-because, I mean...-Okay, but we can't

just talk about Transformers.

-You have to, we have to...-It's just like, you know,

-black men are dying, but, soyou play... -No. Let me explain.

-Let me explain, let me explain.-You play Jimmy...

Let me explain, let me explain.

You know why, you know why--you know what happens

is people get into thisconversation where they go,

"How come black actorsand performers

-"only have to speak about thatand they don't -Yeah.

"get an opportunityto speak about the fun things

and the good thingsthat they're doing?"

-You're like, the twocan coexist. -Yeah.

You can be in a Transformersmovie and, at the same time,

be going through a lotas a black person in America.

Yeah. But I...

I'm still more afraidof the police

than I am most Transformers.Like, you know...

Terrified of the police.

You know what I doevery morning?

I pick up, like, I pick outoutfits and I decide, like,

I have to describethe outfit as though

it's going througha police scanner.

-You know? And it's just like...-That's how you think about it?

That's how I think about gettingdressed. It's an insane,

very real thing that I do,and just... Some outfits

you feel safer inthan others, you know?

Uh, you haveto preface your outfit

with "suspect was last seen."

And it's just like,"suspect was last seen

wearing a black hoodie." It'slike, I'm taking a chance today.

I'm going out there. I don'tknow what's gonna happen.

-It's funny... -It's like,"Suspect was last seen wearing,

like, a cashmere sweater." I'mlike, "I should be fine, right?"

You try and beas specific as possible?

Yeah, I try to be reallyspecific. Like, certain things,

coming through a police scanner,it's just like, "All right,

-I don't... I think he saw me."-The, uh... The...

It-It's funny that you-you talkabout that, you know, because,

as comedians, we jokeabout the truths that we live

and experience. And what I loveabout The Carmichael Show

is you guys do thatin every single episode.

It is one of the most talentedgroup of people I've seen,

as a cast, together.The stories that you talk about

are so timely. I mean, justyesterday, I was watching

the episode where you weretalking about the N-word,

-or "nigger," whichever way-Nigger!

people want to put it.I mean... Well, it depends--

-some people like to know...-I just wanted to look

directly in the camera and justscream "nigger!" (laughs)

What was interesting was it...You-you...

It wasn't censored on the show.

Yeah, no. We fought for it.

Except for this bitch-assstation in Raleigh.

Oh, I'm just mad at 'em,because it's, like, so childish

to do that, to censor itlike they... the...

under the illusion orprotecting, you know, uh,

people and the decency thing.

But it's really justa company protecting itself.

Why-why was it so importantfor you to make that episode?

Because it's like... I reallythink that the conversation

that was said is important.It's important to know that,

you know, even black peoplehave, like,

-a-a very diverse wayof looking at it. -Right.

It's like, my views of itdiffers from that of my dad

and my momand my grandmother and, like,

everyone feels so differentabout the word that I was like,

"Oh, this is an interestingconversation."

And then... Raleigh.

You knew he said "nigger."

Like, why are you... Okay.

It just seems weird to just,like, you know... bleep.

Do you-do you find... do youfind that there has been, uh,

an acceptance or a backlashto how The Carmichael Show

tackles these issues?Because you... it's not just

the N-word show that you have,it's not just, uh,

a show about mass shootings.You tackle everything

from Bill Cosby all the waythrough to infidelity

and abuse, but it isa funny show. Like, it is...

-It doesn't sound that funny,right? -No one watches

The Carmichael go... No, no,no, but-but that's what...

but that's what makes if funny,is that it's not-it's not

benign. It's-it's a show whereyou go, like, "Oh, this is real,

this is...the conversation's happening."

But do you ever get peoplegoing, like, "Hey, man,

"why are you-why are youputting that on a comedy show?

Why are you putting that on TV?"

Yeah, I mean,some people don't...

Some people don't like to thinkwith what they're watching

or listening toor stuff like that.

-Right.-I mean, I've always been...

I mean, that's why I've alwaysbeen a fan of this show.

It is just the, like,I like to think

-while I'm viewing, you know?-Right.

And, like, uh,some people don't like that,

so they rebel against it,but I-I don't...

I don't know.I just don't get not...

Wanting to turn your brain offwhen you watch television.

I never liked that.

As a kid, I didn't like it.

I hated Blue's Clues.

I would hate-watch Blue's Clues

'cause I would just be so angry.

It's like, "It's... The clue'sright fucking behind you, Steve.

"The fuck are we doing?

The fuck are we doing?"

-You were an angry child, man.-Yeah, I was that.

That was me.That was me, age six.


"Okay, we'll pull outthe notebook."


Frustrated, you know?

-Uh, what-what are you...-So, Transformers.

Okay. (laughs)

We're not gonna go backto Transformers now.

There was the dinosaurs.We talked about that.

-There was the dinosaurs, yeah.-It was a great scene.

I see that your characterwas worried

about the jobthat he had to perform

because he wasn't quite sureof what he had to do.

-It involved... -And yousummarized the fuck out of that.

-Yeah. -Now what am Igonna talk about?

That was it. I'm-I'mpretty certain that we know...

-That was great. -We knowwhat you're doing. Yeah.

-It was funny. It was cool.-Yeah. I'm doing all right.

Before I let you go,

what are your plansfor the future of the show?

What are your plansfor-for yourself?

'Cause, I mean, now you''re a show creator,

which is not easy to beat your age.

Uh, you area successful comedian.

You have a platform.You're doing things.

Where are you going from here?What do you want to do?

I don't know. I like to thinkpretty immediately.

I'm gonna get a sandwichafter this.

Uh, no real plans, you know.

Try not to get stoppedby the police.

That's crazy, Trevor.

Eight to ten times?

You got stoppedeight to ten times?

How many timeshave you been stopped?

Oh, like, a dozen, man.

-(laughs)-I'll tell you...

-I really... I know. -You say itlike it's a big number.

But it's still a lot, man,'cause you're, like...

You... You know.

You look way more innocentthan me.

-Is this, like, my faceor my color? -Yeah, yeah.

-What do you... -Yeah, I'm t...You know, the only thing

that could make it betteris if...

At least, like, we get,like, a stamp

every time you do itand get, like, I don't know,

like, some doughnutsor some shit after you go.

You know what'd be dopeis, like, fifth time free.

-Whatever you're doing. -Yeah,fifth time, free doughnuts.

-You know, on the police.-Fifth time... No, just free.

They should just be, like,the fifth time you get stopped,

-Yeah.-you just get off with whatever.

-You get to be like, "Oh." Yeah.-Yeah, oh, that's hilarious.

It's like, "Oh, God, we'll neversolve this murder." -Yeah.


I think that would be dope.

We've just... We've just solveda key part of it.

We go like,"All right, we understand

"that this is gonna happenconsistently.

-Yeah. -"So at least let therebe some sort of reward system

"where you go, 'All right,you've stopped me

-and there's not... Stamp.'"-Stop you, you're stamped.

-And then... Yeah, and then-Stop, stamp, stamp.

-And then you go five stops...-I get a free cashmere sweater.


This is why we need to dowhat we do, man.

-Let's do it. Let's do a...-We're solving it, man.

Let's do a podcastwhen we hang out backstage.

(both laugh)

-Dude, always good to have youon the show. -Thank you, guys.

Transformers: The Last Knight is in theaters now,

and The Carmichael Show airsWednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

Jerrod Carmichael, everyone.

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