King Bach - From Internet Celebrity to Star of "Meet the Blacks"

April 12, 2016 - King Bach 04/12/2016 Views: 1,736

King Bach explains how he parlayed his Vine career into traditional acting roles and chats about his parody horror movie "Meet the Blacks." (6:05)

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-Please welcome King Bach!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Thank you. Thank you.-Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Thank you.You're on my Snapchat right now.

Oh, are we... This is so..this is so weird.

Are we doing this right now?

-This is live.-This is how things...

-So now the TV goes to thething... -All right, you wasted

ten seconds of time--we just ran out of time.

What do you meanwe ran out of time?

It's only ten seconds.Let's try again. Ready?

Can you guys makesome more noise? Ready? Like...

(cheering, whistling, applause)

-Cool. -Oh, look,King Bach's on the show.

-Yeah!-Oh, so good to have you here.

Oh. And we're done.Thanks. See you next week.

There it is. Perfect.

You nailed it.How did that feel?

So, that's the Internet?Is that what it is?

-That is what the Internet hascome down to now. -We're done?

-Yeah.-It's just hello and good-bye.

-It's hello and good-bye.-That's insane, man.

It's all right.It's gonna be okay.

I don't know,I just feel like, uh...

I just feel likewe're missing on so much.

-No. You got it.-I don't even get to know you.

I don't get to know you.Thank you for being on the show,

-by the way... -Thanksfor having me. It's great.

This is, uh...for those who don't know, uh...

the most followed manon-on Vine...

most followed person on Vine--

-Yes. -15 million.Is it more now? 15 million?

-Like, 15.3 million.-(one person clapping)

-Yeah. 15.3 million...-One person. Thank you.

-(cheering, applause)-That's a lot of people.

Well, some people don't know,some people don't know.

You've got, like, what,six million people on Instagram?

You just... you are runningnetworks by yourself, basically.

-(laughs)-That's what you're doing.

-Yeah.-You're creating the content

and you're making this...How on earth did you get into...

When they said they're makingsix-second videos,

I was like,"Well, that's not possible,"

and you said,"That is possible." Why and how?

Um, I was... I was boredone day at home.

Um, I was doinga lot of auditions,

uh, and I would auditionfor these roles,

like, really studyfor these roles,

and then I would see them giveit to, like, Denzel Washington.

And you know he'snot auditioning for these roles.

You know what I'm saying?Like, you know Denzel's

not in line just,like, studying their script.

No, Denzel, he memorizesthe script when he gets on set,

and then that's Denzel.

I like the fact that you werelike, "It's me and Denzel.

Why is Denzel getting the part?

Why is Denzel...I can do that, too."

-My man, may man. I feel like...-Okay and all right, huh?

You know whatI'm talking about, hey?

Oh, oh, that's not bad,that's not bad.

-Yeah, I mean...-So, okay, so you're at home,

-you go, "Okay, I've got to dosomething else." -Right.

Because the roles are limited.And you make your own thing.

Yeah, 'cause I saw that theywere giving it to the people

that were already famous,so I was like,

I need to make a fan basefor myself.

Um, and instead of complainingand just leaving L.A.

and going back and living withmy mom-- she's here somewhere--

I, uh, I continuedto follow my dreams.

And, uh, you know,people were saying,

"Why are you doing theseYouTube videos? Why are you

doing these little Vine videos?"But in the back of my head

I was looking at itand I was seeing people

that were successful out of itlike Dane Cook, Kevin Hart,

and, you know, they built theirfollowing, a lot of it, online,

so that's what I decided to do.And then it paid off.

Do you-do you ever getto the point where your life

is all online?That's the one thing I wonder.

Like, you've always got yourphone out. I-I follow you

on Instagram. You're-you'rerunning around, filming every...

Do you have private moments?

I-I... I do haveprivate moments that I film.

I mean, you can't, 'causenow people-- they want to...

they want to live your life.

-They want to see the journeythat... -Yeah, but that's...

but that's, like, it's sointrusive, don't you think?

-No, you...-It is. It is. Uh...

-And that's what you enjoy?-Yeah, I mean, you got to.

-That's-that's...-You don't-you don't got to.

-Well, see, he... you've got theTV show. -But you're doing it.

-You're good. -But you'vegot the... you've got

the same thing, which's-it's really fascinating

to me. What-what's also...what's also interesting

is that fact that, um, a lot ofVine, YouTube, Instagram stars

are stilltrying to be on TV. Why?

Uh, well, for-for me,I-I took it very seriously.

I did, um, I did, um, undergradand I did a masters program.

And I studied actingfor two years straight.

Like, intensive.From, like, 9:30 a.m.

to 9:30 p.m.for two years straight.

So, I really... I really,uh, put the work into my craft.

-Yeah. -And I believe if youwant to study anything

you have to put the timeinto it and that's what I did.

So, I think it translate whenI'm doing, like, the TV shows

and the movies, they can seethat, oh, this guy's not just,

you know, Internet famous,he actually

-has a little bit of talent.-And you do.

I mean, we-we're seeing youeverywhere now.

You are, I mean, what... House of Lies and, uh, uh,

what is it-- uh, Black Jesus, and, you know?

Uh, seeing you in movies now.Uh, Meet the Blacks,

which is the strangest movieI've ever seen,

because it's basicallya black horror movie.

-Yeah.-Which begs the question:

who dies first?

You're just gonnahave to watch to find out.

That's such an interesting...You... So, you-you are...

you are blowing up,and not only is it your career--

uh, you've alsogot a foundation as well.

Yeah. Uh, I have the RuJohnFoundation, uh, ever since 2003.

Uh, my family and I,we've gone down to Jamaica

and we've given, like...It started off with just, like,

two computers to, like,a little high school

and then we got donationsto do more and we give, like,

basketball, uh, goals,we give scholarships to kids

so they can go to college,uh, we do an NFL, NBA,

actors workshop for the kidsthere, and it's-it's good now.

Now we bring about 50 peopledown to... to Jamaica

in during the summer and we,uh, we-we give back to them.

-As much as that's possible.-Wait, so the people that

come to Jamaica with you--they're like, "I'm coming

to do good things for charity."But they're just

-going to Jamaica, though.-To have fun, right.

-You realize that?-Yeah.

Like, if you're like,"Come to Jamaica to do charity",

people are like,"Yeah, yeah, I'll do that.

Yeah, I'll come to Jamaicaand do charity with you."

Uh, so, where-where tofrom here? Where are we

gonna see you? Where should webe following you? -Uh...

Where's the King Bach empiretake you to?

Wow. You-you got tofollow me on Snapchat

if you-if you want to seeall of this that's happened.

-You get to see yourselves.-Is Snapchat...

That's the thing now? Yeah?We're Snapchatting? -Yeah.

-Snapchatting.-We're-we're Snapchatting?

-We're Snapchatting. -We shouldSnapchat this interview.

-Let's-let's do it. -We shouldjust Snapchat an interview.

-Let's do one more. -Just-just... let's Snapchat this...

You've got one question--it's ten seconds.

-Oh, my word, this isso much stress. -All right,

-so it better be a powerfulquestion. -This is so much...

Just a powerful question thatrocks the world in ten seconds.

And... we're live on Snapchat!

Welcome to the show.Uh, King Bach. Uh...

Oh, my gosh.

Meet the Blacks is in theatersnow. King Bach, everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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