Kerry Washington - Being in Charge (and Being a Mess) on "Scandal"

May 18, 2017 - Kerry Washington 05/18/2017 Views: 17,719

Kerry Washington discusses her final season as Olivia Pope on "Scandal" and weighs in on how the dramatized political series stacks up to the Trump administration's headlines. (4:18)

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Please welcome Kerry Washington.

-♪ -(cheering and applause)



I feel like you're comingto fix something.

Are you broken?

I... Everything is broken.

-Are you kidding me?-Everything is broken.

I watched that opening.I was like... (groans)

We need Olivia Pope.That's what we need.

-(cheering and applause) -Weneed Olivia Pope on our side.

You know what, I actually...So, I woke up the morning

after the electionand "Olivia Pope" was trending

because so many people weretweeting or writing on Facebook,

"Olivia Pope, fix this. Youhave to fix this, Olivia Pope."

And I have to tell you thatit actually made me very angry.

-Why? -I'm super happythat we're in the zeitgeist,

-that people are talkingabout us. -Yes.

But, you know,we are a democracy.

We area representational democracy,

and we got into this problembecause we thought a character

on televisioncould fix our problems.


And the-the people who haveto fix our problems are us.

-"We the People" means we haveto show up. -Right. Right.

-Half the country didn't vote.So we have to show up. -Right.

-(cheering and applause)-We have to participate.

I hear you there.Um, this is a...

this is a-a sad time for usbecause of the country

we're-we're experiencingright now

and also because we've nowfound out that the coming season

of Scandal is going to be theseventh and final-final season?

-It is.-How is that possible? -(awwing)

That's so sweet of everybodyto pretend you're mad.

-Um, no, it's...-No, we're sad.

It-it is. It's very... It'ssurreal for me, quite honestly,

because we've become sucha family.

The cast is such a family,and I feel like our gladiators,

-our audience, the peoplewho watch the show -Right.

are such gladiators.So I-I... It's hard.

It's hard. But I also...I think it's great,

'cause we get to knowwhen the show's ending.

We get to give it our allin the last season,

put it all out on the table,make it the best season ever.

-Um... yeah.-Do you... do you ever...

do you ever thinkthat maybe Scandal has

a hard act to follow withwhat's happening in real life?

-Yes. -'Cause I remember I usedto watch Scandal and I was like,

"This is so crazy.Imagine if this happened."

And now I'm like, "I needto watch Scandal to calm down.

-It's true. It's so...-"I just...

-it's so true. It's so true. -Ineed to watch it to calm down."

"Give me that romance show."Um, it's true. I...

We have... Our writershave really been challenged,

because it used to be impossibleto imagine the r...

I mean, the writers actuallywere going to end this season

with the Russians hackingthe election.

And they were like,"I guess we can't do that,

'cause that's a reality show."Um, so they've had to re...

completely restructurethe end of the show,

which is very cool now.Um, it's really good.

It's really good.I-I was actually thinking, like,

this comes on exactlyafter our two-hour finale ends.

So I know... My entire family,that's what they do

on Thursdays, like, in theBronx, in the Boogie Down Bronx.

-Anybody here from the Bronx?-(cheering)

They're all from the Bronx.

Um, but my entire family,

they always click straightfrom Scandal to your show.

-Oh. Thank you very much.That's exciting. -Yeah.

That's nice. They-theyprobably do the same thing.

They go like,"All right, that was calm.

-Now we can go into Trump news."Um... -Yeah.

-Big fans, big fans.-Wh-When you are...

-when you're working on theshow, you know, one thing -Yes.

I really loved about Scandal from the very beginning

was the positionthat you were in on the show.

Olivia was someone who waspowerful but still flawed.

It was a female characterwho managed-- I feel,

for myself-- to-to balancethe narrative of still being...

-Human. Yeah. Yes.-human and a woman

-whilst being powerfuland running (bleep). -Yeah.

Was-was that a journeythat you were proud to go on

-with the character? -Yeah, I'dnever seen a character like this

-on television beforefor a black woman. -Right.

And so it was really excitingto play somebody

that was so aspirational,such a role model

in terms of being,you know, an entrepreneur

and running (bleep) in D.C.and just being in charge

and yet a total messin her personal life--

you know, sleeping with otherpeople's husbands and stuff.

So that was great, 'cause I feellike I have a lot of friends

like that or I've hadthose moments in my life--

not sleeping with other people'shusbands-- but, like, you know,

where I feel like my own life,I can't get it together.

And, professionally, it seemslike you've got everything

-under control.We love the show. -I try.

-We love every single one of youon the show. -Thank you so much.

We're so happy for you.We're happy for the new baby.

-We're happy for everything thatyou're doing. -Oh, thank you.

We're excitedto see where you go from here.

We're your biggest fans.

-Thank you for being on theshow. -Thank you for having me.

-I'm such a fan. -Thank youso much for being on the show.

You can watch season sixof Scandal on

and the ABC app.Kerry Washington, everybody.

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