Desus Nice & The Kid Mero - Bringing a Bronx Perspective to "Desus & Mero"

November 15, 2016 - Desus Nice & The Kid Mero 11/15/2016 Views: 17,488

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero talk about shaping their voices in the Bronx and weigh in on how Viceland gives them a platform for their frank late-night show "Desus & Mero." (4:22)

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Please welcomeDesus Nice & The Kid Mero.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Ah!-All right!

-Welcome to the show, gentlemen.-Well, thanks for having us.

-Wow. -This is fun, man.-Very large TV studio.

This is nice.You guys don't have this?

I mean, we got some stuffon our show, you know.

-Not like... nothing classylike this. -Nothing like this?

-Do you even have an audience?You don't. -No. -No.

No, 'cause that's, like,metal detectors and security

and stuff like that,we're not doing that.

-Our budget's not that high.-Yeah. -Why are you worried?

That's, like, the first thingyou go to, metal detectors?

-We're from the Bronx.-We're from the Bronx.

Metal detectors are essentialin the Bronx.

It's a different world.You're from South Africa.

-It's very similar, you know?-Yeah. Not exactly,

-but yeah, yeah.-(laughter)

Well, you guys have giraffes,we have pit bulls.

I feel you, I feel...They both carry guns, though.

-Yes.-Um, let's talk about that.

You guys came from the Bronx.

You know what I've loved is,I've loved following your story.

Because I firstcame across you on Twitter,

and I listened to the podcast.

You have this cult followingthat has grown with you.

-Mm-hmm. It's on tonight.-Uh, and what I love is...

is how people describethe two of you.


-Unapologetic.-Raw. -Urban.

-Raw, urban.-In your face.

-What? Like, are they,are they... -Graphic.

Are they just tryingto say black?

-They are!-Yeah, they are, yeah.

-You can only say urbanby so many times. -Yeah.

-So, you know, after a while...-Cause it feels like

they're just tryingto say black.

-You know.-Yeah. You guys are so black.

-That doesn't sound...-You can't say that.

-Yeah, you can't say that.-You can't say it anymore.

So you've gotto say unapologetic.

Your relationshipand your journey

is the fact that you really didcome up from the Bronx.

-It's a, it's an exciting story.-Right. -Yeah.

And it's not often a storythat you hear

where the artists are in controlof what they're doing.

You came off in, uh,like in a very strange way,

that I'd love for youto tell to people,

I mean, even the name Desus,

when people go wh-what-whaton Earth is Desus Nice?

-Desus Nice.-How is that your name?

That's actually a nickname I gotfrom the neighborhood

because, it's like,I make miracles happen,

or something, some street thing,I don't know.

My cousin was highwhen he made it up.

-So I ran with it.-(laughter)

-And it's cool. -And thatwas just your nickname?

That's just my nickname. Like,if you go to my neighborhood,

and you're like,"Yo, who's Desus?"

They would know me as that;they won't know me from TV.

They're like,"Oh, who's the bald guy?" So...

-We're looking for Desus,the miracle man. -Yeah.

And then The Kid Mero?

-Well, Mero, my dad wantedto name me Ramiro. -Yeah.

You know what I'm saying? I comefrom a Dominican household,

where men are very like,"Yo, I'm the man,

so I'm makingall the decisions."

My mom was like, "No.We're gonna name him Joel,

because I like that namea lot better."

But all my uncles were like,"(bleep) that,

your name's Ramiro."So they always called me that.

And then I startedwriting graffiti,

and Ramiro's way too longto write as a tag name,

'cause you'll get arrestedevery single time.

You're like, R-A-M...


You're going to jail.

So I just shortened it to Mero,

and "I"s, I don't like the way"I"s look,

-So I replaced it with an "E".-Yeah.

-And here we are.-You know what I like?

Is the idea that the policewere pitching up,

and then they were like,

"If there were just two moreletters on this name."

-Two more.-We would have had him.

-We would have got him.-If he just had a longer name

-we would have caught him.-Oh!

Oh, Mero strikes again!

If only he used punctuation.

-Mero strikes again.-(groaning)

But-but, l-let's get into this,what is, like,

what you're doingis very different.

What is the purposeof your show?

What is the purpose of yourshow?

'Cause it feels like you guysare building a movement.

Whoa, whoa, slow down.

Listen, you're getting us onsome watch list right now.


I just came on herefor the free booze.

No, what we're doing, it's like,I feel so many shows,

you know, like your show,you have...

-you have like a ta--a talk show at night, -Yes.

You know, and so you gotthe suit,

you got the audienceand everything.

We have like a moredeconstructed, looser...

-Yeah.-We can be more renegade on.

You can say wild things,and I feel like,

with this Trump presidencycoming,

you're gonna have to have thatalternate voice out there.

Like, those-- you know,

Viceland is way up therein the cable,

so you can get awaywith more stuff.

So you guys are gonna be altleft is what you're saying.

-Whoa, time out.-Yes.

-I got, I got...-You just said alternate.

-I got the memes on deck,-You said alternate.

I'll make your fakeTwitter accounts.

-Yeah.-It's great.

Are you afraid of that?You're afraid of that moniker?

I mean, I don't want to bealt anything.

I'm trying to bejust like regular.

Can I be like middle?Like alt middle?

I feel you're being apologeticright now, man.

-I feel like you're beingreal apologetic. -No, no, no.

No, you know what it is?It's, well, you said it before.

Like, the dumb thingabout the show,

is that we literally get todictate what goes on the show.

So, clearly we don't bang withTrump, because we are, you know,

children of immigrants,minorities,

-you know what I'm saying?So that's not our guy. -Yeah.

So we're gonna tell you thatthat's not our guy,

for all the reasons that youhave stated so eloquently

in the past 25 minutes.

If someone had neverseen your show,

and you want themto watch the show,

what is the best way you wouldtry and convince them?

What's the one thingyou'd say to them?

Do you like hanging outwith your friends,

and getting really highand just talking about stuff?

-That's exactly what it's like.-DESUS: Exactly.

-You know what I'm saying?-It is. -Well, there you go.

Desus & Mero can be foundon Viceland,

late nights,Monday through Thursday.

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