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April 19, 2016 - Ben Carson 04/19/2016 Views: 3,288

Former Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson envisions the future of the U.S. if Donald Trump wins the 2016 election. (9:17)

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My guest tonight

is a former Republicanpresidential candidate

and retired pedria...pediatric neurosurgeon.

Please welcome Dr. Ben Carson.

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Dr. Carson,

-welcome to the show.-Thank you. (chuckles)

What a time to be alive.

That's what everyone says.

And what a timefor you to be involved

in the presidential race.Let's get straight into it.

-Okay.-Shortly after you...

stepped, uh, out of the race,

you endorsed Donald Trump,

which shocked many people.

I think what was even moreshocking was your endorsement

of him, which wasbasically you saying,

"He can only be presidentfor four years,

so it can't be that bad."



Uh, no...(chuckles)

(cheering and applause)

What I actually said is,

"That would bethe worst-case scenario."

-But the point...my real point... -(laughter)

my real point was

if our country turnsinto something else

other than...

a s...

a place where your hard work

and your moral compass

and your sense of responsibility

is the most important thing,

if it turns more like, uh,

one of the other countriesin the world,

it will no longer be America.

And that will be forever.

That will be for morethan four years.

Let me ask this question.

Because you are a man of morals,

deeply religious,

a man like Donald Trumpdoesn't seem

like the best bedfellow,

for lack of a better term.

Uh, the things he says,

uh, the way he refersto different nationalities,

groups of people--very inflammatory statements.

-Mm-hmm.-In endorsing Donald Trump,

does not... does thatnot go slightly against

what you stand for?

Well, you know, one ofthe things that you learn to do

as a surgeon

is make decisions.

And you have to be ableto prioritize.

And what I'm most concernedabout

is the thing that led me intothe race in the first place,

and you were just talkingabout it,

the amount of corruptionthat goes on in our country.

-And I don't want to see thesame status quo continue. -Yeah.

Be it Republican or Democrat.

It's all the same,

and they always haveflowery things to say,

but we continue downthe same road.

I want an outsider.

I want somebodywho's not beholding

to this corrupt system,because I believe

that's the only chancethe next generation has.

But do you thinkthat Donald Trump is...

somebody who wouldn't bebeholding to that

because of his money, or...?

I mean, he has a shady pastwhen it comes to money.

It's not like he's thesqueakiest clean individual.

Again, when I say you haveto be able to prioritize,

you lookat all the other people.

-(Noah laughs)-You know?


And they are all havingtheir palms greased by money

and by special interest groups.

And, uh, we have an opportunityto get away from that.

-It's not goingto happen overnight. -Yes.

Everything is not goingto be perfect overnight,

but we haveto change the direction, because

we're on the precipice,and if we go over it,

I'm not sure we can get back.

What are we on the precipiceof, though?

Of changing into somethingother than the, uh, principles

that the foundersof this country embraced.

But forgive my ignorance.

I mean, what would those...?What would that change be?

-Are-are...?-Well, that...

Do you feel that the country'stipping at this point?

-Do you feel...? -I'm gladyou asked that question, because

this is... this is the cruxof what this election is about.

It's about whether it's gonna beabout we, the people,

of, for and by the people,

or of, forand by the government.

If you look at the programsthat are being advocated

by, uh, Bernie Sandersand Hillary Clinton--

more government,

government solves this problem,

let's just continue to grow it.

Recognize that right now,federal government

has 4.1 million employees,

-645 federal agenciesand subagencies. -Yes.

Continuing to grow.

A $19 trillion national debt.

-20 trillion,21 trillion come... -But...

But wait a minute.

That's not the worst part.

Do you knowwhat the fiscal gap is?

I feel likeyou're gonna tell me.


It's actuallya very important concept,

because noneof the traditional politicians

will talk about the fiscal gap.

The amount of money that we owe

in terms of unfunded liabilitiesversus the amount of money

-that we have coming in.-Yes, but...

That fiscal gapis over $200 trillion.

-But does... -Somebody has to beresponsible for it.

-Does Donald Trump knowabout the fiscal gap? -He does.

-(laughter) -He does.-Because as a man

who has flirted many timeswith bankruptcy,

is that the man you wantto trust with a fiscal anything?

-Yeah, well...-(applause and cheering)

Let me just tell you.

If you talk to very successfulbusiness titans...

I remember having a conversationwith John Kluge.

Do you know that name?

-No, I don't. -He used to bethe wealthiest man in America.

Uh, had over 200 businesses.

Large number of failures.

I don't know anybodywho's highly successful

in the business worldwho hasn't had failures.

And, uh, to...to take some failures

that someone's hadand try to make that seem

like they've not accomplishedanything is disingenuous.

Here's an interesting thingthat you've said,

and, I guess, an insight thatyou possess that many don't.

You said,there are two Donald Trumps.

The Trump that we see on-screenat the rallies,

and then you said there isa more presidential Trump

that meets with you one on one.

How different is that Trump?

And why don't weever get to see him?


one of... one of them isthe "you're fired" guy.

And, uh, you rememberhow popular that series was.

-Oh, yeah.-That was the number one...

-Well, he tells us all the time.-show on television.

-Yeah, I know. I know.-(laughter)

Well, that's a persona

that the American peopleare attracted to.

And, uh, it gets you attention,

and, uh, it gets you frequentlyto front-runner status.

Is that the way it should be?Probably not.

But that's where we are.That's where we are

-as a society.-Yeah. Yeah.

Just like the Roman Empire.

You know, their society'scrumbling down around them--

where do they want to be?

At the Colosseum watching lionsrip people's heads off.

Donald Trump-- who's the...Donald Trump's the lion?

-What is he? Is he...-No.

I'm not talking about him;I'm talking about the society.

Yes-- well, yes,everyone's involved.

Everyone wantsto be entertained.

So, you know, we as a societyreally have to reach

a level of maturation.

I probably shouldn't be talkingabout that on Com...

-on Comedy Central.-Oh, no, we're very mature here.

Very, very mature.Be mature, guys.

-(laughter)-Carry on, Doctor, carry on.

But if we can reach that levelwhere, for instance,

we begin to actuallydiscuss the issues...

Uh, you will remember, you know,

for instance,during the debates,

before I dropped out,no one ever wanted to talk

-about the actual issues.-That's true.

They just wantedto attack each other

and act like a bunchof schoolyard children.

And... but that'swhat was entertaining.

You even asked someoneto attack you at one point.

-I did. I said, "Please,-You said, "Someone,

-"someone attack me-please attack me."

so I can get some talk time."But, you know, it was...

it's ridiculous,it's ridiculous

where we have gone as a society.

But I haven't given up on us.

And, you know,I believe that it's possible

for us to rectify this.

Because I believewe're different

than most other societies.

Now, we've run the course.

-If you look historicallyat societies... -Yeah.

it's about a 200-year course,okay, before their fall.

We've run that course.

But I believe thatwe can actually learn

from thosewho've come before us.

And, you know, we're different

in the sensethat we are the child

of every other nation.

And, uh,so we should have the welfare

of every other nation at heart.

-I agree with that.-And we should conduct ourselves

in a very different way.

And if we can learn from them

and we can conduct ourselves

in a way that demonstratescompassion toward others,

I believe that it can bea dawning of a new world.

I hope Donald Trumpis watching this show.


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