Morris Chestnut - Living Every Day to the Fullest in "Rosewood"

February 29, 2016 - Morris Chestnut 02/29/2016 Views: 857

Morris Chestnut offers tips for a successful marriage and talks about playing a frequently shirtless pathologist on his television series "Rosewood." (5:23)

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Please welcome Morris Chestnut.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

What's up?All right.

Nice crowd, nice crowd.

I, uh, I've never said this

to a man before, but, uh...

you are, uh, you'revery good looking.

-Thank you so muchfor being here. -That's uh...

Thank you so much for beinghere. Morris Chestnut.

Thank you for having me, man.Thank you for having me.

Congratulationson everything that you did.

Thank you, man, thank you.Congratulations to you.

-Rosewood-- a huge success.-Yes.

Let's-let's go backa little bit, though, man.

Your story is so fascinating.'Cause is it...

I-I never knowif these things are true.

-Did you study finance?-Yes, yes.

I studied finance in college.

Well, when I started goingto college-- I never finished.

But I was... I wantedto pursue acting,

but I also knew that I wanted tohave something to fall back on

just in case it didn'twork out for me,

-so I was studying finance.-You-you didn't have a mirror

at the time?You...

What-what did you think you weregonna fall back into?

-What did you... -Well,the thing about... I mean,

the thing about this industry,I mean, everyone comes from

all over the place. There area lot of good-looking people

in this industry, as you know,and, um, you know, so, you know,

-you have to have options.-Well, he wasn't saying me,

he was saying "as you know",like I've seen them...

He was saying, "As you know,you have seen them..."

No, all the ladies backstageare talking about you, man.

-All the ladies backstageare talking about you. -Nah,

-I see these tricks, I see thesetricks. -And these ladies

up here aretalking about you, right?

-(cheering)-Oh, nicely played. Nicely...

He tricks youwith the smile, people.

He trick you with the smile.

And, uh, and that smilehas been, uh,

has been keeping the womanin your family

-happy for a very long time.-Yes, yes.

You-You've been married,what, more than 20 years?

-Yeah, it'll be 20 years thissummer. -(cheering and applause)

-Wow. -Thank you.Thank you. Thank you.

What's-what's the secret?

Wow. Um, I would have to say,we-we... there is...

You know, we respect each otherand we have, uh,

great communication.And there's... you know,

there's luck involved.'Cause we met each other,

-obviously, when we werevery young. -Yeah.

And I think, most people,they kind of grow apart.

We've been very fortunate andblessed to kind of grow together

and still have the same views,same respect,

same opinions, same moralsand values, and I think

that-that's helped. Same faith.

-Talking about, um...talking about growing. -Yes.

Now you've got the show Rosewood now. It's doing really well.

-Congratulations on that.-Thank you. Thank you.

Uh, it's weird because I readyou were saying

you were... you were happythat you got to play, like,

-a happy character for once.-Right. Right.

But I was like...You're playing a-a pathologist.


-But... -What were you playingbefore this?

Well... well, I'm playinga private pathologist,

but he's-he's cheated death,to a certain extent.

He was born very premature.He has a lot of health issues.

And he could die at any moment.So he lives every day

to-to the fullest and he likesto spread optimism to people.

And he... you know, he has a lotof wit, he has a lot of humor,

and, uh, he likes to have fun.

Live every single daylike it's your last.

-That's correct. -I never knowif that's a safe thing though.

-Why not? -Well, because then,I mean, like, you won't

do anything... 'Cause ifI didn't think it was my last,

I wouldn't... I wouldn't lookif I crossed... I'd be like,

"It's my last day. I..."That's how I...

-You wouldn't... -Does that makeyou more responsible?

-Um, I think... -I feellike I'd spend all my money.

That's all I would do, just belike, "It's my final day!"

Well, you know... Well, fromthis show, I hear you're doing

pretty well, so...(laughs)

-It'd be a while. It'd bea minute. -How-how do you...

how do you live your life?How do you...

Um, I enjoy... I enjoy my life.

I try to enjoy my life.Um, I'm very optimistic,

somewhat like the character.Um... I can't...

I don't really live every daylike it's my last either.

I'm not jumping off of, uh...jumping out of airplanes

or getting on hot air balloons,doing bungee jumping.

You look like an extreme guy.It might be the zips.

No, it's-it's the zips.It's the... it's the zips.

It makes me look like that.

Are you not?Are you, like, a chilled-out...

-I'm very chill. Yeah, verychill. -Not on a motorbike,

-at least? No?-No. No, no motorbikes.

Uh, just go to the gym,play a little basketball,

lift a little weights,and, uh, come back home,

spend time with the family.

-Very boring life. -No. Youknow, what's-what's weird is,

I-I... This is weird.It's just you...

I feel bad saying this,b-but I pictured you

not wearing a shirtdoing all those activities.

Not in a bad way.But it's because of the movies

-and the things I've watched...-No! No...

Do you get sick of it?Do you get sick... Do you go,

"Man, I hate beingso good-looking and talented.

I just wish people would see mefor who..."

But you're-you're... On theinside and outside, you know?

-You're a... -Well, no,I understand what you're saying.

'Cause on the sh... on the show,they have me with my shirt off

-quite a bit. And I told 'emthey had -Yes, yes, yes.

-to pull back on that, 'causeI, you know, want to eat donuts

every now and again and I wantto, you know, eat hamburgers

-every now and again. So it'stough. It's tough. -It's a...

it's-it's a fun show.I mean, everyone's enjoying it

-out there. Uh, what do you seeyourself -Thank you.

-growing into over time?I mean... -On the show or...

Or just in-in life. 'CauseI was really fascinated. I go...

You haven't aged, let's-let'sstart there. You haven't aged.

-Uh-huh. -Are you going to everplay, like, an old character?

Do you ever see yourself doingthat kind of thing?

(laughs) Am I gonna playan old character?

Um, I'm just gonna work as longas... in this industry as I can.

Um, if I can work till I'm 80,I'll work till I'm 80.

I mean, Sam Jackson's beenin the game for a minute.

-He's been doing well. Um,so I'm just gonna work -Yep.

as long as I can.And I just look for good roles.

I don't really lookfor young roles, old roles.

Just roles that are good,that allow me to, uh...

-to express myself. -Well,you have expressed yourself,

and, uh, Rosewood isreally cool. Don't pull up...

uh, don't pull back too muchon the, uh...

-on the topless scenes.-Don't... (laughs)

This is just for my friends.I'm doing this for you guys.

-I'm doing this for you. Yeah.-(cheering and applause)

We enjoy it. But we enjoyeverything you do, man.

-Thank you so much for beinghere. -I appreciate it.

Great fan. Rosewood returns thisWednesday at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.

-Morris Chestnut, everybody!-(cheering and applause)

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