Sacha Baron Cohen - Mixing Emotions and Dicks in "The Brothers Grimsby"

March 9, 2016 - Sacha Baron Cohen 03/09/2016 Views: 1,283

Sacha Baron Cohen describes the inspiration for his latest character and talks about the social message behind his movie "The Brothers Grimsby." (6:24)

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Please welcomeSacha Baron Cohen!

(applause and cheering)

How are you?

(cheers and applause)

(applause and cheering swell)

(whooping, applauseand cheering)



-The people love you.-(laughter)

(Cohen sighs)

I love the people.

(cheers and applause)

(applause and cheering swell)

(whooping, applause andcheering)


-And you have treated them well.-(laughter)

-(Cohen clears throat) -Ah,welcome to the show, my friend.

Thank you so muchfor being here.

Thank you very much.Happy to be here.

I'm a huge, huge fan of yours.

I mean, uh,Ali G changed my life. I, uh...

How? Wait a minute.

How? It just like...It changed...

I didn't think that you could doanything like that in the world,

-and, uh, it did. It just...-Really?

Yeah. I never... And I sawblackness in a new way.

Actually, I like... 'Causeyou could actually, you know,

-with the beard, the top. -Withthe... I could... I could...

Oh, don't say that.

Can you? Can you?

-Oh.-All right. Okay, he's in.

-He's in. That's-that's good,that's good. -Yeah.

-All right. -Just and I just gotto learn a few of the phrases,

-and then, I'll get in.-Yeah.

-Boo booyakasha.-Booyakasha.

-Yeah. -There was somethingactually in England

called Booyakasha Syndrome,which was...

A lot of kidsstarted doing that.

And if you do it repetitively,you actually...

-You tear the muscles.-Oh, the finger was getting...

Yeah, so there was literally...

They created this new thingcalled Booyakasha Syndrome.


I never got sued for that.

But that wasone of the few things.

I just love that.I, uh...

Let's talk about the movie, The Brothers Grimsby.

This is weird.I'm glad I got to watch it,

because I didn't knowwhat the hell was going on.

I mean, that clipis not very representative.

Yeah. I was like, wait,this is an action movie?

By the way,I did all those stunts. I, um...

No, we got...What happened was we decided

to create this kind ofvery authentic action movie

that was... you know,could rival Bond and Bourne.

It's kind of Borat meets Bourne,essentially.

-And...-And Bond-rat.

Exactly. And, uh...

the, uh...I can't even work the mouth.


Um, so the problem was,we had about $160 million less

-to make it, so...-(laughter)

so what we did waswe found this director,

Louis Leterrier, who's donea bunch of Marvel movies

and Now You See Me, and together we connected

with this Russian guy,Ilya Naishuller,

who basically discovered ifyou stick a GoPro on your head,

you can shoot action scenesfor real.

So what we did was we gota complete nutcase action guy--

action stuntman, the guywho does all the Marvel movies.

He's the guy when,you know, um...

Downey Jr.goes back to his trailer,

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -he takesover and does the fighting.

And we stuck a cameraon his head,

and this guyfought everyone for real,

jumped off bridges,went through exploding cars.

Basically,the guy's a complete idiot.


And, uh, I would say as well,there were seven other stuntmen

that died unfortunatelyin that scene.

But it was cool-- we sent themchocolates and flowers,

-a huge... a Borat poster.-The families.

-Yeah, the families, yeah.-The families. Yeah.

-So, you know...-'Cause that would be weird.

What would you prefer?

-Yeah. I mean, that's partof the job for them. -Yeah.

Uh, you also gaveDonald Trump AIDS in the movie.

Yes. I haven't done itoutside the movie,

-only in the movie. Well...-(laughter)

Actually, I've got to say,that was...

Originally, I thought,

how can I giveDonald Trump AIDS in a movie?

And-and then I worked backwards.

-Which is a questioneverybody has. -Yeah. Exactly.

It's always beena dream of mine.

And, uh, I worked backwardsand then created the movie

that would allow meto give him AIDS. You know.

(laughter, applause,whistling, whooping)

-And, uh...-But we...

we have hada legal threat today.

Um, representatives for AIDSare very upset

that they're associatedwith Donald Trump.


-Yeah.-Oh. Uh, real quick,

let's just chat aboutthe undertone of the movie,

because it's a fascinating storyabout two brothers

who come to find each other.

But you're actually talkingabout, I guess,

what Bernie Sandersis preaching about,

and that is income inequalityand the social structures

that define us--was that, like, your intention,

-or did that just happen?-I'm a huge Trump supporter.

What are you saying?You know.

Um, well, yeah, I mean...

I don't want to gettoo pretentious, you know.

Essentially, I deliver moviesthat are Trojan horses

for, um, big (bleep) jokes.

-So, um...-(laughter)

there is a social message.

I mean, there arethese two brothers...

You know, we thought, what wouldhappen if James Bond originally

was this kind of toughsoccer hooligan as a kid

from the north of England.

So there are these two brothersthat get split up--

this kind of James Bond guy,

played by the wonderfulMark Strong...

You've never heard of him?

-(whooping, applause)-Pretend you have.

He's great, though.He's great.

He's a brilliant actor.

And then I play this memberof the kind of working class,

actually, the non-working class.

He's kind of the type of personwho's seen here as a scrounger,

somebody who's,like, a welfare cheat.

-Yeah.-He's got nine to 11 kids.

-He's, uh...-I like that it's not specific.

Yeah. Exactly.He's not sure.

He's not sure.He's not great at counting.

His girlfriend is playedby the wonderful Rebel Wilson,

-who's hilarious in it.-Oh, yeah, yeah.

-(cheering, whooping, applause)-And, uh, you know, he drinks

quite a lot and does a kind ofvery modest amount of heroin.

You know, a safe amount,a safe amount.

It's okay for family.

And ultimately,it's a family film, you know,

-but we kind of...-(laughter)

You know. Uh,but it is quite emotional.

It's a family film with...with (bleep) in it.


-It's an emotional...-It's Pixar with (bleep).

-an emotional film.-Dixar. It's Dixar.


An emotional filmwith (bleep) in it.

-Yeah. -The Brothers Grimsby is in theaters Friday.

-Sacha Baron Cohen, everybody.-Thank you very much.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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