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Arianna Huffington explains the importance of mental rest in her book "The Sleep Revolution" and asks Trevor to call out the media's coverage of Donald Trump. (7:20)

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My guest tonight is thecofounder and editor-in-chief

of The Huffington Post.

Her new book is called The Sleep Revolution.

Please welcomeArianna Huffington!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thank you very muchfor being here.

-Thank you. I love your show.-I love your site.

-Perfect! -I feel likeI've spent years and years

reading articles on your site.

And I mean yearsas in actual time spent.

I hope not at the expenseof your sleep, Trevor.

(laughs) I like that you'reon brand, here to talk about...

Most... When you starta conversation about sleep,

for most people this is not whatyou would write a book about.

-Most people read books to fall asleep, -Asleep.

and you have written a book about sleep.

The Sleep Revolution, in fact.

I would actually, though,consider it a personal victory

if you are readingmy book in bed

and you fell asleep reading it.


I like that you used"revolution," though.

'Cause it seems likethe opposite word for "sleep."

-Yeah... -It's, like,a very sleepy revolution.

-(laughter)-No, no.

-I'll do it tomorrow.-When the revolution succeeds,

it will actually be amazing.

Because right now we're livingunder the collective delusion

that sleep deprivationis essential for success,

-Yes. -and all modern scienceshows the opposite.

Well, let's talk about that.You are extremely successful.

You are jet-setting,you are writing books,

you are editor-in-chiefat The Huffington Post.

You have to be on topof everything.

Surely you don't have timeto sleep, though.

I get eight hours a night95% of the time,

and that makes memuch more effective,

and it also makes memuch more joyful.

It's not just about getting(bleep) done, as you would say.

It's also about being present

and bringing joy and gratitudeto what I'm doing.

You know, you said once--

because I stalk youon social media-- and, uh...

I've noticed. I stalk you, too.

I've noticed that you said oncethat sleep is your drug.


That you can go anywhere,you can see anything,

and you can do thatwithout giving...

anybody had to get a fix.

-That's true. That's exactlywhat sleep is, though. -So...

It's an opportunity to explore.

So, drug isa performance enhancement.

Sleep isa performance-enhancement drug.

Look at athletes.

They improve their sleep,and their stats improve.

And then they take steroids,and their stats improve more.

Not anymore. Not anymore.

Not the best ones.

Not Andre Iguodala andKobe Bryant and LeBron James.

It's all changing.

What's fascinating aboutthis Sleep Revolution is,

like, you would thinkthat this book would be, like,

"Oh, you need to sleep moreso you can be rested,"

but it's more than that.

I'm particularlyinterested in the fact

that you talkabout decision-making

and what happens with it,and with that, like...

and how it applies to thepresidential race, for instance.

Hillary Clinton,

when she was talkingat Nancy Reagan's funeral...


...came out and said

Nancy Reagan was at theforefront of the discussion,

you know, with regardsto AIDS and gay people,

and everyone lashed out.

And then Hillary said,"I made a mistake."

-"I was exhausted."-Exactly.

Marco Rubio, remember, hisdisastrous campaign performance

in New Hampshire?And then

-his following performance...-How could we forget?

How could you forget?His following performance,

he was so much better.It was not that his IQ

suddenly improved by 30 points.

He had been exhausted,as they explained to us.

Ben Carsonis always sleeping though.

So how does that explainhis performance drop?

No, he looksas though he is sleeping.

That's very different. T...


Uh, Ted Cruz. Remember Ted Cruz?You know,

-just ten days... -Yes, we-wewill never forget Ted Cruz.

-(laughter)-Uh, just ten days

before he suspendedhis campaign,

he sent outa fund-raising letter bragging

about how he had sacrificedhis sleep

and his health for the country.

Why would we want a sick,exhausted political leader?

-I don't get that.-(laughter)

But that's really the problem.

Sleep deprivationis the new smoking.

Remember in the...No, you don't remember.

You were not born.But in the '50s...

in the '50s,we would glamorize smoking.

-You know, literally, you haddoctors in white coats -Yes.

saying, "I smoke mentholsbecause they refresh my...

my throat." So now we havethe same problem

with sleep deprivation.

Politicians brag about it,instead of, basically,

effectively admittingthat they're making decisions

while drunk, becausethat's what science shows.

I just love it. "They'remaking decisions while drunk."

Does that mean Donald-DonaldTrump never sleeps?

Or does he sleep too much?Which one is it?

Donald Trump brags that he onlygets about four hours' sleep

and he sleeps with his phone

and in the middle of the night,he retweets Mussolini.

-And...-He needs a nap.

-He... Well, he needs...-Donald Trump needs a nap.

-He needs a lot more than that.-(laughter)

But in the meantime, wein the media need to do our job.

We at The Huffington Post are doing our part,

where traditional mediaare trying

to whitewash and mainstream him.

So, Trevor, it's up to you.

The futureof the republic depends on you.

Again, you were not bornat the time,

but Jon Stewart once wenton Crossfire

and told the hoststhat they're hurting the nation.

Do you know that I can watchthings that go backwards?

-(laughter) -You can.-You don't have to be born...

It's weird that you say that.

I've read history,and I've watched many videos.

-(laughter) -I knowthe Crossfire interview, yes.

-You remember. Okay.-Yes.

So now it's your turnto tell the media

that they are hurting the nation

by being mealy-mouthedabout who Donald Trump is.

I don't know if you readthe New York Times piece.

-You were alive becauseit was yesterday. -(laughter)

In which, you know,they described his racism

as a "reductive approachto ethnicity."

Why not call it racism?

A reductive approach toethnicity is like saying,

-"Hey, hey, hey." -This is wherethe question comes in, though.

-Yes. -This is wherethe question comes in.

People then go,"What is the line?"

Because, on one hand,

you are saying thatas The Huffington Post.

Some people would say

journalists are meantto be beyond partisanship.

Journalists are supposedto present you with the facts

and have you make the decisionfor yourself.

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

I want to present the viewersand the readers with the facts.

-Yes. -The facts arethat Donald Trump is a racist,

that he's a sexist,that he's a misogynist.

(cheers and applause)

These are the facts.

-And on top of all of that,he needs more sleep. -(laughter)

On, top of all of that, yes.

But not before the campaign,

because the moresleep-deprived he is,

-the more mistakes he'll make.-(laughter)

So, I don't want him to get...

And he's the only personin the universe...

That you don't wantto get more sleep?

-...that I don't wantto get more sleep. -(laughter)

We'll make surethat doesn't happen.

Outside Donald Trump's house,

we'll be making surethat he does not get more sleep.

-Thank you so much for beinghere. -Thank you, Trevor.

Thank you so much, Arianna.

The Sleep Revolution is available now.

It's a really fascinating read.Arianna Huffington.

-We'll be right back!-(cheers and applause)

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