Hannah Hart - Coming of Age in "Dirty 30"

September 14, 2016 - Hannah Hart 09/14/2016 Views: 6,955

Hannah Hart talks about transitioning from YouTube to movies for "Dirty 30" and sorting through growing pains in her memoir, "Buffering." (4:57)

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Please welcome Hannah Hart.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Wow, so cool, so cool.

-Welcome to the show. -Thankyou for having me, Trevor.

Thank you for be... You knowwhat, I-I think this is, uh,

this is the wrong thing.I'm sorry, they made a mistake.

They put cups of, uh...This is-this is

-your drink of choice,is it not? -Oh!

-This is your... Yeah? Yeah?-Yeah, it is!

-(cheering, applause)-There you go.

-There you go.-Cheers, guys.

Yeah, yeah. This is,uh, this is fun for you.

Look at that-- straight into it.

I mean, we did cheers--you know, it's bad luck

-not to take a sip.-Oh, you have to sip immediately

-after you... -Yeah, you haveto sip. And-and eye contact.

Eye contact. There's a lot ofrules for, like, drunk things.

It's true.It keeps everybody safe.

Mmm. Ah.

And then you cook afterwards?

Yeah. Um, that's usually...

that's usually the best thingthat can happen afterwards.

-Wow, that's real alcohol.-Yeah.

I thought they'd put, like,iced tea or something.

-No, man, you know?-That's, uh, that's legit.

-Welcome to the show.Thank you for being here. -Yeah.

Uh, I love your show.It's fun, it's exciting.

You're in a kitchenand you're drunk.

Not the safest thing to do.

No, no, no.It's-it's really not.

And I actually, um,I don't really necessarily

say that everybodyshould get drunk and cook.

-Yes. -Um, but I do thinkthat when you do--

as I do it--you have a really great time.

You do, and you, uh, and youdispense life advice as well.

Yeah, that justseems to be, like, a habit

that I can't break,personally, you know?

I find that, like,in every conversation I have

I end up, you know,kind of going deep.

Like, with everyUber driver I have.

Once, uh, we actuallyprayed together

at the end of an Uber ride.

-Are you being serious?-Yeah.

He was like, "Give me yourhand." And I was like, "Okay."

And then we talked about,like, the spirit and, like,

not gonna lie--like, I shed a tear.

Was-was... was the Uber driverstill charging you

when that happened?Or was that, like...

'Cause if I was the Uber driver,I'd be like,

"Yeah, we can pray,"and if the ride hasn't ended,

"Let's pray, let's pray."

Did you checkif the ride had ended?

-I was so moved by the spirit,I didn't. -You see? You see?

Ah, man, you and I see the world

through two different lenses.

Well, we can pray about it.We can pray about it.

Um, you're doing so much morethan just YouTube right now.

I mean, you'reone of the YouTube stars

who's been lucky enoughto break out

into many different worlds.You've written two books.

This is your second bookright now, uh, Buffering.

-Mm-hmm.-Great title, by the way.

-Yes. -Thank you. It's, uh...I picked it. It's intentional.

-(laughter)-Well, I... I would hope so.

It'd be weirdif that's just, like...

But-but... but what's specialabout this book is, like,

your first book was reallyan homage to the Drunk Kitchen.

-Mm-hmm. -But this...this is a book about your life.

This is... this is literacy now.

Yeah. Um, yeah,it's Buffering: Unshared Tales

of a Life Fully Loaded.

So it's got, like, a little My Drunk Kitchen nod right there.

-Uh-huh. -Um,it's really just about the, uh,

the time I've spent processingthe events of my life,

um, that I haven't really wantedto share online.

-Yeah. -Or, rather, afour-to-six-minute video format

isn't really appropriate for it.

I studied literaturein college--

being an authorwas always my dream--

and so I feel really fortunate

to be able to sharemy life experiences in this way.

You know, I-I...I say that when I wrote it,

I wrote it to feel, like,the things that have gone on

in my life--I wrote it to talk about them

in a way thatmade me feel less alone.

And I hope that,for people that read it,

they feel that way, too.

When you...

started out on YouTube,I mean, this was a video

that you were creatingfor a friend,

it was a little joke, it was...

and then it blows upinto something,

did you ever think that makingthose videos on YouTube

would get you to the placewhere you're doing--

you know, as you say, literatureis something that you studied--

did you ever think YouTubewould be the thing

that brings you backto everything?

You know, I don't thinkI ever thought that,

but I do think that, like...I do think

that by what I studied,it kind of helped me get

-a sense of, like, narrative.-Yeah.

Which is why I think, um,making videos was so fun.

Because it was, like,telling mini stories

within every video.

Um... and when I started My Drunk Kitchen,

uh, back in 2011, YouTubeand the subculture of new media

was totally unknown to me.

I only knew it because peoplein the comment section

were writing, "This is mynew favorite show on YouTube."

Oh, that's back when peoplewere writing nice things

-in the comment section.-Oh...

Wow. You an OG.

-Yes.-You, like...

-Wow.-Yeah, so...

You remember those days?

I do.Yeah, I do.

I actually am pretty fortunate.

My comment sectionsare mostly nice.

Except once, somebody said,

um, uh, it looks like-likeTina Fey and a gerbil had sex,

or something like that,in reference...

-What looked like that?-Um, me. I'm the "it."


Yeah, that one stuck with mejust for the creativity alone.

I'm trying to picture it;I can't, I can't see it.

You didn't see me back in 2011.

Things have changed.

Were you more Tina Feyor more gerbil back then?

-I was more a combinationof the two. -(Noah laughs)

-Thank you, Hannah.-(laughing, applause)

Thank you so much.

Dirty 30 is in theatersFriday, September 23,

and this beautiful memoir,

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

is available October 18th.

Hannah Hart, everybody.

(cheering, applause)

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