Katy Tur - Trailing President Trump's Road to the White House

April 27, 2017 - Katy Tur 04/27/2017 Views: 10,902

NBC News's Katy Tur discusses her Walter Cronkite Award-winning coverage of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and weighs in on why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. (5:31)

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Please welcome Katy Tur!

(cheers and applause)

-Welcome to the show, Katy.-Thanks for having me.

First and foremost,congratulations

on being awardedthe Cronkite Award

for reportingon the Trump campaign.

-Congratulations.-(cheers and applause)

Thank you.

When you look backon your reporting

during the Trump campaign,do you think

we're in an agewhere information

in and aroundwhat Trump is doing

actually dissuades votersfrom making a decision

that would positively impactDonald Trump?

I think that Donald Trump votersare not going to be dissuaded

by somebodyin the very fake news media.

-(laughter)-Wow. Wow.

No, well, listen,I think that...

I think that... Ugh.

-It's just a hard question.-Yeah.

Because you would...I would go out, and I would talk

to Trump supporterson the campaign trail,

and I would lay out someof the inconsistencies, um,

of his rhetoricand his promises,

and I would ask them about

some of the more controversialthings that he said,

and either they wouldn't hearabout the controversies,

-or they'd brush 'em off.-Right.

Or they just devoted...

They just gave himso much more credit

than they would have givento another politician,

and they believedin him in a way

that they didn't believe inanyone else, and the policies.

So when you said,"Oh, well, he's inconsistent,"

they said...and they would just... tell me

that they were...they were okay with it,

because they figured,when he got there,

he would makethe best decision possible

for that moment in time,

and they would allow himto do whatever he wanted.

That is sucha strange concept to me.

I mean, you gotto see it firsthand,

'cause a lot of peoplewere watching the campaign

from the outside.

When you were watching itfrom the inside,

did you get an inkling?

Did you go, "Oh, I thinkthis guy could win?"


A lot. Often.All the time.

-Wow. That definite?-No. No, seriously.

Well, the first momentthat I really thought

he could win waswhen he wasn't, um...

his poll numbers didn't tank,

-and he was fine after goingafter John McCain. -Right.

Usually, it's a sacred thing--American military service.

-Yes.-Especially being a P.O.W.

You don't go aftersomebody in the military,

you don't denigratetheir service.

And he did,and his poll numbers went up.

And I thought, this guyis not abiding by the laws

of political gravity.

-(laughter)-Maybe not gravity, period.

Um, but no, many times.

Because, you know,we would see people,

and they would wait for hoursin the cold, and they would...

There are storiesthat I don't think are proper

and appropriate to tell on TV,

but you can read about themin my book. Um...

-(laughter) -Very nicely played.-Terrible, terrible.

Let's, uh, let's-let's talkabout the intimate relationship

that you've hadwith the presidency.

Because I rememberwatching rallies,

and he used to point you outfrom the crowd.

-Yeah. -He'd be like,"We got to... The fake news..."

Like, "Hey, Katy, hey, Katy."

That must have beena little strange

to have President Trumpnot only--

I mean, he wasn't presidentthen, but I mean,

to have him saying thatand calling you out.

I think I got used to it,because...

the very first timeI went to a Trump rally,

or any sort of Trump event--I didn't know him at all,

at all, I'd never met himin my life--

he called me out.

-So he startedthe whole campaign -Wow.

by calling me out, so it wasn'tso unusual by the end.

That's a really interestingplace to be in.

Let's move forward nowto the hundred days

that is rapidly approaching.


by your argumentand by your logic,

which makes a lot of sense,

a hundred daysdoesn't mean anything

in the normal way that it does.

Trump supporters are at what,90-odd percent?

Yeah, the latest NBC Newsand Wall Street Journal poll

says something like 90%of Trump supporters--

the ones who voted for him-- arehappy with how things are going.

So does the hundred daysmean anything to them

-if he doesn't really doanything? -Well, no, it doesn't.

It's an artificial construct.

And Donald Trump would bethe first one to point that out,

but then also say that he'sdone more than anybody else.

-(laughter)-Um, but his supporters...

his supporters, uh,don't-don't give him...

they're not gonna grade himon a hundred days.

They're gonna grade himon a thousand days,

on, uh, on as long as it takesfor him to deliver

on his promiseof jobs, jobs, jobs.

If there's one thingthat may, um...

the only thingthat may actually matter

is whether or nothe creates jobs.

And I'm hesitant to saythat even matters,

because he can createthe illusion of creating jobs.

Which is kind of howhe's operated so far

-with his executive orders.-In what way? In what way?

Well, he rolled back regulationson the coal industry.

Is that gonna createa number of...

thousands of coal industry jobs?Probably not.

The coal industry is-is...is not doing well

not because there areregulations

-but because automation,and because... -Yes.

and new alternate sourcesof energy.

I mean, it's not necessarilybecause the industry

was just overregulated.

So he is able to go out and hesigns those executive orders.

You guys have all seen it,'cause I know you watch MSNBC

-(laughter)-in the middle of the day,

-um, when he doesthat exact thing. -Yep.

And it makes it look likehe is doing quite a bit.

-Yes. -It's a flurry of... of,um, activity at the White House

and in the Oval Officeevery day.

If you said to a Democrat,

hey, this is how you were goingto try and tackle Donald Trump

in the upcoming election,if his fans won't sway,

then what is anythingthat'll affect Donald Trump?

I think the way that you...you differentiate yourself

and the waythat you gain support

is the way that anybodyshould gain support,

which is, "Here are my ideas,

-Right. -"here is what I think we should do,

here is how I will bring back jobs,"

-Right. -not, "This iswhy this other guy is awful."

So don't, uh, hate the player,hate the game.


Katy, I hope you join us again.

Thank you so muchfor being on the show.

Be sure to watch Katy anchorthe 2:00 p.m. hour

of MSNBC Live, weekdays.

Katy Tur, everybody.

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