Issa Rae - Tackling Life as It Comes on "Insecure"

July 20, 2017 - Issa Rae 07/20/2017 Views: 31,654

Issa Rae discusses her HBO series "Insecure," which explores a young black woman's coming of age through friendships, relationships and a sexually adventurous phase. (5:03)

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Please welcome Issa Rae.

(cheers and applause)


Welcome to the show, Issa.

Thank you for having meon the show.

I can safely say we've never hada clip that ends with,

"Not if you're tryingto (bleep)."

Well, trying tobreak records here.

That-that gripped meimmediately.

-Uh... -Because you'retrying to (bleep)?



Just-just checking,just checking.

I-I don't know how to answerthat question.

I'm, like, uh,like in life in general,

or in this moment in particular?Uh...

Uh, so welcome to it.

Before we get into it,'cause I'm-I'm a fan,

and I'm just gonna gostraight into that,

but there are maybetwo or three people

who don't know who you are

and don't know anythingabout the show,

Insecure, inspired by yourYouTube series.

If someone wanted to knowwhat is the show about?

Why should I get into it?What would you say to them?

Um, I would say that it's about,you know, friendship.

It's about, um, relationships.

It's about, you know,pushing 30 and not kind of...

Or feeling like you're notdoing it right.

And it's very, very black.

That's all I can say.

I like that.

-Yeah, I mean...-I like that.

-Pushing 30 and very,very black. -Yeah.

That sounds like... Yeah,that's a-- that's a great blurb

-to have on something.-That's my tagline.

In the first season I felt likeyour character had it together,

uh, her boyfriend did not.I liked that, at the end

of season one, you broke up.

I was happy for you.

-Season two...-That's not...

Season two was aninteresting way to begin.

I-I... I would like youto describe it,

'cause I feel it wouldsound wrong if I said...

What is season two really about?

Well, season two,we're exploring...

Um, not to give spoilers,but, you know, uh,

the character Issacheats on her boyfriend.

And season two...Uh, and he ends it.

And season two, it followsher sort of questioning

the ki-kind of personthat she's become, you know?

She set out in season oneto be this new person,

-Miss Give All the (bleep),Miss Give No (bleep). -Right.

And, um, wanted to be moreactive than passive

and, in doing so, that involved,like, cheating on her boyfriend.

So season two,we find her saying,

"Well, I (bleep) that up.And... what do I do now?

"You know?And who do I want to be?

"And-and thisis actually the person

that I don't want to be moving forward."

What do you-what do you feelis the most important thing

for you, when telling the story?I mean, it's very funny,

but what... when you lookat your story, do you go, like,

"Oh, I-I've gotto mention this"?

Well, one of the things i...Like, even in writing the show,

and in the writers room,we never want to be, like,

-message-heavy, but we want totackle life as it comes. -Right.

Even just... As youlive your life, if you...

You know, like, evenwhere-where racism is concerned,

like, for black people,r-racism is, like...

-it happens, you know?-Right.

And then we don't justpause in the moment and...

and reflect and say,"Wow, that was racist.


How am I gonnago about my day?"

No. You're, like,"Oh, that happened.

"Let me go do my laundry.And then I got to go home

and deal with this dude,and then I have to..."

And so that's howwe approach these issues--

just as-as authenticallyreal as possible.

They're... they're notteachable moments,

they're just momentsin-in your day.

And I think, um, we liketo focus on the minutia

of being black, if anything.

Wh-When you talk, in the clip,about just wanting to smash,

what-what is happening...

what-what is happening therein Issa's life?

Because I-I'm...intrigued by this.

She's-she's tryingto just go into Smash Land,

which is differentto Relationship Land, right?

I like Smash Land a lot.I mean... in this episo...

I mean, in this season,we're kind of exploring

the women decidingto explore, um,

I call it "ho-ery," but there...Or "a ho phase."

-Okay. -And I thinklots of women explore...

Like, either they get-they gettired of relationships

or dating, and they say,"You know what,

"at the end of the day,I just... I want to smash.

Like, that's it."And-and some women...

I-I'd say thatthere are three categories:

there are women who willnever partake, you know?

Who just say, "I want to dateand I want to find

-"the person for meand that's it. -Uh-huh.

"I'm not gonna...

These lady partsdon't go to just anyone."

There are other womenthat are just, like,

"Oh, I want to go out there,I want to have fun,

"I want to bring my numbers up,

-"and, you know...-Uh-huh.

-Why not? I can."-Right.

And, unfortunately, some ofthose women-- in-in the eyes

of a significant other or theopposite sex or the same sex--

they find that they can neverget out of the "ho" category.

But... there are some women who,

I say, "double Dutch"into ho-ery

-and can effortlessly...-Yes.

-Bounce between...-...bounce between.

-Right, it's... Yes.-And then they get wifed up.

-They're like,"Oh, I did the phase. -Exactly.

"I'm good, and now...

"You know, I'm done,I've had enough.

Uh, I got right numberand I'm satisfied."

W... Will you give usa spoiler of which way

your character's gonna go?


I mean, she-she...she explores ho-ery, for sure.

-She does. -I just wanted tohear you say that one more time.

-Thank you so much for comingto the show. -Thank you.

-It's fun.-We love it so much.

Insecure returns July 23at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

Issa Rae, everybody.

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