All Hell Breaks Loose at Fyre Festival

May 1, 2017 - Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett & Tommy Vietor 05/01/2017 Views: 36,220

Neal Brennan weighs in on how Fyre Festival, Ja Rule's luxury music event for millennials, quickly descended into absolute chaos. (5:45)

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Now, uh, I don't knowif you've noticed,

but in recent years there's beenan explosion in music festivals.

Uh, Coachella, Bonnaroo,

South by Southwestand, my favorite of all,

uh, Keyboard Catstock.

As anyone in financewill tell you,

when anything gets too big

that means soonit's probably gonna fail.

And this weekendthat's exactly what happened.

Thousands of dollarsdown the drain

after a music festivalin the Bahamas

promising luxury accommodations

apparently descends into chaos.

REPORTER: It was not the opulent experience they were promised

for tickets that went for reportedly

as much as $12,000.

REPORTER 2: The expectation: luxurious accommodations.

The reality: more like a disaster relief campsite.

A secluded private island getaway?

Nope, just minutes away from a Sandals resort

on Great Exuma, Bahamas. And the gourmet meals

provided by celebrity caterer Stephen Starr

exchanged for these plain cheese sandwiches and salad

after the chef backed out.

WOMAN: We had no electricity, there was no showers,

there was no bathrooms,

there was no, like,running water.

Man, white people love camping

unless it's a surprise.

No, because if you had invitedall those people into the woods,

they'd be like,"It was so fun and so primal,

just getting every...everything away from me."

Like, I feel-I feel badfor-for these people, you know?

I only wish there was a wayfor them to know that this party

was going to be a disaster.

Like, I-I just...

I wish there was a clue,any clue at all.

REPORTER: One of the festival's organizers, who had promised

two weekends in paradise, was the rapper Ja Rule.

The event's cofounder Ja Rulesays it's not his fault

but that he's deeply sorry.

You see, this is whyeveryone needs black friends.

Because if you hadtold your black friends

you were you goingto a Ja Rule party on an island,

they would have been like,"Yo, who's throwing that party?

"Ja Rule." They'd be like,"(bleep), we ain't seen Ja Rule

"in a decade, man.

Save your cash for brunch."

The worst thing is, Ja Rulecouldn't be reached for comment

because he's not always therewhen you call.

And, uh, look, I know...I know a lot of people

feel robbed,but here's my suggestion.

Just think of this whole ordeal

as a really immersiverefugee experience, you know?

Don't get mad, get woke.

I bet everyone on that islandnow has a totally different view

of the crisisin the Middle East.

Now they'll be like, "Man, wegot to help those Syrians, dude.

"Remember whenwe were refugees, man?

Those were somerough minutes, man."

For more on what happenedthis weekend,

please welcome my good friendNeal Brennan, everybody.

(cheering, applause)

-What's up, buddy?-What's up, Neal?

So, uh, look, Neal,we all know what happened.

The big question is:how did this happen?

More-more importantly,why did this happen?

I'll tell you why.

This is a classic caseof not staying in your lane.

It's Ja Rule the musician,

not Ja Rulethe concert promoter.

Dude, stick to what peoplelike you for:

taking your shirt offand growl-singing at Ashanti.

No... No, but Neal, Neal,come on, I-I disagree.

Shouldn't Ja Rulebe encouraged to, you know,

step out of his comfort zoneand spread his wings?

No. No wings.

Because let me show youwhat happens.

This is Ja Rulein his comfort zone.

And this is Ja Ruleoutside his comfort zone.

You know what's outsideyour comfort zone, Trevor?

The danger zone.

In fact, the very idea

of leaving your comfort zoneis stupid.

If I go in for surgery

I don't want the guywith the scalpel to say,

"Up until this morningI was a roofer.

"But I decidedto get out of my comfort zone

and, well, here we are."

All right, look, Neal,that's-that's fair.

But you've to give peoplelike Ja Rule credit

for believing in themselves.

No. No, I don't.

That's the problemwith this whole country:

too many peoplebelieving in themselves.

(cheering, applause)


Example: Kyrie Irving, all-starpoint guard for the Cavs

and now, apparently,part-time geographer.

REPORTER: One of the big stories out of All-Star Weekend

is the Cavs star Kyrie Irving

believes that the Earth is flat.

Despite years of science,

Kyrie honestly believes that the Earth is not round.

Kyrie, here's the deal:

you don't talk about science,

and we won't let Bill Nyeinto the dunk contest.

And I get it, celebritiesare good-looking and talented,

but, remember,you may not be as great

as the characters you play.

For instance,Harrison Ford flying

the-the Millennium Falcon, comfort zone.

Harrison Ford flyingan actual plane, danger zone.

Bill O'Reilly tellingFox viewers what he wants,

comfort zone. Bill O'Reillytelling an individual woman

what he wants, danger zone.


And it doesn't stopwith people--

this goes for everything.Stay in your lane.

Drugstores sellingpharmaceuticals, comfort zone.

Drugstores selling sushi?Danger zone.

Nobody needs you to sell sushi.

I don't want to buy sushiwhere I buy my lube.

Neal, uh, look,

I-I think you're being negativeabout this whole thing, right?

I thinkwe should encourage people

to step outof their comfort zone.

Because, I mean,let's be honest,

what's the worstthat could happen?

I don't know, Trevor.

I can think of one guy whostepped out of his comfort zone.

(cheering and applause)

And now we're allin the danger zone.

My friend Neal Brennan,everyone!

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