John Della Volpe - Polling the Millennial Electorate

October 26, 2016 - John Della Volpe & Phil Collins 10/26/2016 Views: 4,773

SocialSphere CEO John Della Volpe shares the results of his extensive polling of millennial voters in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. (4:06)

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Please welcome John Della Volpe.

-(cheering, applause)-Thank you.

Thank you so much. Thank you.


you are an expert in pollingmillennials. That is...

Only let me focuson 18 to 29-year-olds.

-Nothing, nothing...-That is all you have to do?

That's all I focus on, yeah.

Let's-let's go into, um,one of the first surveys

that you conducted,which is really interesting.

In a survey, you asked18 to 29-year-olds, uh,

"Overall, would you say

"you are more hopeful

or more fearfulabout the future of America?"

All right? And now, 51% of themsaid that they were fearful.

20% of them saidthat they were hopeful.

And then you asked them why,

and here are a fewof the answers.

Someone said, that,um, this country...

This is country is...feared? Feared?

-Different "F" word.-Is that what that is?

-Different one. -Oh, (bleep).That's what that is.

All right, cool. Someone said,"Because it seems like

"everything is going to crapfor my generation.

"Crappy jobs... and ourpoliticians care more

about themselves than doing theright thing for all Americans."

This is whatactual millennials are saying.

So many young peoplewere-were brought up to believe

that if they worked hard,if they played by the rules,

-there was boundlessopportunity. -Yeah.

And for too many young people,that's just not the case.

We know. The system is riggedin their eyes,

and for good reason, frankly.

Well, let's talkabout the system being rigged.

Donald Trump has obviouslybrought that to the fore.

And there's beenmany conversations

about what "rigged" means.

I mean, when Bernie Sanderswas running,

he was talkingabout a different thing.

He was saying that dream seemsmore and more unattainable.

-Right. -Right?It's harder to get there.

But Donald Trump is sayingit is being manipulated,

it is being rigged,and you, as pollsters,

are part of the problem.

You guys arerigging the election.

First question is why?

Second question is how?

It's... This is, I think,the most dang...

one of the most dangerouswhite collar jobs in America--

being a pollster. It's tough.

I don't know if I could riga poll even if I wanted to.

But polling hasa very, very important role,

I think, in our democracy to,you know, to give voice to...

to give voice to individuals.

To understand thatthere is real fear in America,

and for our elected officialsto understand that,

and try to solve for that.

Now... But now, when you say...

-So you say,you can't rig a poll. -Well...

Why-why is it hard...

Okay, so you can. So you can.

But now let meask you this. Why...

Let me ask you this, then,honestly.

Why would you rig a poll, andthen, why don't you rig polls?

There would be no reasonfor a professional pollster

to ever rig a poll.

We get paid based on the numberof polls that we take.

-If we conduct a pollthat's bad... -Yeah.

...that's not reflectiveof the electorate,

we don't get called back.

So there is no incentivein any way, shape or form

-for professional pollstersto... -So you're essentially

rewarded for getting it right?

-Ab... Can you imagine that?Yes. Yes. Right? -

That is a new thing.Let's move on.

There's, um,there's another one.

What does he poll with,let's say, with white people,

what does Donald Trumppoll with?

-So, uh, with white people...-Young, white millennials.

Yeah. When I look at the-theDemocrat versus Republican,

or Hillary versus Trump,

Hillary's actually winningthat white vote by eight points.

-Okay. -Much better than Obamadid, actually, four years ago.

Okay. And then with, um,let's say Hispanic voters.

-Yeah. I think Hillary's up45 points with Hispanics. -Wow.

So, uh, again, um,getting to where Obama was,

but not quite there yet.

Okay, and then with blackvoters, how is Trump doing?

Uh, he's downby about 85 points.

-Plus or minus.-Down... down by 85?

-Yeah. It's, uh,, it's uh...-So what does...

'Cause you've gotundecided, as well,

so what does that leave him?

Let me do the math for you:It's 85% Clinton.


Zero percent Trump.


(cheering, applause)



2,150 interviews,13% of those interviews

with youngAfrican-American blacks,

not one single person saidthey were voting for Trump.

I mean, Mitt Romneydid better four years ago.

That is the ultimate levelof-of whiteness,

-Mitt Romney getting blackpeople and then... -(laughter)

Thank you very muchfor being here, man.

Really fascinating.I hope to see you again.

Thank you so much, John.John Della Volpe, everyone.

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