Lilly Singh - Taking Fans on "A Trip to Unicorn Island"

February 4, 2016 - Lilly Singh 02/04/2016 Views: 17,598

YouTube star Lilly Singh, AKA Superwoman, shares the advice Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gave her and discusses her tour documentary "A Trip to Unicorn Island." (5:40)

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Please welcome Lilly Singh!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-NOAH: Thank you so much.How are you? -How are you?

(applause, cheering continue)

-♪ Welcome... -Thank you.

I love we're behind a desk--I don't have to sit all pretty.

-This is great.-This is nice, isn't it?

-I can sit all ugly. Good.-But you can't.

You still look pretty.Look at you there.

Oh, well, stop.You're so handsome.

-Oh, oh, thank you, I'm...-Gonna put that out there.

We're just gonna...You got a subscriber. Well done.

Well done. Lilly Singh,welcome to the show.

-Thanks for having me.-Why do you bother with this?

-You are huge on...-What?!

For those, like, parentswho don't know, maybe...

-My parents.-you are huge on YouTube.

You have--well, I checked today--

it was seven million,seven hundred thousand

and ninety-two subscribers?

That's accurate.Yes, that is correct.

seven million, seven hundred andninety-two thousand, in fact.

-Yeah. Thank you.-(cheering, applause)


-That is insane.-Thank you.

That is an army of peopleat your beck...

You realize you have moresubscribers than some countries?

Yes, actually. I justrecently did a show in Trinidad,

-and their population is1.3 million. -(woman whoops)

-Look at that...-Eh? Eh? Yeah.

-Let's start at the beginning.-Okay.

-Your story is fascinating,because, uh, -Thank you.

obviously, you hearabout YouTube stars,

you hear about peoplegetting into it,

it's random, people fartingin their bedroom, uh...

-Yeah, that's what I do.-No, but your story...

your story's amazing.

-You were sufferingfrom depression. -Yes.

And then you startedthis YouTube channel.

Yes. It was my last yearof university,

and I was kind of just goingthrough the motions of life.

I was getting my psychologydegree. Go, Freud!

-(whooping, cheering)-Don't cheer.

Uh... (laughs)

Um, and I wasjust kind of following

in my sister'sfootsteps blindly,

not really doing anythingthat made me happy.

I discovered YouTube,uploaded my first video,

and that made me happy, andso I decided to keep doing that.

And you have've been continuing...

you've been continuingsuccessfully.

-You do everything.You do voices, -Mm-hmm.

you do impersonations,you do accents--

what's yourfavorite accent to do?

Okay, so, my dad's character

-is kind of like, "Hello."-(high-pitched shout)

-You're a fan. I like you.-Oh, wow, your dad's here.

Dad, please, she's doingthe accent-- calm down.

My dad character's nameis Manjeet.

So he'd be like, "Hello.My name is Manjeet."

And he has that weird,creepy face.

That's not...completely like my dad.

-(laughter)-Well, people love this.

People love this about you.You connect with the people.

You even say itin the docu-film.

-In which, by the way,The Rock is part of it. -Yeah.

-Whatever. Cazh. I mean...-(laughter)

It's cazh. We're, like,best friends, almost... I'd say.

You know? When I was on tourin my Boston show,

his daughter and his girlfriendactually came to my show.

Not me. Another girlfriend.And, um...


And they wereso super supportive,

because his daughter'sactually a fan of mine,

which is so full circle,because I've been a fan

of Dwayne The Rock Johnsonsince the day I was born.

-So...-That's everyone, basically.

Yeah, and he's so...Exactly. Who's not?

I mean, something's wrong withyou if you're not, I'm sorry.

But, um, and he, like,texted me all this advice

before my tour,and it was so sweet and great.

Did he tell you to slam someone?Was that his advice?

What is The Rock's advice?I wonder what that's like.

Yeah. It was basically a text...

Told you to tell peoplewhat's cooking,

they should smell it,is that his advice?

Ask them to smellwhat's cooking. Ask them.

Um, no, it was kind of,it was a long text,

and it started out with, like,

-you know, "Hey, sexy." Um...-(laughter)

I feel like you'reparaphrasing, but...

No, I mean, it was, like,"Hey, thinking of you..."


No, but for real,it was a very sweet text

that was basically, like,"This is gonna be hard,

"and you have to take careof yourself

"because no onecan take care of you

the way you can take careof yourself."

And that was very useful adviceon the road.

And you have taken careof yourself.

-I mean, you went on aworld tour. -Yeah. Sometimes.

This is insane.Did you ever think you could go

from YouTube to beinga world-touring star?

No. That's whyI named myself Superwoman.

-(whooping)-'Cause I'm an idiot.

I was like, oh, my God,I can't wait

for the day I blow upand get sued for this.

But you're huge now.People love you,

-Thank you.-the people who are out there.

Here's something thatconfuses me all the time.

-YouTube stars, you haveyour following, -Mm-hmm.

you have your freedom,you have your fans--

why do you care about TV?

-I don't understand...-Well, I said you were handsome.

-No, people are like,-(laughter)

"Oh, I'm moving to L.A. andI want to get into acting..."

but I'm like, but you arethe future, though.

That's very sweet of you.Thank you.

You said it, not me.Let's just rewind that part

and play it again.But, um, you know what it is?

It's for me, the few timesI have been on set,

it's just a totally differentexperience than what I do.

I edit myself, shoot myself,write myself.

When I went on a setthe first time,

I remember going in frontof a camera,

and I was, like,acting right away,

and the director's like,"Hi. I have to yell 'action.'"

-I'm like, "What?!"-Oh, wait, so you just started?

Yeah. Exactly.

This is a differentchallenge and experience.

I'm just picturing youjust starting

in the middle of a thing."Ah, to be or not to be."

-That was me.-Whoa, whoa, whoa. Action.

I was like,"Let me live over here."

What's your favorite partof it all?

You know,if you said to someone,

"Do this, do this,do this for these reasons,"

what is your favorite thingthat you got out of all of it?

Truthfully-- and I'mjust gonna be so honest--

it has YouTube videos have built

-such a community for me.-Yeah.

I was feeling so alone beforeI started making YouTube videos,

and now I feel likeI have a family of seven,

eight million people that truly,truly relate to one another

and make each other happy.

-My ultimate goal is happiness,and I feel like -Aw.

I've accomplished thatthrough YouTube.

I thought you weregonna say money. Okay.

I thought youwere gonna say money.

I mean, money is the resultof what I do,

-but it's not the goal.-Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, I thought youwere gonna say money.

Thank you so much for beinghere, though, Lilly.

Really wonderful having you. A Trip to Unicorn Island

will be available on YouTube Redstarting February 10.

Lilly Singh, Superwoman,everybody!

(cheering, applause)

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