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December 8, 2016 - Evan McMullin & DJ Khaled 12/08/2016 Views: 17,839

DJ Khaled weighs in on what inspires him in his book "The Keys" and talks about promoting education with the organization Get Schooled. (7:22)

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Please welcome DJ Khaled.

(cheering and applause)

Welcome to the show.

Man, you know, this show is hot.

I'm such a fan of yours, man.

I'm such-- you know whatI'm a fan of, man?

I'm not just a fan of the music,

-I'm a fan of your message.-Thank you.

You are one of those peoplewho is unflappable

in the world of pos-- you arejust so positive, man.

-Thank you, I appreciate that.-I love it.

And it's like that positivitypays off,

because, first of all,congratulations on your,

on your new baby,congratulations on that.

-My biggest blessing.-(cheering and applause)

Congratulations, man.

Congratulationson the Grammy nomination.

Congratulations on that.

That's right,it's for Major Key.

-All right.-Shot a thing on it... yes.

-Major Key, man.-Yes, yes.

This is you doing-- like,

where does that positivitycome from?

God. God is the master key,you know what I'm saying?

God is the greatest.We should always give thanks,

no matter what,'cause we got life.

You know what I'm saying?

You know it's about embracingyour blessings, man,

and being grateful, you know?

-Is that what you do every day?-Every day, man.

Let me tell you, every day, um,

and I would say, like,almost every second,

'cause I meditate,but I pray every day.

You know what I'm saying?I give thanks, man.

You know,life is beautiful, man.

I-I-I feel like everyonewants to be cynical,

and we live in a worldwhere everyone is,

-you know, getting consumedby the grey, you know? -Yeah.

And now you've come outand you've written a book,

and you are still positive,and we're going, like,

this is a book about needing,you know,

to be positive all the time.

I feel like you're the kindof person who would be,

you'd be trappedin a burning building,

and still you'd be like,yo, we need to appreciate

the parts of the housethat are not on fire right now.

We need to appreciate the pos--like, you, like...

Is that what this bookis all about for you?

Well, you know,if-if the house was burning,

and the fire was, you know,and was in fire.

You know what I'm saying?When you have a clean heart,

and a clean soul, you couldwalk through any fire.

-You know, I believe you.-No. I'm telling you.

I'm not even joking;I believe you.

-I'm telling you.-You have, like,

you have this magical ability--

it's like, you're almostlike a yogi.

You believe inwhat you're saying.

The coals don't exist.

I'm speaking facts, you knowwhat I'm saying? You know,

um, you know, why wouldI want to be negative?

-Why would I want to be drainedfrom negativity? -Yeah.

There's so much negativein the world,

why would I want to fallfor the trap?

The key is to stay awayfrom they.

And in this book,you know what I'm saying?

I always tell youto stay away from they.

Stay focused. Stay, you know,to be successful,

and to, to be great,it's a process, for progress.

To climb that mountaintop,you got to stay focused.


I noticed, I noticed on youralbum cover you've got a lion.

-Yes. -And on the book coveryou've got a lion.

Is that the same lion?

Do you work with the same lion?Is that like a... ?

Well, the album cover, hisname... that lion is Felix.

And, um, he listensto Bob Marley,

you know what I'm saying. Andthat was a real lion on the...

on the photo shoot. This lion,you know what I'm saying,

we just got a nice, iconic,you know, photo shoot with a...

another iconic lion,'cause all lions are iconic.

I feel like you've got... I feellike you got that vibe to you.

You've got, like, that...You got the mane, you know?

-Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely.-You got the feeling.

No, I'm definitely lion.I'm definitely a lion order.

You know what I'm saying?Like, when I speak cloth talk,

that's lion order.

I like that. I like that.Let's-let's talk about some

of the good you're doing,not just on Snapchat

and the positive world,but you-you are out there

putting your words into actions.There's a great program

-you're part of called GetSchooled. -Yes, Get Schooled.

-What is that about?-Get Schooled, you know

what I'm saying, is to motivateand inspire the young world.

Not just to go to schoolbut to do good in school.

You know what I'm saying?And, uh, we did a great campaign

and we did, like, a-a,you know, a Keys program.

-Yeah.-Khaled Keys program.

And, you know what I mean, itwas just great to, you know,

talk to the young world andinspire them to go to school.

Not just to tell 'em to go toschool, but just to inspire 'em

and let 'em know how great it isto go school, how important

it is. You know, I did,like, a campaign, and we shot...

we was filming and, like, it'slike a kid was reading a book...

in school. And then his phonerings and he looks at his phone

and then my face pop up saying,"Don't play yourself.

You should be reading."You know what I'm saying?

Like, you should bereading your book.

-Yo, but that's... Whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa. -You know...

No, but that's-but that'spretty messed up--

-you called him, though.-No, no, no, I didn't... Well...

-No, that's pretty messed up.-I... You know, I didn't

think about that,but I'm sure he...

I-I'm sure... I'm sure he...I'm sure they made it

where he called me,you know what I'm saying?

But, um, that's good.That's good. You're aware.

I'm aware, man.I'm aware of what's going on.

I'm aware of what's going on.I-I need your help, Khaled,

I'm not gonna front--I need your help.

I'm trying to become morepositive. I'm trying to think

of catchphrases as well, becauseif you don't know, this man

has just like, you-you makephrases a part of life.

-People say "another one"and people know. -Yes. Yes.

An... What does-what does"another one" mean?

"Another one" meansanother great situation.

-You appreciate it, right?-Oh, you definitely...

-You acknowledge it.It's another one. -Of course.

When you say "major key,"what does that mean?

"Major key" is... This bookis a major key. You know,

me being on this show talkingnothing but positive cloth talk,

that's a major key.The fans, that's a major key.

-(cheering, applause)-I-I love this.

I-I want to...I want to be as positive.

I'm trying-I'm tryingto get that into my life,

I'm trying to think... I've got,like a few catchphrases

-Yeah. -that I'm working on.But I don't know if I've...

-if I've got them good... -Well,let me-let me help you out.

-All right. All right.I've got a few... -Okay.

-I got a gift for you.-Oh, you do?

Uh, I just did a new dealwith cocoa butter, right?

And, um, it's called Theyblock.

So, any time there'snegative energy around, They...

-You rub it on? All right.-You just put a little...

-You just put a little...-All right, let's-let's

-rub a little on. All right...-And you gonna be good.

And then I-and then I rub it onwhile we're doing... Okay, okay.

-This this. -Okay, all right.All right, let's do this.

-And... -So, if I go... so, ifgo... Okay, okay, I got-I got...

I'm gonna try a few.I'm gonna try a few on the spot.

-You're unstoppable. -I'm gonnatry a few. I'm unstoppable.

All right, all right. So, I gotone that I want to go with,

-and this my-my catchphrase:big pants. -Big pants.

Big pants. Yeah, like I'm makingbig pants decisions.

Big, like...Look, I'm do-I'm doing big...

I'm doing big pants...No?

I'm doing big pants things.

-Yeah, I like that, I like that.-Yeah, okay, okay.

All right. cool. Um, um,there-there's another one

I was thinking of. It'd be like,uh, no more commas.

-No, because, like, commas...-No... no more commas?

Commas, you know, like,in a sentence? Because commas

-slow a sentence down.-No, I know, but...

And then it's like, no moreco... Like, you don't

want commas in your life.It's like, no more commas.

-No, no, I want commas in mylife. -Well, you want...

-But you said nothing couldstop you, Khaled. -No. No, no.

I want commas because, you know,that's securing the bag.

-I'm thinking commas. You knowwhat I'm saying? -Oh, man.

-I didn't think of it like that.-So you got to be clear,

-you know what I'm saying? Like,yeah, yeah. -Oh, man. Okay,

no more-no more punctuationcomm... Oh, man,

-this is not working.-Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

That's not... but that's notcatchy. All right, I'll think of

a... Okay, I-I got another one.I got another one. I got

another one, and it's says,uh, time for a second slice.

-Time for a second slice. -Timefor a... Basically, in life,

you know, like, sometimes,after you had a big meal,

and then you go like, "Oh, man,I can't eat any more food.

I'm tired, I want to sleep."And then you realize,

"No, nothing can stop me.Time for a second slice."

That's al-that's almost like"another one."

-Anoth... Yes, time fora second slice. -Another one.

That's-that's what it...Can I tell you, this is magic

-right now, man. This is partof the magic. -No, no, listen.

Well, I'm gonna be honest withyou. I also have another one

called We the Best Glow.We the Best Glow--

the ladies love this,'cause you smell so great

-they just come at youimmediately. -This is just,

-like, this is-this ispart of the ma... -And...

-Where are these bottlescoming from? -No, listen...

-And this one... -I don't evenknow... Where are these bottles

-coming from? -And-and this oneis called Live Life Smooth.

Why live rough?

Yo, man. Khaled, I've gotso much to learn from you.

I hope you'll come back.The book is amazing.

It'll teach you everythingyou need to know.

The Keys, available now.DJ Khaled, everybody.

Another one.

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