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March 7, 2017 - Judd Apatow 03/07/2017 Views: 9,377

"Love" creator Judd Apatow discusses his daughter's binge-watching habits and weighs in on the criticism that he always pairs attractive women with geeky guys. (7:00)

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Please welcome Judd Apatow.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-Thank you, sir.-Yes.

-Welcome to the show. -Thankyou. It's great to be here.

Good to see you again, man.

How has life been treating you--well, apparently?

There's no problems at all inthe world. I'm enjoying it all.

-None at all. -I was thinkingof moving to South Africa.

-Oh, yeah, you were?-Yeah, where...

-where should I move? -Well,you... you should, we should.

-Which section?-Oh, we-we have a lot of fun.

It's totally differentfrom America. Like, our...

Although our presidentis involved in, like, corruption

and his family makes moneyfrom the country

and, uh, he had, like, sexualassault charges against him,

and... But, uh, yeah,totally different.

-Yeah. Okay. -You should comevisit some time.

I will, I will.

-Um, Let's talk about the show.-Yes. Yes.

Love. Co-created the series.

Uh, you are makinga lot of shows right now,

and they're allvery funny shows,

working witha lot of young people.

What is Love about,in a nutshell?

Well, Love, uh...

You have you guys seen Love? People seen it?

(cheering, applause)

'Cause there's no ratings.

Netflix doesn't tell youif anyone's watching.

Don't you think that's better?

Uh, I-I... On one level I likeit, 'cause I'm not nervous.

On another level it's weirdI have to ask audiences.

So, in my head, I think,"Oh, we're as big

as, like, the last episodeof M*AáS*H."

So, wait, you just walk aroundasking everyone, like,

-"Hey do watch... Do you...are you watching Love? -Exactly.

Are you... I just picture you,like, asking every...

-"Are you watching Love? Are youwatching Love?" -Exactly.

-People are watching Love. -But I... You know,

-it's a romantic comedy,and people binge it. -Yes.

Which is weird, because,you know, when I make a movie,

people get mad if it's long.Like, I... If I make a movie

that's, like, two hours andthree minutes, people freak out.

They're like, "This is 40...

minutes too long."

But then they'll watch, like,

11 hours of Young Pope in a row.

-Yeah. -You know why,it's because, as people,

we believe that, like...'Cause you give us the choice.

-Like, if you gave usyour movies in snippets, -Yes.

we'd watch the full thingand not complain.

Well, people want to pee.They want to pee.

-People want to pee.-They want to, like,

watch two episodes, pee, three,

have sex with their wife,two more, watch a Breaking Bad,

then go back to you.

My daughter is a crazy binger,but she binges shows

that aren't, like, six episodes.

She'll binge a showthat was, like, 11 years.

And then she won't watchany show but that show

till she finishes the binge.

She's like, "I thinkI'm gonna binge Grey's Anatomy.

-And then... -And then, like,from beginning to end?

Yeah. And so, like, for fourmonths it's just, like,

people dying on Grey's Anatomy.

Is this-is this whatlife is like inside, like,

a comedian's household?I feel like everyone is just

-telling jokes all the time.-Uh, no. My-my daughter

doesn't thinkanything I say is funny.

If I try any joke on her, she'slike, "Are you gonna do that?

Don't say that."And then she gets mad at me.

She's like, "Dad, all thosethings that you think are funny

aren't funny,so can you not say them?"

-That's what makesa good comedian, man. -Exactly.

You need family memberslike that to-to rein you in.

-Exactly.-Yeah, that's what that is.

Uh, in the-in the series Love, you know, it's-it's about

a young couple who's, you know,struggling to make things work.

Uh, one of them works in radio,

the other personworks as a tutor.

Um, what I found interesting,uh, again in Love,

and this is something somepeople criticize you for,

is they go, "Why do youalways have geeky guys

-getting beautiful women?"-Yeah.

-People are like, "That's notrealistic Judd." -Yeah.

-Like, why... why do youalways do that? -Yeah.

Well, my wife married me,so it happened once.

I feel like we got one,and, uh...

I feel like all womenare kind of pretty

and all guys are kind of ugly.

You know, like,if I look at your crowd...

(cheering, applause)

I mean, that makes sense.You... I-I remember the...

I remember the biggest...the biggest backlash

was, um, from, like, it wasSeth Rogen and Katherine Heigl.

-Yes, in Knocked up. -And then people were like,

"Oh, why would... why would SethRogen be with Katherine Heigl?"

-Was that realistic to you?-Yeah. Oh, my God,

Seth would get mad at me.He'd be like,

"Oh, yeah, it's so unrealistic

"that Heigl would go out with me

that you couldmake a movie out of it."

That's a pretty goodSeth Rogen, by the...

That's a pretty good Seth Rogen.

Um, uh, le-let's talk aboutwhat's going on now,

-because, uh, in between makingfilms and TV shows, -Yes.

you're alsoa stand-up comedian.

I don't know where you find thetime to be doing this stuff,

but you do it nonetheless.

Um, with everythingthat you are seeing right now,

like, what is...what is the craziest part?

'Cause everyoneI talk to goes like,

"This is what I think thecraziest part about Trump is."

-Yeah. -Do you have, like,a unique thing that you look at

where you go, this it for me?

Well, the thingthat I think is weirdest

is that Republicans have triedto convince people

that rich people want peoplewho aren't rich to be rich.

I don't think rich peoplewant other people to be rich.

I think they want to bethe only rich people.

I mean, it's not funif everybody's rich.

It's likeif you have a big (bleep).

You don't walk around going,

"God, I wish everybody hada big (bleep) like this.

-Then world would be better,you know?" -(laughter)

You want everyone to havea small one so you're the king.


If everyone had a big one,they'd all the same size.

Then it wouldn't even be big.It would be regular.


I just pictured now,Republicans in Congress, like,

writing bills and using that

-as an analogy 'causethey would. -Yes. Exactly.

"We just want Americansto have a big (bleep).

Every single American out thereto have a big (bleep)."

It's kind of like the liethat rich people...

Like, "Give us more money,and we'll create jobs."

But rich people don't wantto create jobs.

I have eight employees.

-I wish it could be oneweird dude, okay? -(laughter)

No one wants to create jobs.

People want robots, right,because, like,

-he'll work 24 hours a day.-Yeah.

-You can sexually harass them.-Yeah, 'cause...

-You can grab their robot pussyif you want to. -For now.

-For now.-For now?

-Robot rights are coming up.-Yes, that's true.

For now, yeah, you can do that.You can do that for now.

-So I mean... -You can have sexwith your robot.

So, okay,let me ask you this then.

As a rich person, though--

'cause you have madea lot of money--

like, shouldn't you be a Republican, though?

Wouldn't you wantyour taxes cut?

'Cause you want more moneyso you can buy things.

I don't thinkthere's anything to buy.

I feel likeonce you, like, a house,

and you can payfor your kids to go to school,

there's nothing really to get.

Like,when I first made some money

from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, I leased a Porsche.

It was a three-year lease,and I got it.

And I'm like,"Oh, I deserve a Porsche.

-I make people happy. Mm."-(laughter)

And I took it on the road,and it drove like crap

-unless you're driving145 miles an hour. -Yes.

So I got scared of it

and left it in the drivewayfor three years,

'cause I realized thatmoney doesn't make you happy.

It's free thingsthat make you happy.

Things that are freemake you happy.

Like, you ever been drivingand someone, like,

is right up on your buttand tailgating you,

-so you slow down...-(laughter)

...you kind of block them inso they can't get by you?

That was betterthan having the Porsche.

-(laughter, applause)-Yeah.

-That and a big (bleep).-(applause and cheering)

Season two of Love premiereson March 10 on Netflix.

Judd will also be performinglive in Nashville

at the Wild West Comedy FestivalApril 21.

Judd Apatow, everybody!

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