Gucci Mane - Learning from His Mistakes in "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane" - Extended Interview

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Rapper Gucci Mane reflects on selling drugs while in the seventh grade, battling addiction and cleaning up his life after finding love in "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane." (8:16)

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My guest tonight is aplatinum-selling hip-hop artist

and a pioneer of trap music.

His new album Mr. Davis comes out in October,

and his new memoir,The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

will be out Tuesday.Please welcome Gucci Mane.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you for having me.

First thing's first--congratulations.

Uh, "I Get the Bag,"uh, on the top ten.

-Thank you. -Congratulations.That's exciting for you.

Uh... you are coming outwith a new album.

You've got the book as well.Uh, let's take a step back

and introduce some peopleto Gucci Mane, people who

may not be familiar with you,'cause I said it to some people

in the building, like, "GucciMane's coming." And they were

like, "I'm sorry, what? Who?"Uh, and then I was like, "Oh,

you know, Gucci Mane."And then I showed them a picture

and they were like, "The guyfrom Spring Breakers! Yeah!"

Is it weird that some people donot know you as a rapper at all?

They just know youas the Spring Breakers guy?

It just means I gota lot more to do, but, um...

A lot of people just know mefrom Spring Breakers.

-It was a huge film for me.-Right. It was a big film.

And, uh, one of the storiesyou talk about in the book

that's insaneis you-you fell asleep

during a sex scenein that movie.

Yeah, that is true.That is-that is true.

Like, I-I need to understandhow this comes to be.

Li-Like, what's happeningin the scene that you were like,

"I'm-I'm done with this"?

I was high as hell, man.

(cheering, applause)

That is an honest answer,my friend.

I appreciate that.Straight to it--

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.

Let's talk about Gucci Maneas a human being.

Um, you grew up... You hada really tough life, growing up.

You know? And-and youtell the story in the book.

Why did you want to write a bookabout it? You already rapped,

you already tell your stories.Why a book?

I just feel like, you know,um, at the end of the day,

I don't want to, you know...I feel like a lot of artists,

when they die, they books comeout. I want to tell my story

-while I'm here.-Right.

I want to be the one to, youknow, reap the benefits from it,

and at the same timeI feel like it can inspire...

inspire somebod... I feel likeit's a... I feel like

I'm fascinating, I feel likeI got an amazing story,

-I want to share it. -You reallydo. I mean, you were,

in the seventh grade,selling weed,

because you wantedto buy yourself clothes.

Like, just... cool clothes.

Like, most kids don't even havefocus for math class,

and you were putting togethera hustle game. Um...

If-if you... if you lookat your life and you-you look

at everything that you wentthrough, growing up, li...

is it-is it a path that youwould want for another kid

or is there... are there thingsyou wish you would have had an

opportunity to do differently,even though you got here?

Um, I don't regret anythingthat I did.

-You know, it made me who I am.-Right.

But, at the same time,I wouldn't want my son

to have to, you know, um,go through none of the things

-that I went through, you know?-Right.

Uh, when you look at what youwent through in particular...

-You were a smart kid in schoolas well. Right? -Yeah.

You were really smart.Uh, you tell fun stories

in-in the book about that.

What would Gucci Mane have doneif he didn't get into rap?

Like, what is the career pathyou would've...

If you could've chosenanything else.

I think I would've... Honestly,I think I would've ended up

either being maybe,like, um, a kingpin...



(laughter, applause)

Some kind of wayI would've been a leader, man.

-I'm-I'm just goodwith crewing people up. -Right.

-And, you know... I don't know.-You know...

you know you could've chosenpresident, right?

I don't thinkI would've made it.

You really don't think so?

My record.

My record is terrible.

Hey, man, Donald Trump's recordis terrible.

Not-not the same way.

Uh, you-you talk really candidlyin the book

about, uh,going in and out of jail.

You talk about your record.

Like, you had a really,really rough stint, man.

You were just in and out,in and out.

It was a weird life as well,because you were making music,

-you had hits, and then you weregoing to prison. -Yeah.

You would come back out.

Were there moments whenyou learned something in prison

that made you want to changeyour life?

Or did you find that it was justa vicious cycle?

It was a vicious cycle,

and it kept repeating itselfuntil this last time.

I think it was the consequences.

Once my consequences got dire,

when it was like I was facing20, 30 years,

it forced me to be like,"You know, that's it.

-"I'm changing my lifestyle.I'm changing my choices. -Right.

I'm-a reflect on my lifeand seen what I did wrong."

And, um,it's what you're seeing now.

You're seeing the consciouseffort of me saying,

"Hey, I'm changing my life."This is what you get right here.

Right. And you...and you had to change,

because it wasn't just timein jail

that you were being threatenedwith.

Uh, you were also lookingat your health, you know?

You were strugglingwith addiction to cough syrup,

which I know a lot of peoplejoke about,

-but that's a real thing, right?-Yeah, a lot of people

done lost their lives to that.A lot of, um...

Some of our greatest artistsdeal with that

and, you know,even lost their life to that.

To just drugs, in general.And I don't want to be...

'Cause I could've been. Icould've been one of the artists

-that don't wake up the nextday. I just, like... -Right.

I don't want...I don't want that in my future.

When-when you do lookat your future,

you've got Gucci Mane,who's writing books.

You've got Gucci Mane,who's now engaged.

-Mm-hmm. -Which, by the way,is a really, really cute story,

uh, especially for you, Gucci,is, uh...

You... No, because you-youbasically got engaged

because of a kiss cam.Like, there was a kiss cam,

and you were therewith your woman.

And then you-you got engaged,which is...

That's not hard, man.I'm just gonna put it out there.

That's not hard at all.

I kind of... I sei...I seized the opportunity.

-Right. -You know.-(laughter)

It came on me,and I was already ready.

-Oh, my man.-Uh-huh.

Look at that. What-what made youknow you were ready?

I found a woman that I want tospend the rest of my life with.

-Right.-So, um... it wasn't...

I was like, "Damn, this isthe perfect opportunity."

You know, and even the...You know, I was doing a show

-at the Hawks arena that day.-Right.

So, the last minute,I told them, like,

I want to propose to my wife.

And, um,they couldn't even believe it.

Like, nobody knew.That wasn't, like, no plan.

-I came with that, like,the day of. -Right.

But I been... I had the ringfor, like, a week,

so, you know, I feel likeshe deserved it,

and I wanted the world to knowhow I felt about her.

Uh, you-you talk about thatin the book, as well, man.

You have... you have this womanwho came into your life,

and in many ways,became the driving force

-for change in your life.-Mm-hmm.

You know,she helped you clean up.

She said, "Hey, Gucci,I need you to change.

I need you to stop, you know,sipping on the sizzurp."

-(laughter) -"I need you to workon who you are as a person."

Uh, she changed a lotabout you in a good way.

Yeah. Yeah, she was a...she was a...

And she still is,is a positive influence.

Right. When you were lookingat the future for Gucci Mane,

for your kids, for peoplein your community even...

-Mm-hmm. -...I understand thattrap music, for many people,

is the only way out.

People go, "This is the lifeI live, I rap about it,

and that's how I getto where I need to go."

If you could bea positive influence

-that prevents people fromliving that life... -Mm-hmm.

...what would you try and do,and what do you hope

people would doin your community

to-to effect that change?

I feel like it starts, like,

with this just being authenticand being real, you know.

And even with this book,I never had got to the point

where I would tell somebodythe right thing.

I was... I be like, "You know,I sold drugs, I did this,"

but you got to alsolet people know the bad side.

-Right. -It ain't allabout jury and cause.

You got to let 'em know,"Hey, this right here could...

"You can lose your life,you can go to prison,

you can lose someof your loved ones."

And I feel like that's whatthey even need to know.

They need to know that side,too, as well.

Like, there's a lotof pitfalls to the game.

-Instead of just glorifying allthe accolades. -Right. It's a...

It's a really enlightening book,

because don't glorify the life,

but you're also appreciativefor where it got you to.

-Uh-huh. -Um, the one thing youdon't teach people in the book

is how to come upwith a dope rap name. Um...


Like, I've been tryingfor a while.

"Trevor Noah" doesn't reallyhave that ring to it.

Like, when they go,"Yo, there's trap."

And then I come on.Like, "Trev... Trevor Noah."

-And the people are like, "No."Um... -(laughter)

Is...? Like,could you give me some advice?

Is there, like,, a trap name I could...?

Is there, like, a formula?

-Trevor Mane.-Trevor Mane.

Oh, (bleep). "Gucci Maneand Trevor Mane."

-(sings gibberish, whoops)-That's it.

-That's it. That's it.That's it. -(laughter)

-That's that, man. Fire! Fire!-That's it.

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane will be available September 19.

-Gucci Mane, everybody.-(applause and cheering)

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