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"The D.L. Hughley Show" host D.L. Hughley gives his take on the people who still support President Trump and talks about his tattoo tribute to the late Charlie Murphy. (8:43)

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please welcome D.L. Hughley!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Hello, Trevor. Man, y...you got all the heat out here.

It's cold. How much extra forheat in the dressing room? Geez.

-(laughter) -I'm tryingto keep you fresh, man.

-I see. I see.-I'm trying to keep you fresh.

Thank you for being on the show.Let's get straight into it.

You know, I've watched yourcomedy almost all of my life,

and I don't knowif you've noticed this,

but it feels likeyou've become more political.

And now with Trump,it feels like you have reached

-peak political...-Well, I think it's hard

not to be funny when...Like, if we were gonna hire

a t... like, a reality starfor a president,

it shouldn't have beenthe dude from The Apprentice,

it should have been the one

from Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? But...


I just, I just think, like,you see these things going on,

and it's, like,the dude from The Apprentice

is really running America.

I just... it's...And then I was watching

those health care debates,like...

If you havea preexisting condition,

-like type 2 diabetes, and youstill voted for Trump, -Right.

that meansyou hated black people

-more than you like your feet.So... -(laughter)

-(applause)-I mean...

Like... like, literally...

I mean, and good luck at thoseMake America Great rallies

hopping on one leg, son.

-Wow. -You getthe good parking space, Clem.

Wow. Man,you're taking it there.

You are... you'venever been one to mince words,

especially in and around peoplewho still support Donald Trump.

Well, I just think, you know,there are several articles.

We-we thought that it was...Initially people tried to say

-it was about economics.-Right.

There were a lot of poorwhite people, like, in it.

Like, and who wanted jobs.Like, if you're broke and white

in America, you wasteda 400-year head start,

-like, literally.-(laughter)

If you're broke and whitein America,

you're a black dudewith no training,

-is what you are--you're just... -(laughter)

I don't understand.It's just, it's just...

I just would rather peoplejust tell me the truth.

Like, "We didn't likethat we felt like something

"was slipping away from us,and we voted for a dude

who would say some of the thingsthat we couldn't."

Yeah, because, I mean,the study came out,

which a lot of peoplewere shocked by.

-You know, it was a fascinatingstudy by The Atlantic, -Mm-hmm.

and they did the numbers,they talked to the people,

and people said, no,they felt like

-they were losing the country.-Yeah.

The countrywasn't familiar to them.

They said specifically,over the past three, five,

maybe eight years,they didn't feel comfortable.


As opposed to the last 400.

-But it's just...-(laughter)

I just, I just think-- you wantto kick out all the Muslims,

which is... silly to me,'cause one man's terrorist

-is another man's cardiologist.-(laughter)

-(applause, whooping)-It's just...

-I just...-Yeah.

It's... it's... it's just...

-It's just... it's... -You'reenjoying this too much, man.

I-I really like-- I-I--you know, then, uh, you know,

like, we-we're, like,worried about ISIS,

but the most dangerous thingin America is other Americans.

Like, 300 hundred Americans

are shot by otherAmericans every day.

100,00 Americans killed byother Americans every year.

More Americans have been killedby Americans

than died in all the warswe've every fought combined.

So ISIS ain't got a damn thingon "USIS."

(laughter and applause)

Let me, let me ask you this,let me ask you this.

You are...

You're on the road, and,I mean, I've noticed this,

and I-I don't know if you'venoticed the same thing.

Have you noticed a shiftin your audiences

in terms of how they feelabout the politics?

Have you noticed a shift inpeople going like, oh, you know,

"D.L., stay away from politicsor get into it more."

Do you feel that in youraudience when you travel?

Well, you know, I-I-I kind ofdon't, I don't do requests.

I kind of got-- what's on--

this is what we'reserving today, so, like...

But I do think there is anatural kind of inclination

for people who are havinghonest discourse.

There are things that-thatamaze me every day,

and I think that you're entitledto have a divergent opinion.

And I think that you don'thave to ask

-for permission to express it.-Right.

I think that it's disingenuouswhen you do.

So, uh, to me,comedy is all about--

Like, there are thingsthat I see

that-that make me laugh so much.

Like, uh, the-the fact now

that you literally have a guy

that can fire the guywho can get him in trou--

Like, if I could firethe policeman

that was comingto give me a ticket...


(cheering and applause)

-I just... I just...-Yeah.


I don't like your attitude.

You're out of here.

The tour that you're on,

that you're about to embark onright now is really exciting,

especially if you'rea fan of comedy.

It's yourself,it's Eddie Griffin,

it's Cedric the Entertainer,it's George Lopez.

You guys are out on theComedy Get Down Tour.

That must be exciting.

Especially rollingwith a group of comedians

that are that establishedand that funny.

And it's so diverse,'cause it's black people,

and the Mexican guy that Trumpis gonna kick out

before the end of the tour.

But it's-it's really--

And Charlie Murphy was on itbefore we lost him.

And I just think it's guysthat, you know,

-all come together for thisthing that we love. -Yeah.

And it's different kindsof points of view.

But cats that really lovewhat they do,

and have a-a tremendous respectfor the art form,

because I think it's the last,it's the last time

you ever hear truth anymore,is, I think,

from a comedic standpoint.

I think you doan exceptional job

-mixing irony, truth,and-and logic. -Thank you.

-And I think...-I appreciate it.

Let me...

You're such a bright,well-read dude,

I knew you weren't from America,so, uh...

That is an asshole thing to say.

-The, um...-That is true, that's sad.

Let me chat to you real quick

-about the tattoo on your hand.-Sure.

You know, when we lostCharlie Murphy,

I mean, a lot of comedianswere sad,

but there were few that hadthe connection with him

that you did, you know?

There were few that knew Charlieon a personal level.

It's not every daythat someone gets a tattoo

of someone they lost.

It's not every day that someonefeels the way you felt

when-when, Charlie,you know, left us.

I was sad that he left,but I was also just, uh,

just, uh, overjoyedwith the fact I got a chance

to really know him.And, uh, it's-it's so funny,

because when Charlie died,I was... everybody... I was...

I had this meetingset up with a network.

And Charlie died, and I go,"Man, I'm not gonna go."

I said,"I'm just gonna get drunk

and tell jokes about my friend."

And they're like, "If you don'tgo, you're not gonna

get the gig." And I said,"Man, I-I want to be here

with my friends, so whatever."And so they gave me the gig.

I didn't remember the line.Uh, the next day

we were shooting the pilot...two days, three days later

we were shooting the pilot and Ihad a conversation with Charlie

in the jef... dressing room.So I said, "Hey, man,

I got this gig, and I just...I don't remember anything."

And I, um, I... and I rememberedthe line and we killed it,

and I don't know if the pilot'sgonna get picked up or not,

but I'll say this: if you canhave a guardian angel

that was your motheror your father or your uncle

or your friend, you could havea weed-smoking comedian angel

as your guardian angel.Like, uh...

What-what made... what madeCharlie so special for you?

Like what were the things?'Cause, I mean, I-I was honored

to meet him once,you know, and I remember

he was one of the nicest guys.

I never think Ch... I neverthought he was a nice guy.

Oh, he was nice to me.I'll tell you that. He was...

No, for real, I-I met him...I met him in L.A.,

and-and Charlie was, like, hewas one of those people, he...

he saw me on stage and he waslike, "Hey, man, where you from?

You really from Africa?"And I was like,

"Yeah, why would I lieabout that?" And then he...

and then he... And he was like,"You're really funny,

you're smart,you should go to this gig,

you should go to that room."And then, next day,

he was on the radio and he wassaying, "Hey, this guy's ama..."

And I-I'd never experiencedanything like that,

-and I was like,"This is Charlie Murphy." -Yeah.

But, like, whe-when you go,"Charlie Murphy: this is

what the world lost," whatdoes-what does that mean to you?

I think that Charliewas the-the most honest,

profane, evil, great dudeI've ever met, man.

Like... like, Charlie... Like...We... When we started to tour,

we took a, uh... we-we actuallypicked... uh, we, uh,

put-put aside moneyfor bail money

for either Charlie Murphyor Eddie Griffin. Um...

And I'm not even kidding.I'm not even...

Like, Charlie... Charlie Murphy,uh, he-he always had a story,

and it always ended in... withhim about to fight somebody.

-That whole Rick James thing,he was about to fight. -Right.

And, uh, we werein the airport one time,

and this old 80-year-old dude,um...

Charlie wears a lot of...Like, he wore a chain wallet,

you know? They took a lotof stuff going through TSA.

And, uh, this old man said...

He was, like, 80.I'm talking about the-the kind

you visibly know he lived everyday of them 80 years, right?

So... he said, "I'm not gonnasit up there and wait

for that sissyto take off all them..."

He said that to Charlie Murphy.And Charlie Murphy said,

"I'll beat your old assin here, like, right..."

And then he looked at me--"Wouldn't you fight a old man?"

I'm like, "No, Charlie,'cause I don't...

-I have a father."-Oh, man.

-Yo, D... -I'm one of thoseblack dudes, still got a daddy.

Oh, come on, man, it's great.

Oh, man. Dude, thank you so much

-for being on the show.-Thank you, man.

I appreciate you... Go to hisWeb site, realdlhughley.com,

for dates of his stand-up tour.D.L. Hughley, everybody.

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