Julia Stiles - Getting Dangerously Into Character for "Jason Bourne"

July 7, 2016 - Julia Stiles 07/07/2016 Views: 35,718

Julia Stiles discusses the motorcycle accident she was in during the filming of "Jason Bourne" and demonstrates the language skills she picked up for the movie. (6:25)

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Please welcome Julia Stiles!

(cheering and applause)

Welcome, welcome.

Welcome to the show.

So happy to be here.

I'm-I'm such a huge fan.

I mean, everythingfrom-from you in Dexter

to Save... you know, Save the Last Dance.

I mean, I am just, like...

By the way, when are you goingto make another movie

that brings blackand white America together?

-America needs you right now,Julia Stiles. -Oh, wow.

-We need another dancing movie.-Oh.

Uh, do you... A dancing m...

We need a lot morethan a dancing movie.

-That's so true. It really is.-Um, I'm, uh, truly,

like, astonished. Um, I can't...

I'm not gonna say anything new,but I can't not-not address

what has happened today.Um, I...

(sighs)I just don't understand

how many more people--husbands and fathers and sons--

have to diebefore something changes.

And I agree with you,the change has to be systemic.

It has to be withinthe police department protocol,

and, um,training has to be different.

And I understandthat police officers

havean incredibly dangerous job.

-Definitely, yeah.-But, still, it's too much.

It's been too muchfor many years.

It's been too much for decades.

And if-if that doesn't change

within the police department,

they're... citizensare going to lose respect

for the authority of the police

and violence will continue,period.

I mean,how many people have to say it?

-Yeah. Lead by example.-(cheering and applause)


Thank you. Um...

-Whew.-I'm-I'm sorry that you...

you know,you have to come on, like...

I-I was just...

I mean, you can imagine,a few days ago,

-I was just going,"Jason Bourne movie!" -I know.

Anyway, that is...that is why you're here.

It is... it isa really exciting movie. I...

This is one of the few moviesthat I didn't watch.

'Cause normally they senda DVD or a link to the show

that you can watchand then you get to watch it,

but, like, it's, like,on a tiny computer screen.

I was like, "No, I'm goingto the cinema for this movie."

-Are you as excited as I am?-"The theater."

I'm going to the theaterto watch this film.

It is...it's a really exciting movie.

-Are you as excited as I am?-I'm excited.

I haven't seen it yet.I'm like you.

-You have not? -I'm waiting...I'm waiting to see it

-with a... with an actualaudience. -Oh, I've got...

-I've got a clip. I've gota clip. -No, we can watch it

-on your iPhone. -Let's watchthe clip. Let's watch the clip.

We got a clip.

(indistinct shouting)



(engine revving)

(motorcycle engine revving)

(horn honking)


(tires screech)

(tires screech)

(horn honks)

I'm assumingthat was a love scene.

(cheering and applause)

That is... that is exciting.

You... A-a lot of peopledon't know this.

I was reading upthat you-you actually got hit

by a motorcyclefilming this movie.

Well, not because of the movie.It was...

it was in my downtime. Um...

That's how dangerousyour downtime is.

You're just like,"I'm gonna get hit..."

Was that getting into the role?Was that what it was?

No, it wasn't on purpose.I, uh...

I-I was in London,

going to sh... to do some...to-to shoot,

and, uh,I had the-the night off.

I went to go see a play,and I was walking...

-You know the London trafficis crazy. -Yes, yes.

But I was lookingin the right direction.

Well, the wrong direction,you mean.

Oh, come on.

Well, I... you never know,you never know.

But, yes, okay, you're lookingin the right direction.

-Uh, meaning I wasn't beinga bad pedestrian. -Yes.

And I woke up going,

"Why am I lying in the middleof the road?"

-Oh, it was that hard?-Yeah.

So I-I actually have no ideawhat happened.

I to... I had a concussion. I,luckily, didn't break anything.

I hit my headand had a big bump.

It was crazy.And-and also weird

that it was a motorcyclewhile I was shooting this movie.

But it was not a stunt.It was for real... life... time.

Was-was... 'Cause you wake up,is there a moment

where you're going,"Am I in the movie now?

-Is there... is there, like,a split second... -Right. Right.

-That's... Wow, that's... -Ilove how I'm telling the story

and it's like I'm proud of it,when...

but it was really scaryand-and, uh, nuts.

Well, you survived,and you're in an action movie.

I feel like it adds to theallure of everything. It does.

-Does it make me tougher?-It genuine... it genuine...

It's just like, everyonewho's in an action movie--

that's what you see.

People are in action movies,and you go,

did anything bad happen duringthe making of this action movie?

It makes us wantto go and watch the movie more.

Oh, okay. That's not whyI'm telling you this.

Did you have to do any scenesclose to that?

Did you have,like, the concussion

-and then have to go shoot?Yeah? -Well, so,

I had to work the next day,

and the paramedicswere saying to me...

First of all, I'm, like,sobbing, crying, freaked out,

'cause I was by myselfand in a foreign country.

Um, and the paramedics were,like,

"Do you wantto go to the hospital?"

And I was like,"I have to work tomorrow.

I can't go to the hospital."

And... which is so dumb.

Of coursethey gave me the day off.

-Geez, I don't knowwhat I was thinking. -Yeah.

If I was the paramedics,I would have been,

"It's Julia Stiles!Julia Stiles!"

-I would be a horribleparamedic. -(laughter)

Um, I really would be.

You learned a ton of languages,as well, for that.

I mean, you learned phrasesin different language, cause,

I mean, the Bourne moviestake place

almost everywhere in the world.

So you learned a bit of Spanish?

-I speak Spanish.-Oh, you speak Spanish already.

Español. Fluent. Sí.

-Oh. Oh, okay. -Me no habla.

-Um... and what elsedid you learn? -(laughter)

What else did you learnhow to speak?

But so, that's the only language

that I'm really comfortablespeaking,

but I know, like,random phrases.

Usually like,"Can I have a cup of coffee?"

Or, "Do you speak English?"kind...

In, uh, German...

(speaking German)

Why...? Yeah.

(speaking German rapidlyand fluently)

-Why do you as, "Do youspeak...?" -Oh, slow down.

-Oh. No, no.-(laughter)

Why do you ask, "Do you speakEnglish?" in another lang...?

-Why not just ask it in English?-'Cause that's obnoxious.

-I think if you're in someoneelse's country... -No, but if

you say to somebody...You go, "Do you speak English?,"

and then if they just lookat you,

you're like,"I guess that's a no."

-(laughter)-I... There's like a strange...

You're very nice.I like that about you.

I think that's rude.I think that's rude.

If you're in someone else'scountry,

you should at least try.

I'm gonna go with,"Do you speak English?"

-(laughter) -We're just gonnahave to disagree.

-We're gonna agree to disagree.-Okay, that's fine.

-Thank you so much for beinghere. Thank you. -Thank you.

It's gonna be a fun movie.I'm excited.

I hope you're gonnawatch it, as well.

One of my favorite people--Julia Stiles, everybody.

Jason Bourne is in theatersFriday, July 29.

Julia Stiles, people!We'll be right back!

(cheers and applause)

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