Exclusive - Hasan and Ellie Positivity-Off

April 18, 2016 - Ellie Kemper 04/18/2016 Views: 1,296

An encounter between Hasan Minhaj and Ellie Kemper turns into a competition to see who can be more upbeat in the face of misery. (1:52)

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- Hasan!

- Oh my god! - [Ellie] How are you?

(happy music)


It is so good to see you!

- Your face is so bright,

it reminds me of the gorgeous sunshine outside.

- Oh my god Ellie-belle,

thank you so much!

Your face just glows

like a bunch of beautiful gorgeous white bunnies

hugging each other.

- Thank you so much!

That's so funny you said that

because I had a bunny when I was a kid.

His name was Daniel. - [Hasan] Oh my god!

- And a little mouse name Sandrew

And I raised them to be best friends

'cause I didn't have a best friend.

- That's really great then you know at least...

it's really great that you had friends

that were animals

because the only animalsI knew were the rats

that were in my bed

and they were fed before me.

- Please don't belittle Daniel and Sandrew like that, ok?

And at least you had a bed,

my bed was a pile ofmy dad's dirty laundry.

- Oh wow, you had clothes,

because me I didn't even get clothes until I was 28,

I just walked around naked.

- My family was all for clothes,

they were so for clothes

that they foreclosed on their house when I was 12.

- Your house was foreclosed on?

That's so great thatyou actually had walls.

You know the first time I saw walls?

When I got this job over here!

- I'm too blessed to be stressed,

ok? - [Hasan] Oh really?

- Yeah, that's how happy I am.

- I'm really happy Ellie,

I don't know if youcan see how happy I am?

- No, I can tell how happy you are

because it takes a really happy person

to perceive how happy a person is.

- Oh, oh!

- And my smile is a lot bigger than yours!

- Oh it is?- [Ellie] Yeah!

- You know what, becausemy orthodontist told me,

"Wow your smile is twiceas big as Ellie's."

- How is that possible?

- [Hasan] It is possible!

- When my face is twice as big!

- Yeah, Okay!


You got me!

- I have to go!

- Ok, it was so good seeing you.

- It's so good to see you

- We are so happy, oh my god! - [Ellie] Have a blessed day!

- Have a great day!

And you have a great interview, okay?

- [Ellie] Thank you. - Trevor's gonna love you.

- I hope so! - [Hasan] Yeah, yeah!

- Bye. - [Hasan] Bye, Bye.

I'm happier than her.

(happy music)

(upbeat music)