Breaking Down GOP Hypocrisy

March 6, 2017 - Jennifer Lopez 03/06/2017 Views: 53,981

Neal Brennan makes the case that Republicans are hypocrites for defending President Trump's risky budget, frequent vacations and poorly executed Yemen raid. (5:17)

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You know, you know, we-we talkso much about politics

that, every now and again,it's nice to take a break.

And for a breath of fresh air,

we turn to my friendNeal Brennan, everybody!

(cheering and applause)

What's up, Neal?

Uh, hey, buddy,so let's talk about Trump.

No, I don't wanna!

Trevor, we have to talkabout Trump.

Look, I get why liberalsare against Trump,

but here's what I don't get--why are conservatives for him?

He's everythingyou said you hated.

For my whole life,conservatives have been saying

government spendingis out of control

and it's gonna takea Republican to stop it.

Then along comes Trump.

Our nation's debtis about to get deeper,

much deeper,adding some $10 trillion

to what we already oweover the next decade.

President Trump has calledfor $1 trillion

in infrastructure workover the next ten years,

an increase inmilitary spending, and tax cuts.

A budget that will blowan absolute hole

in the national debt,another $10 trillion?

Oh, wait, conservatives,you were totally anti-deficit

until you got the checkbook?

That's like being gluten-free

until you get the keysto the spaghetti store.

All right, Neal, to be fair,

that is his first passat a budget, right?

So those numbersthat Trump is talking about,

they could change in the future.

Okay, fine. So, let's look atthings Trump has already done.

For the past eight years,Trevor,

what's something Republicanshated about the president?

-That he was...?-Black.


Yes, and also this.

MAN: President Obama spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday

playing a lot of golf.

He needsto get off the golf course,

put his pants onand be the president.

Until this presidentattends more funerals

than he does rounds of golf,

this person will behighly offended.

Okay, so president plus golfequals bad.

Not my rule, your rule.I get it.

MAN: Since his inauguration, President Trump

spent four of the last five weekends at Mar-a-Lago.

WOMAN: As president, Donald Trump's visited

two Florida golf courses he owns,

playing six times so far.

Trump's had the job six weeks,he's taken four vacations.

So where's your outrage now,Republicans?

Now I personally don't mindthat he golfs.

The more time he spendswaddling around outside,

the less damage he can doin The White House.


(cheers and applause)


But, Neal, you know,to conservatives,

Trump is still betterthan Hillary Clinton.

That's what I don't get.

All right, Trevor,what did conservatives hate

about Hillary Clinton?

-That she was a...?-Black.


It was this.

And it was Hillary Clinton

who left Americansin harm's way in Benghazi.

Coming from Benghazi.

-Benghazi. -Benghazi.-Benghazi.

-Benghazi. -Benghazi!


Benghazi was basically2016's wassup...?


Republicans put all the blamefor Benghazi on Hillary

and wanted herto take sole responsibility.

Okay, I get it.

So now, Donald Trumporders a raid in Yemen,

which went sideways

and led to the deathof one of our Navy SEALs.

By their logic, buck stopswith President Trump, right?

Well, this was a mission thatwas started before I got here.

This was somethingthat was, uh, you know, just...

they wanted to do.

Uh, they came to see me,

they explained what they wantedto do, the generals,

and they lost Ryan.

They lost him?

Dude, you're thecommander-in-chief

of the military, not the managerof a (bleep) Laundromat.

-(laughter)-You have to be presidential.

FDR didn't say,"December 7, 1941,

"a day which will live in infamy

as the day those boat guyslost Pearl Harbor."


Republicans, again,how is this your guy?

How are you fine with Yemen?

No investigations, no hearing,no bumper stickers?

Yemen lends itselfto bumper stickers.

Here's one.

"Yemen there's not gonna bean investigation?"

(laughter, applause)

That's right off the dome.

Guys, Trump is everything

conservatives used to saythey hate.

Remember Americanexceptionalism,

the Republican ideathat America is,

by definition,better than every other country?

Well, Trump will evengive that away

just to defend his boyVladimir Putin.

-It's very possible I don't.-He's a killer, though.

Putin's a killer.

There are a lot of killers.We got a lot of killers.

What, you thinkour country's so innocent?

I don't knowof any government leaders

that are killers in America.

Well, take a lookat what we've done, too.

-(laughter)-What? Not only does he...

Not only is he defending Russia,he's implicating America.


Trump would be the worst lawyer.

"Your Honor, the defendantcouldn't have done it

because my client did it."


So, Republicans,congratulations.

You won the election.

This is your guy,but at what cost?

Because if a deficit-spending,constant-golfing,

blame-shirking,Russia-lover is your guy,

then the next timesomeone asks,

"Hey, Conservative,do you love America?,"

you have to say, "Sure, but notas much I love my side winning."


Thank you, Neal Brennan.Neal Brennan, everybody.

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