Olivia Wilde - It's Studio 54 Meets "Goodfellas" in "Vinyl"

February 10, 2016 - Olivia Wilde 02/10/2016 Views: 11,071

Olivia Wilde discusses her Ebola documentary "Body Team 12" as well as her role in the HBO series "Vinyl," which depicts New York City's music scene in the 1970s. (5:24)

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Please welcome Olivia Wilde!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-It's good to see you.-NOAH: How are you?

(cheering, applause continue)

-♪ Olivia... -Hello.

Does everyone sing your name?

-No. No one. Never. -Oh, I feellike that's the only way...

-I really enjoyed it.-♪ Olivia...

Everyone should say thatwhen you walk into a room.

Thank you so muchfor being on the show.

-Thank you for having me.-Thank you for being here.

-Thank you.-Let's first talk...

-before we get intothe new HBO show, -Yeah.

I watched a fascinating,uh, short documentary

-that's been nominatedfor an Oscar, -Yes.

-"Body Team 12."-That's right.

Could you tell the peoplea little bit about it?

-Really fascinating story.-Yes. This is a documentary

I was lucky enoughto executive produce

called "Body Team 12,"and it's about a group

of health workers in Liberiaduring the Ebola epidemic

-Yeah. -who were responsiblefor collecting

the... the bodies of the dead

and taking themout of communities

so that peoplewouldn't contract the virus

by coming in contact with them.

So they're heroes because thatis how the virus was contained.

Had these peoplenot risked their lives,

it could have spreadin a much more dangerous way.

-It's an insane story,because... -It is.

I mean, I'm a big fanof watching--

well, that was gonnasound wrong-- Ebola stories.

-But, I...-You...

-No, I was fascinated...-you are the number one

Ebola fan-- I heard that.

-I heard that. -I am. I am.I have the Web site. Um...

No, but what was fascinatingabout the story

wasn't just the fact that thesepeople were risking their lives,

it's the fact thatit was the story of a woman

-Yeah. Garmai.-who was at the forefront...

Garmai. And she was...she was amazing,

because all the men were afraidto touch dead bodies...

-Yes. -and she wasthe only one who could do it.

Yeah. She's a tough cookie.

It's an incredible storyof a heroine

who risked not onlyher life, but...

faced such a stigmaby being this woman.

Her son was ostracizedat school.

You have an insightinto her life

and what she was risking

by being involvedin this body team.

And they were all workingfor the Liberian Red Cross.

-Yeah.-She now has left the Red Cross

and is workingto help all the orphans,

-who were made orphansby the epidemic, -Oh, wow.

and finding homes for them.

-That's amazing. It's, uh...-Yeah.

If you want to find outa little bit more

about the documentary,you can go to RYOT.org,

-which is RYOT.org, and there'sa whole explanation. -Okay.

-RYOT. RYOT.-Yeah.

-RYOT. Dot org.-R-Y-O-T.

Uh, congratulations onthe Oscar nomination for that.

-Thank you. Wow.-I mean, it really is fantastic.

-(cheering, applause)-I'm pretty sure...

I'm pretty sureit'll be the first time

Ebola has been mentionedat the Oscars,

so I think that's...(laughs)

And-and it's an all-black cast.

-The only all-black cast.-I mean, that's, uh, pretty...

-(laughter)-Pretty impressive as well.

-Yeah, I think so.-Pretty impressive.

All right, let's change gears.Let's talk about HBO's Vinyl.

I read an interesting articlethat you...

I was in an airplane, somewhere,

and there wasan interesting article you did

about choosing different rolesthat were empowering to women.

-Sure. -Choosing roles that hadmore complexity to them.

-Is this... is this your firstforay into that? -Oh, gosh.

I hope not. I hope I've beenchipping away at it slowly.

You know, as you...become more and more, um,

successful as an actor,you have more and more control,

you can make choices basedon what you actually want to do.

Uh, and Vinyl is a role...

a show that I'm so luckyto be a a part of

because of everyone involved,

and it's a characterthat I love,

because she is complex in a waythat I haven't seen before.

Yeah, and everyone is involved.I mean, the-the...

just the story of the makingof Vinyl is so insane.

-You've got Martin Scorsesecreating it, -Yep.

with Mick Jagger,amongst others.

It's a bunchof promising newbies.

-(laughter)-I mean, it's Goodfellas...

I really believe in them.

-I've been mentoring them,and... -Oh, you have? You have?

-I feel good. I feel goodabout them. -Yeah? Yeah?

I thinkthey'll do well under you.

-They really will.-They study hard.

You can see Scorsese--it's like Studio 54 meets, uh,

-like, Goodfellas. -Goodfellas. Yeah.

It has, like, that vibe to it.It's really funky.

It's New York in the '70s.For those who haven't seen

any of it, it's reallya fascinating story.

-It's so cool. -New York,rock and roll music in the '70s,

and... and it'sa gripping story.

And you play the wife of--I guess he's a music man.

Yes. Bobby Cannavale,who is extraordinary,

-plays a record executive,and... -Uh-huh.

his label is in crisiswhen you meet these characters.

I'm his wife,a former Factory girl,

a kind of muse of Andy Warhol--

she has a wholedebaucherous past.

And our marriageis also kind of in crisis.

So everything is at thatkind of moment of crisis,

which I think is probablythe best way to start a series.

-Yeah. -And our showrunner,Terry Winter--

who did Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire--

is familiarwith how to make good TV.

So we're in good hands.

And it's... it's nuts.

I mean,I know it's already HBO--

everything they do is nuts--but this is really crazy.

It's a super exciting story.Everyone's excited to watch it.

-Yeah. -Is Scorseseas exciting and electric

to work with as he seems like?

He's... he's like a kid.

He's, like,the most excited person on set.

He's like a 19-year-old whohas just been given the chance

to make his first filmand he's just so excited!

And he'll work longer hoursthan anyone else.

He knows about every moviethat's ever been made.

It's, like, he's the mostexcited and exciting person.

-It really... it really doesseem like it. -He's lovely.

I can't wait...I can't wait to see it.

-Oh, great.-Uh, Vinyl will premier on HBO

-this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.-Valentine's Day.

It's a very romantic wayto spend your Valentine's Day.

-(laughter) -Yeah,with cocaine and rock and roll.

-That's right.-Olivia Wilde, everyone!

(cheering, applause)

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