Ricky Gervais - Exploring Fame and Truth in "Special Correspondents"

April 28, 2016 - Ricky Gervais 04/28/2016 Views: 1,650

Comedian Ricky Gervais discusses his Netflix film "Special Correspondents" and reflects on his fascination with dishonesty and truth. (5:22)

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Please welcome Ricky Gervais!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Thank you.


-Wow, wow, wow.-Thank you.

I cannot believe it.

Ricky Gervaisis sitting across from me.

-Hello. How's it going?-This is so ama...

It is going good. It's goingbetter now that you're here.

I, uh... I, uh... I've beenfollowing you for years.

I, uh... I-I've heardthat you are in movies,

and I-I... apparentlyyou did some TV show thing.

-I actually, uh, came acrossyou, um, -You're very young,

-on, uh... on, uh...-aren't you? How old are you?

-12. I, uh...-You look very young.

-I came across you on Instagram,actually. -Oh.

Uh, you are an Instagram model,which a lot of people

don't know. Uh, this ishow I discovered Ricky Gervais.

If you can see some of these...This is where I, uh...

Yeah, that's, uh...that's a very beautiful picture

of you there.He's the one in the middle.

And then that's him again.That's him.

Very, very handsome. That's...

That... I-I believe that...You-you said that was

-your Kim Kardashian.-Yeah. But that...

those are real. Th...

they all...

This is so good. I'm-I'm sucha huge fan of yours.

-Thank you for being here. Thankyou. -Thank you very much.

Thank you for...What made you come to the show?

You must have heard about meand been like,

"Yeah, I'm coming to the show."

Oh, I... I knew... I knew aboutthe building, yeah.

-I knew. Yeah.-(laughter)

-Where are you from?-So, I'm from South Africa.

-Um, yeah. -Yeah?-(applause and cheering)

It rings a bell now, right?It rings a bell?

Yeah, I've heard of it.I've heard.

I have heard of it, actually,

'cause I... I'm a realdog person, I love dogs,

and there's a breed of dogcalled South African ridgeback,

so I've-I've...so I've heard about it.

-As other things, as well,but... -(laughter)

-This is true. This is true.-You know...

No, this is true, right?This is amazing, right?

You know, the South Africanridgeback was bred

to hunt lions.

Now, that's true,but I can't believe...

I can't believe they're happywith that, because... No.

Dogs are bred to do jobs.

That's why they love the job,because it's genetic, okay?

But I can't... I can't believe

when they were handing outthe jobs that...

A bloke with a clipboardprobably said,

"Labradors, you get a duckwhen I shoot it."


-The Labrador went,"Yeah, I love that." -(laughter)

'Course you do. You were meantto love it. You were bred...

"Jack Russell, can you go downa hole to get a rabbit?"


"Ridgebacks,you're hunting lions."



"You're...you're hunting lions."



-"(Bleep) that."-(laughter)

Let's talk about the film. Youalways make films about lying.

You're obsessed with lying.

At the Golden Globes,you talked about lying.

-You said, like, celebrities areprofessionals at lying. -Yeah.

And then you made the movie The Art of Lying.

And in this movie,you are lying, as well.

Ricky Gervais plays a newsman

who basically loseshis passport and fakes...

You fake every singleforeign report.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a putz,and Eric Bana plays a reporter,

and I was the engineer,and we're meant to go

and cover a war in Ecuador,

but because I lose the passportsbecause I'm a...


Um, I realize it's radio,so we can fake the whole war.

And I hidein a Spanish restaurant,

and I... we fake the wartogether, and it...

Obviously, we get carried away,and it gets out of hand,

and now we have to tryand get out of it

so we don't get to jail,so it's about...

Yeah, it's about...

It's not really about medoing journalism and lying.

It's about fame a little bit,

about what people doto be famous, so, uh...

I like to thinkI'm not obsessed with lying.

I like to thinkI'm obsessed with truth.

That's what I'd like you to say.

-(laughter)-Oh, I, uh...

Depends on howyou look at it, though.

It does. I know. It's the...

It's just you've never put truthin the sense,

and you've said, like, lying.

-Yeah. Fair enough.-(laughter)

So, I'll do that from now on.


Like, we can...we can do that. I apologize.

I would have gonewith truth had...

-No. No, it's fair enough.-I just... I don't...

And I think you couldhave mentioned that

after the interview so thatit wouldn't lose, like, energy.

You could have, like, said thatas a footnote after that.

"Hey, next time, mention truth,instead of..."

'Cause now we're in theinterview, and you said that.

-But we-we... but...-Now the energy's sort of...

-(laughter)-But you know what?

You know what? I don't care.


'Cause I've cometo the age now where

I'm just looking forwardto death.


I've done all the...I just... I-I...

I... I could... I could sit here

in a bucket, getting drunk,

and... and I'd just...I'd let you edit around it.

-I just... I...-(laughter)

That should have beenthe interview.

-If I knew that was an option...-Let's do it next time.

-Yeah, next time.-Next time I'm here...

You come, you sit herein a bucket.

...in (bleep) bucket,in a bucket of beer.

In fact, better than that.Let's do this.

You sit out here in a bucketfor the entire show,

and we'll just do the show

with Ricky Gervaisin a bucket of beer.

-Oh, my God! That's...-And we just do the show.

That's... it's... That's likean old Victorian freak show.

Yeah, we can just do that.

-If... If... That'd be great!-(laughter)

And then you do... and we cando bath pics and everything.

And I'll just go...I'll go, "Nurse!"


"Empty it!I've gone again!"

-(laughter) -This is...-This is the new show.

I love the factthat you put all this work

into this great political show.

You know, the great stuff,that great rap,

really great insightful pieces.

All the research.

25 researchers working all dayto do the show, and I come out,

and I'd be in a (bleep) bucket!


Oh, man. Special Correspondents will be available on Netflix

Friday, April 29th.

-Ricky Gervais, everybody!Thanks. -(cheers and applause)

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