In Defense of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

March 14, 2016 - Van Jones 03/14/2016 Views: 1,261

Neal Brennan explains why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have the right to garner attention with their unusual behavior. (4:23)

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As we've discussed,America has gone mad.

Here to discuss more on thisis my friend Neal Brennan.

(cheering, applause)

Thank you. Trevor, our countryis clearly in turmoil,

and we have a very importantdecision to make.

Are we for or againstKanye and Kim?

-(laughter)-Wh... Whoa, N...

Kanye-- are you talkingabout Kim Kar...

No, Neal, Neal, I'm sorry,Kanye and Kim are not news.

-I'm sorry.-Of course they are.

They're on the newsall the time.

CNN, New York Times, Worldstar.

NOAH: Whoa, Worldstar?

It's like black C-SPAN.


Look, let's be real.

The only reason Kanye Westis in the news

is because of the controversialthings that he says.

Yes, he sayscontroversial things, Trevor,

like, "I am God,"and, "Bill Cosby innocent."


And you may be thinking,"That's awful,"

and, "How is he not leadingthe Republican primaries?"


(applause, whooping)

But he's a musical genius--

saying crazy (bleep)doesn't make him a bad person.

Yeah, but, Neal, he does morethan just say crazy (bleep),

he does things that are insane.

Like the Taylor Swift thing--we're still not over that.

Oh, you mean the greatest momentin awards show history?

Moments like that shouldbe built in to awards shows.

Imagine if when DiCapriowon the Oscar

they released the bear from The Revenant onto the stage...

-(laughter) -and theyduked it out all over again.

Okay, I'd watch that.I won't lie, I'd watch that.

Okay, look,I can give you Kanye--

he's talented,I can understand it--

but a lot of people say Kim...

I mean, did you see the photo?

You guys see the picture that Kim posted last week?

BRENNAN: Yeah, I saw it

for, like, an hour and a half.


And then again for,like, three minutes.

Uh... but what I don't get is,how does Kim post a picture

and she's branded a slut,but Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham

take their clothes offand they're heroes.

What are we saying,you're a slut up to size six,

and past that you're a hero?

Soon you'll hear women say,"I'm heroic now,

but I'm trying to get sluttyby my wedding day."

W... Well, I mean...

So, when a womantakes her clothes off,

then what is she?

I don't know-- a person?A naked person?

Look, man,

the amount of pressureon women is unbelievable.

Kim posts one photo of herself

and sets back an entire gender--three billion women.

As if office managers are gonnasit women down and be like,

"Look, Jennifer,we were gonna give you a raise,

but it turns out, Kim."

Look, I-I hear you.Neal, I hear you.

But some people sayit's-it's more than just that,

it's that Kimdoesn't do anything.

She's just famousfor hanging around,

not smilingand getting her picture taken.

Oh, you mean like the Mona Lisa?

Yeah, it hurts, but look, man,

we all have to admit it--we're jealous.

Yeah, she's famousfor doing nothing,

just like all of us want to be.

That's why there's some guywho works at Chipotle

with his own Vine,Instagram and YouTube channel

who thinks he's gonnamake it in show biz

even thoughthe only thing he's good at

is rolling poison burritos.

(audience laughs, groans)

Trevor, everyonewants to be a star.

I even heard of one guy whomoved from another continent

to host a show in America.

Oh, you-you'retalking about John Oliver.

Yes, John Oliver.

-(cheering, applause)-But... but, Neal,

people feel like the Kardashians

are so unavoidable.

They're justeverywhere you turn right now.

No, they're not.They're in three places:

the Internet, gossip magazinesand the E! network.

You know wherethey're not, Trevor?

In books.

You're never gonna be reading The Catcher in the Rye,

turn the page and be like,"Oh, crap, it's Khloe."

Look, you can eitherpretend you dislike them

because they're shallowand vain and you're not

or you can be honest withyourself and get on board.

I made my choice.

-(cheering, applause)-NOAH: Wow.

That is one heroic photo.

I was going for "slutty",but thank you.