Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key - "Keanu" and Cultural Code-Switching

April 26, 2016 - Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key 04/26/2016 Views: 3,671

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele revel in their newfound status as movie stars and talk about their feline costar in "Keanu." (5:46)

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Please welcomeKeegan-Michael Key

and Jordan Peele, everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-(cheering, applause continue)-(indistinct chatter)

How you doing!

(cheering, applause continue)

-Yeah!-Thank you.

Thank you.

-Gentlemen... -Wow. Lotof cat fans, lot of cat fans.

-Yeah. -A lot of you fans, man.A lot of you fans.

-All right! All right! -You guysare looking styling, man.

-Thank you, thank you.-Yes, we pay somebody

-To dress us like humans.-to dress us now.

NOAH: What I realizeright now is,

there are moments where,if the camera, like,

moves around quickly,we could change seats.

We could change, and you'dnever know who was who.

Some people at home would belike, "Is that...

which... wait, wait,h... who... how..."

Yeah, we all... it's, like,yeah, we all...

-Move it. Yeah....-Yeah, if you put us

in, like,a Fly Telepod together,

we'd just, you know,

-come out one mixed dude.-Right, right, right.

-One big... -Well, we're...we're already mixed,

-so we can't be more mi...We're already... -Yeah, we...

We-We'd be doubly mixed?We'd be doubly mixed?

Can't be doubly... -Can't d...Oh, a Double Stuf Oreo.

-You can keep mixing. -We shouldhave thought about it

before we... Anyway. Thank youfor being here, gentlemen.

-Yes. -Thank you for having us.-Very funny guys. Uh...

Legends. I mean, we're all sadabout the show ending,

but you have moved onto the movies now.

-Yes.-Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

-Silver screen. -We're superexcited. Super excited

-about this. -Silver screen.We're big movie fans

and, uh, it seems very surrealthat we're... we're movie stars?

-Is that?-(cheering, applause)

Are we?Oh, thank you.

You... Well, I mean, well,you're not stars...

-Y-You're going to be.-We're going to be mov... Okay.

-Eh... or movie stars?-(cheering, applause)

-(cheering and applause stops)-Not... not... -See?

-Is that, like, a trickof a movie star? -That's...

That-that's what... I...We-We just say it. Movie stars?

(cheering, applause)

-Works every time.-(cheering and applause stops)

-Wow. -Did you... Did you do thecutoff? -I... Yeah, the cutoff.

-The cutoff as well. That's partof being... -That's a... Yeah.

-That's a big thing. -That'sa thing that we enjoy, yeah.

-Movie stars?-(cheering, applause)

-(cheering and applause stops)-Oh, nice. -I like it.

-They are in sync, Trevor.-Yeah.

I didn't knowthat you could do that.

You can do that.You can do that.

-How'd you get into movies?-If you need to clip it along.

Here-Here's a question I have.You guys, uh, split up

to go and do separate parts, butyou keep coming back together.

Do you guys have, like,an open relationship?

-What's going on here?-Yes, we do.

We have an open relationship.That's how... We're modern me...

-We're modern guys. Um...-Every time I think I'm out,

he pulls me back in.

-I can't...-I can't quit you, man.

-Yeah. -You know... In a...But in an artistic way.

-In an artistic...-Yes.

He's happily married.So, um, uh...

But, uh, yeah, no, it-it's beennice to actually to go apart

and do things by our own.It-it gives you other ideas.

It generates new stuffand new-new inspiration

to help us come back together.

People love seeing you together.I love seeing you guys together.

You know? You're one ofAmerica's favorite couples.

I see you on the screenand I'm like,

"I hope theystay together forever."

-Aw. Well, that's, you know...-You do-- you look beautiful

in the movie. Keanu is-isa fascinating... I-I don't know

if this is anobvious thing, but...

So I watched the movie

-with Keanu Reeves...-Yes.

...where the whole moviewas about him

killing everybodybecause of a cat.

'Cause of a dog. John Wick. John Wick. -Was it a dog?

-Oh, yeah, it was a dog.-Because of a puppy.

-It was a little puppy, yeah.-Killed everyone

-because of a puppy.-That's right.

And then you guys made a movie--an action comedy--

and you called the catthat gets stolen Keanu.

-Is that just a coincidence?-Of course it is. -It's...

-We just wanted to confuse...-No, I'm kidding, it...

...confuse everystoner out there

out of their mind.Yeah, no, you know,

it's, uh, it-it is actuallya complete coincidence.

I kid you not.We wrote this script,

and then John Wick came out.And we're like, "Uh..."

-Who stole our script? Yeah.-It was crazy.

Um, and, uh...But I-I wish it was a parody,

because I feel likethat's an even cooler story.

But it-but it...It's not, though.

-It's not a parody at all.-It's not. Th...

It is an action comedy,straight...

Like, you guys areaction stars in this.

-You're not-you're not...faking it. -Oh, yeah.

-Our-our body count is hugein this movie. -Yeah.

We-We're killing people leftand right in this movie, yeah.

-Yeah, legit, you gota body count. -Ab-Absolutely.

Yeah, people die,there's-there's bullets

whizzing by the-the kittenthat's running.

The kitten is the realaction star-- let's be honest.

-Yeah, yeah. -In this movie. -Ididn't want to say that, but...

-That kitten is harder thanboth of us put together. -Yeah.

Yeah.That's-that's what's up.

But we wanted to...We love these kinds of movies.

We wanted to make a moviethat was similar to the movies

that we grew up with, which aremovies from the 80s and 90s.

Movies like 48 Hrs. and Beverly Hills Cop

-and Thelma & Louise. -Sort of buddy comedies.

Buddy comedies, yeah. Moviesthat... where the action...

where the comedy's realbut the bullets are also real.

-Yeah. -You know what I mean?-Yeah, because what-what

makes people laugh more thanbullets? I mean, that's...

-Nothing. -That combination--it works really well.

-It does, yeah, yeah. -Yes, yes,yes, yes. -It works really well.

One thing that fascinated mein the-in the film

-is you t... you always talkabout code-switching. -Yeah.

Which is fascinating.I think most mixed people know

what that is, butcode-switching is basically

where you act differently

depending on the groupthat you're with.

-That's right.-The cultural situation

-that you find yourself in.-You guys do that

-in the movie as well.-We do that... -We do that

-in real life. -In the movie,we do that in real life.

-Are you guys doing that now?-We're doing that right now.

-We're doing that right now.-Wait, so what are you...

-so what are you acting like?-We're gonna go backstage...

-and be like, man...-And then we'll come back out.

You know, we'll walk out hereand then we'll just come back.

-Then we come back in, right?-What's up, man?

We're gonna do like this.

Hey, what's up? Yeah, man.What's going on? Yeah.

All right. What's up, Trev?How you doing, dawg?

-Oh, so this is the...Oh. -Key and Peele. Mm-hmm.

-Yeah. -What's up? This isthe real Key and Peele here.

-This is the real Key and Peeleright here. -Yeah, yeah.

-This is what we was the wholetime, y'all. -Oh, (bleep).

-Yeah. Yeah.-You know what I'm saying?

Y'all better go see Keanu or we'll (bleep) you up!


-Yeah. Yeah, we-we...-Code-switching, yeah.

We really do talkdifferently when...

and I think everyone does.I think that's the thing.

It's like, code-switching-- it'snot just, like, a black thing,

it's not just a mixed thing.Everybody talks to...

You talk to your grandmotherdifferent than you talk

to, uh, the... your best friend.

Or some dudes that are aboutto kill you on the street. Um...

My grandmother is all threeof those people.

-Really?-Yeah, yeah.

She... Well, that's-that'sa violent granny.

-That's a movie in itself.-Grew up during a tough time,

-my friends. -All right, allright. I hear you, I hear you.

-I hear you... -Thank youso much for stopping by.

-Thank you, Trevor, forhaving us. -You're movie stars,

and I appreciate it. Keanu isin theaters Friday, April 29.

Keegan-Michael Keyand Jordan Peele, everybody!

-(cheering, applause)-♪

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