LeBron James - Making Dreams Come True on "Cleveland Hustles"

August 17, 2016 - LeBron James 08/17/2016 Views: 13,168

NBA player LeBron James explains how he gives small business owners opportunities to strengthen his hometown community in the CNBC series "Cleveland Hustles." (3:21)

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We're here with LeBron James.

He's doing more in his communitythan just helping kids.

He's also, uh,executive producing

a new CNBC show called Cleveland Hustles.

The most powerful thingany city has is its people.

Our grit, our spirit, our determination.

When others say we can't, we do.

So I put together a new team,

giving Cleveland entrepreneurs

a chance to revitalize the neighborhood,

one small business at a time.

Together we'll rebuild.

Together we'll reinvent.

Together we'll hustle.

Dude, who are you?


Like here's my thing,here's my thing.

I saw you in Trainwreck, you were funny as (bleep).


And then you goand dunk on the court.

Now you're making t...

like... you're going afterMark Cuban as well.

Like, you're making TV shows,you're producing...

And this is a showspecifically about Cleveland

-and Cleveland is getting jobs,-Yes, yes.

-and hustling--small businesses. -Yes.

Like, how do you find the time,and why is this important?

I understand the kids, but,I mean, businesspeople?

Why is that important?

When I was a kid, I just hada... I had a passion about...

I just had so many ideasin my head.

And, um, you know, obviously,

one of the, uh,ideas that I had was like,

if I have an opportunity,

I want to be able to,um, you know,

create jobs for people.

Create an opportunity wherepeople can feel empowered,

but also, at the same time,just give, you know,

everything that is going onin my mind,

I want to try to putinto fruition.

And I've been fortunate enoughto-to start a company

with some really good people,and, uh, like you guys saw,

-Cleveland Hustle -Yeah, yeah.

comes out one week from now,

on CNBC, where we're givingfour, uh, people

the opportunity to start up...start up businesses

-from, you know, bagel stop,-Yeah.

or-or a beauty salon,or-or whatever the case may be.

We're giving peoplean opportunity to,

I guess, chase their dreams.

And I've been ableto chase mine, so

i want people to chase theirsas well.

You're also involvedwith Warner Brothers

-Yeah.-in-in making movies.

You have a production company.

You have one of the most popularshows on STARZ,

which is, uh, Survivor's Remorse.

-Yeah, thank you.-What is it, third season now?

Yeah, third season.

-Look at this, third season.-Third season. Third season.

-That's, uh...-(applause)

You are doing everything.

How do you find the time?

Um, I think when you'repassionate about something,

um, and when you have everythingin order and things in place,

-you have a greatsupporting cast, -Yeah.

you're able to find time forthings that you love to do.

And, um, you find timefor things that motivate you.

And I know that I'm notgoing to...

I know what my day job is.

My day job isthe game of basketball.

And I would never let anythingtake away from that,

as you guys saw this past June.

(applause, cheering)

I would never,I-I would never sacrifice that.

That is the home.

But at the same time,I have a lot of passion,

a lot of other things,and I've been fortunate enough

to work with some greatcompanies and some great minds,

and be able to bringthese things to life.

You brought it all to life.

I can tell you this as someonewho has watched you

from all over the world,not just from the U.S.,

you-you brought the world tolife with what you've done, man.

-We admire you;-Wow. Wow. That's unbelievable.

We see everything you're doing,

the communities love you,the world loves you.

You're a superstarin every right.

Thank you so much for being herewith us.

Wow, wow, thanks, Trevor,appreciate it.

LeBron James.

Cleveland Hustles premieres August 24,

on 10:00 p.m., on CNBC.

LeBron James, everybody.

(cheers and applause)

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