Lake Bell - Reassessing Marriage in "I Do...Until I Don't"

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Lake Bell explains why she no longer finds the institution of marriage archaic after writing, directing and starring in her film "I Do...Until I Don't." (4:51)

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Please welcome Lake Bell!

(cheers and applause)

-Hi. Thank you.-Welcome to the show.

-Well, thank you.-Wonderful to have you.

I feel likeI see you everywhere,

and I love you in everything.

You are what many peopleconsider a triple threat.

-You write, you direct,and you act. -Okay.

-Uh...-Well, yes, and now...

Yeah, one of the few who doesit, and you do it well.

-(cheers and applause)-I also... I create humans

-because I am a mom now, so I...-Oh. Congratulations!

-(applause and cheering)-Congratulations!

-Like this.-Let me... (laughs)

I just do this all the timeon set now.

I'm just like,"Uh-huh, mm-hmm, good."

-Without the baby, or with...?-Without the baby, yeah.

-Oh. Just like a...-Just like...

-It just looks like a dancemove. -It makes ever...

-Yeah. This is the baby.-That's what that looks like.

-Just looks like a dance move.I like that. -This is the baby.

Um, let's talkabout filmmaking.

-Yeah, let's talk about it.-When you are on set

as a writer, director,and as an actor,

like, how do you knowwhat hat to wear at what...?

Like, are you in a scene,and then be like,

"Cut. No, I'll do it better.Um..."?

-Yeah, yeah.-"Action.

-Actually, I'm gonnawrite that differently." -Yeah.

Or... Like, how do you knowwhen to turn it off

and when to turn it on?

It is a weird thing,especially 'cause this character

that I play is very sort of likemeek and apologetic

-and sort of lameand low status. -Right.

So that when I'm sort ofin the character,

and I'm like, "Oh, sorry."

And then I'll be like,"Cut. Okay, guys,

so what we want to do is..."

You know, it's like, it has...

-I have to, like, changemy voice and stuff. -Right.

And my body language andeverything, so it is strange.

-Just to set it upfor the people... -Okay.

Your character is makinga documentary, just...

-No, um, no, Dolly's character.-Yes. Dolly's...

It's like Dolly Wells... making a documentary...

-About three different couples.-...about... Right.

And, uh, I playthis sort of, like,

lame-o, um, uh, sweet womannamed Alice.

I'm married to Ed Helms.

And basically,Dolly is sort of like

this Puck-likerabble-rouser at the helm.

She's sort of a cynic.

You know, she's tryingdesperately to prove her thesis

that marriage should be nowa seven-year contract

with an option to renew,'cause after all,

we're living too long, you know?

And we shouldn't be"till death do us part."

I mean, what kind of...what kind of ask is that?

-Right.-You know? So... -(laughter)

-What's funny is, like, you...-Still cynical.

You have, uh... you shared a lotof those views, though.

-I did, yes. -Yeah. I see youhave a ring on your finger now.

I did it. I got betrothed.

-Um... -Yes, and, uh...-(cheering, applause)

-I did it. -And, like,I'm interested in that,

because you had a lot of views.

You used to be very outspoken,you'd be in YouTube,

you'd be like, "Marriage isan institution that's fake,

and we shouldn't be doing it,"it's not, like, it's outdated.

-It's archaic. -Why didyou think it was archaic?

I think it's archaic,'cause I think, I mean,

I was a child of divorce,sort of inside looking out,

I was like, this seemslike a doomed thing.

-Right. -Am I right?Like, you know, even as a kid,

I was like, this isnot working for anybody.

-Right. -So I think I came at itfrom a very cynical place,

but I even didn't see it,like, jaded,

I thought of myselfas almost like a realist.

-Right. -You know,like, just realistically,

this doesn't make any sense.

Um, but the moviekind of reflects what happened,

which was,while I was writing the movie,

I met my now-husband,uh, Scott Campbell,

who's, uh, really smokin' hot.

Um, and... so it was like,"I'm listening."

Uh, he's a, you know,Southern gentleman,

-Yes. -and it wasreally important to him.

So, he's actually--he's covered in tattoos--

but he's actually thetraditionalist in the family.

And that's really whatthis movie is about.

-Yeah. -It's-it's the movietalking through the ideas

and the concepts of marriage.

Something that many peopleare struggling...

struggling withall over the world.

People are like:Is this still something we need?

Sure, 'cause we're swipingand we're, you know, distracted,

and there's social mediaand there's just, like,

how do you stay focusedon one person?

As someone who's married now,do you think that marriage

should be, like, a renewablething where you get a contract

and you go, this is how longit is, and then it ends,

and you don't haveto get divorced

-and then you say,let's do it again? -No.

Here's my thing.I think that if you don't bail,

right, it's far braverto stick it out

and say, "You're gonnacall me out on my stuff,

"I'm gonna call you outon your stuff,

-and now we have to, like,grow together." -Right.

Right. So that, I think,is, like, the path to evolution.

I mean, not to gettoo heavy here, people.

-(laughter) -But, um...I believe in it, okay?

I'm putting my moneywhere my mouth is,

'cause when the goinggets rough,

I have to stick it in, yeah.

Um, but, uh, but yeah,I actually... I actually...

coming from a person who didnot believe in the institution,

I actually see it as the badass,brave way to go forth.

-I do. -So if someone... ifsomeone was watching this movie,

do you think they would havethe same experience you had

if they were a skeptic?

Would someone watch thiscoming in going like,

"I don't believe in marriageat all, I do until I don't,"

and then they watch thisand they come out like,

-"Yeah, I'm ready, let's puta ring on it." -I mean,

I'm hoping for some engagementsat the end of the...

You know, like, like,I'm hoping, like,

"Oh, yeah, I guess I'll go seethis movie with you, honey,"

and then, like,by the end, like...

"Let's do it."


-(applause, cheering)-♪ Da, da...

I think everyoneis gonna be doing that.

It's a really amazing film.

Thank you so muchfor joining us.

Thank you for doingeverything that you do.

Writer, director, actor.

I Do...Until I Don't is in theaters now.

Lake Bell, everybody!

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