Jennifer Lopez - Grappling with Tough Decisions on "Shades of Blue" - Extended Interview

March 6, 2017 - Jennifer Lopez 03/06/2017 Views: 47,315

Jennifer Lopez discusses her role as a conflicted NYPD detective on the show "Shades of Blue" and demonstrates her knowledge of her native New York City. (8:48)

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Please welcome Jennifer Lopez.

-(cheering and applause)-♪

Thank you, thank you.

-Thank you so much.-(cheering)


Thank you.

They're so nice.


Did I say "hi"?


Okay. I'm getting shy now.

And now screamfor Jennifer Lopez.

-(cheering) -(laughter)-All right, guys.

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you.

It's my first timewith you here.

This is, this is ourfirst time together.

This is our first time.

Do you know that my-my wholetrying to host The Daily Show

was just an elaborate ruseto meet you?

That's all that was.All this work, all this time.

Is that what it was?

Do you know that I broke,I broke my mom's VCR

because I kept on rewinding

and fast-forwarding"If You Had My Love."

-I was trying to learnthe lyrics, -Is that true?

and ev-- and then it's like,'cause you mess up the tape

-in the machine, so I'd go,-Right.

♪ If you had my... and then I'd go back,

BOTH:♪ And I gave you all my trust

♪ Would you comfort me?

And then I was trying to getthe moves.

♪ Call me baby.


-This was just a plot.-I'm flattered.

Not 'cause I'm a fan, I justwant the money for the VCR.

-That's what I'm saying.-Right, right, right, right.

-Thank you so much forbeing here. -Thank you.

-Thank you so much.-Thank you for having me.

And congratulationson season two of Shades of Blue.

-Yes. Thank you, thank you guys.-Congratulations.

I mean, it was weird for meto see you saying this,

but you genuinely seemed shockedat how successful it was.

-Why?-I don't know.

You know, I just--when I go into things,

and I'm creating them and we'reputting a project together,

I'm really doing itbecause I love it.

And the success of itis always kind of like

icing on the cake,'cause you never know,

you never know what peopleare gonna respond to.

You hope and you put your eggsin a certain basket,

and you go for it,but you just never know.

So whenever it is, I am always,like, pleasantly surprised.

I'm like, "Yes! Oh, wow.This is happening."

You have every right to besurprised, because, I mean,

-uh, you know, Shades of Blue is fantastic. -Thank you.

-Thank you. -It is doing welland, uh, your character...

You know what I loveis that you change your hair

-for your character,because otherwise -I did.

-I'd be like,"It's J.Lo." -I know. I know.

I'd be like, "It's J.Lo.That's not a policewoman,

-that's J.Lo."-I know, right.

And I was super consciousof that. Like, I really,

when I thought about Harlee,I thought, "Okay, Harlee Santos,

you know, New York cop.Like, if I grew up and I was..."

'Cause I grew up in New York,so I-I have a feel

for what that is, obviously.

-(cheering, applause)-Yes.

But I thought, like, what if Iwould've taken a different path?

How would I be, what would myhair be like, what would...

how would I dress,how would she feel? And also,

being this type of personthat she is, and, uh,

with the background that shehas, and-and I just, you know,

it was a whole different thing,you know? 'Cause if you

go back to the neighborhood now,you know, I don't-I don't

quite fit in. You know,maybe with this dress and stuff,

-you know what I mean?So I was... -Well, I-I think

it's also 'cause of thebodyguards and the motorcade.

-I mean... -Also... also too...too much of a...

-That's sort of what gives youaway. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Too many people. But, uh...Yeah, so I wanted,

really, to create a differentcharacter for her.

-And you really have created adifferent character. -Thank you.

It's-it's an intriguing story.I mean... You know what I-I love

is the title really doessum it up: it's shades of blue.

Because it's... it's a storyabout police trying

-to do the right thing.-Yeah.

And in so many ways...And, obviously, it's a...

-it's a scandalous exaggeration,but you see police -Yes.

grappling with the human side ofwhat they're trying to do right

and how they're doing it wrong.I mean, your character,

I remember, the last episodeI saw was, she killed her ex,

uh, and smashed his teeth witha hammer. Little bit extreme.

-Oh, yeah.-A breakup would've worked.

-Yeah.-Like, that was...

-He was-he wasn't that typeof guy. You had to... -I-I...

-Yeah, I was still... -You gotto take the hammer to him.

-You could have gone with a textand an emoji. -Okay!

-Text and emoji would haveworked as well. -Text and emoji.

But the, like, your-your bossis like... Ray Liotta

-is just like... that''s an insane -No...

-combination to have.He's like... He's... -His...

-his whole character--he goes so far. -Yes.

And I think, you know,Harlee's thing is, like,

she's always trying to ridethe line of, like, what's right.

And he-he'svery black and white.

He's like, "Listen,if it's about survival, it's...

if it's us or them, it's us."You know what I mean?

And that's his character.Like... it's that much.

But she struggles. She struggles'cause she's a good person,

she's a single mom, she's tryingto raise her daughter,

she wants to be therefor her daughter.

She wants the ex out of her life

because he is abusive,and he has abused her,

and she's afraid of what,you know,

her daughter's relationshipis gonna be.

So, it's complicated,

but she's always tryingto do the right thing.

And I think it's...At the end of the day,

the series is reallyabout people.

It's about being human and howwe try to do the right things,

but sometimes we mess it up,we make bad decisions.

-(laughter) -I feel like...-And it happens.

-I feel like you have...-And then we try to do...

you know, make it better, andthen we make more bad decisions.

And then, it's likea slippery slope, and...

I feel like you have nevermade a bad decision in your...

-Ha!-No, I look...

-I look at... No. -Is this a...?That is so sarcastic.

-(laughter) -I look at J.Lo.-That is so messed up.

We don't do sarcasm.

-We don't do sarcasm at all.-I am gonna...

-No, of course not.-We don't do sarcasm at all.

We don't.Sarcasm is not allowed.

Uh, we don't. We... No, no, no,because I go, "Look at..."

This is the big jokeof the show. Okay, good.

No. Look at everything you havedone. Genuinely. Genuinely.

A lot of people knowJ.Lo, the face.

They go, "J.Lo, okay,we know you as a judge

-on a singing competition,and so on." -Yes, yes.

But J.Lo has becomemore than that.

J.Lo is an empire now,J.Lo is a mogul.

-You have gone and becomeso much more. -Thank you.

-(applause and cheering)-You know, it's the perfumes.

It's executive producingthe TV shows.

Do you ever look in the mirrorsometimes,

just stop and be like,"Damn, girl!"?

Dude, I... honestly, I havethat moment all the time.

-I'm glad. -'Cause I'm sucha Bronx girl,

-and my family's so Bronx.-(applause and cheering)

I'm serious. That, like,I'll stand in the middle

of my living roomand be like,

"This is crazy."

-That's amazing.-You know what I mean?

Like, honestly, like, I getgoose bumps thinking about it.

I'm... It never, you know,escapes me

how fortunate I've beenand how, you know,

I've been doing thisfor so long,

and I keep evolving, and newthings keep happening, and I...

and somehow I keep findinga way to do what I love.

It's-it's...I feel really blessed.

Are you stillJenny from the block, though?

'Cause, I mean, we say that,and everyone I've met,

everyone goes, "Jennifer Lopez,nicest person I..."

And you genuinely are oneof the most people ever.

-Thank you. -But, like, are youstill Jenny from the block?

Like, do you still rollwith New York?

Do you still, like,know New York?

Well, I come here a lot,and, you know, now that

I do the show,I spend more time here.

I spend, like, five, six monthsout of the year here,

which I haven't done in years.

But I mean, like, do you stillknow the subway?

-Like, for instance, do you...?-Yeah, I know... I'm okay.

Do you even know, like,how much a subway ticket costs?


-Okay?-MAN: All right.

Well, listen,I started riding the subway

when it was 50 cents, okay?

I remember 50.I remember when it went to 75.

Maybe the last timeit was, like...


But now it's more, I'm sure.


-That's ... crazy.-(laughter) -$2.75.

-This... We haveto protest this. -$2.75.

-This is not...-J.Lo, $2.75.

-$2.75? -You're a dollar removedfrom your fans, J.Lo!

-I know. -You are a dollarremoved from your fans!

-(applause)-Oh, my God.

-Oh, I'll-I'll give you...-When... when did this happen?

This is terrible!

When you were making money,J.Lo, that's when it happened.

-When I was taking cars.-When you were making money!

Okay, I'll give youanother chance, then.

-Oh, no.-Um... No, I mean, you...

-No, come on, all right.-you had your album

-Let's do it.-on the 6.

Do you still remem...What is, uh...

-You rode the 6, yes?-Yes, I did.

-What is... Okay, what is...-Many times. For years.

what is the last stopon the 6 train?

-(audience oh'ing)-Come on, this is easy.

It was the Brooklyn Bridge.

-WOMAN: Pelham Bay!-Brooklyn Bridge.

No, it depends. No,Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan,

and Pelham Bay in-in...on my side, in the Bronx.

-(cheering, applause)-You got real there.

-You were like: Hey,-Yeah. I was like, wait.

on my side in the Bronx,don't mess with me.

Yes. I got off at Castle Hill.

Yeah, it,you know, I know the...

I know it. I know this.

I named my first albumon the 6.

-I'm not judging you at all.-You can't mess with me.

All right, I'm gonna let...I'm gonna let you go,

-but I'm gonna ask you a toughquestion. -Okay. Oh, God.

'Cause we ask hard-hittingquestions on this show.

Really political.I-I want to know, genuinely...

did you get with Drakebecause you didn't know me yet?

(laughter, cheering, applause)

First of all... first of all...

let me... let me clear this up.

I am not with Drake, okay?

-(audience aw-ing)-I'm not with...



-Carry on. I was just tryingto be balanced, -Yes.

-Right. But...-but carry on.

maybe that's it,that's all I need to say.

That's all you need to say.That is all you need to say.

-Thank you so muchfor being here. -It was so nice.

Wonderful having you.Please join us again.

Shades of Blue airs Sundaysat 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

-(cheering, applause)-Jennifer Lopez, everybody.

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