Mark Duplass - Improvising Meaningful Moments in "Blue Jay"

October 5, 2016 - Mark Duplass 10/05/2016 Views: 14,702

Mark Duplass chats about working alongside Sarah Paulson in his film "Blue Jay" and explains why he's more content making indie movies than blockbusters. (4:59)

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Please welcome Mark Duplass!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

(whooping, applause)

You're all cheeringlike you know who I am.

-(laughter)-So... exciting.

I-I feel like you can't makethat joke much longer.

-Really?-I really do.

-You have a lot of fans.-My (bleep) is blown up?

Yeah, you know, like,you have that stage,

everyone has that stagein their career

-where they'reon the tipping point. -Mm-hmm.

Like, you know, you go, like,"I have these jokes

about how no one knows me."

-And then you start gettingfamous. -It's called...

it's called false humility.

-Ah. That's what it is.-That's what it's called.

I'm trying to ride it.How am I doing, guys?

-And yet you can't... -Canyou tell that I'm totally cocky?

No, you-you really areone of the most, uh,

humble guys I've come across,and, uh, really,

you don't have to be,because, I mean,

look at your...look at your career. Just...

Congratulations, youjust signed a four-movie deal

-with Netflix? So, uh, yeah,congratulations. -I did.

(cheering, applause)



Not the most impressive thing--I have an unlimited deal

-with Netflix, but, um...-You do?!

Don't want to brag. I don'tknow what plan you're on.

Uh... No, but welcome...welcome to the show.

-Thanks, man. -You-you area really talented guy.

Uh, amazing filmthat you've made as well.

I-I was shocked to find out...I watched the movie first,

did not knowwhat the movie was based on

and then found out afterwardsthat it was all improvised.

Yeah. So, yeah, it's,uh, the movie Blue Jay

is, uh, it's a simple story.It stars me and Sarah Paulson.

Um, that's where you guys gocrazy, 'cause she's so awesome.

-Um...-(cheering, applause)

They did it.

This... These are great...great people.

-They're incre... they'reincredible. -They're wonderful.

Um... And we play,uh, these two, uh,

sort of ex-high school lovebirdswho meet up by accident

in their, uh, hometown grocerystore about 20 years later

and spend the day together.And, um, I'm a big crier,

just in general, and I wanted

to make a-a bigcrying movie, you know?

That's-that's a... that'sa stage that you have to get to

in your life, to realizethat you're a crier.

-Yeah, I'm-I'm... -No, like,like, as men, I feel like...

-'Cause, as boys,we go, like, "I cry." -Yeah.

Then someone comes alongand goes, "Men don't cry."

-And then...-We don't cry. That's, like...

-that's, like, eight, now.We do that at eight. -Yeah.

-That's at the age of eight.Oh, it happened... -Yeah.

-at five for me, five for me.-25?

-Five. Five.-25. Yeah.

And then they go,"No, men don't cry."

And then you stop cry...But then you hold it all in.

And then you get to a certainage where, then, you go, like,

"Oh, I can-I can..."And then you...

Yeah, my-my feeling is if you keep the tears in

-it makes cancer.-Oh.

And you-and don't want to do that,

which is why I reallylike to cry a lot.

I'm-I'm a... I'm kind ofa professional at it.

I have lots of strategiesabout how to cry.

Sometimes it's easier to crywhen you're sick.

What kind of moviesyou should watch

when you really want a big cryversus an ugly cry

versus justa little squeaker cry.

Wait, so are you-are you...Do you do real cry in the...

fake movie or do you do,like, fake cry in the movie,

or do you...?Like, which cry do you go with?

Um... my brother and I--my brother's

on the show Transparent-- he's also an excellent crier.

-(cheering and applause)-Um...

Goddamn, you...You guys are so good.

Um, so when I wrote this movie,I was like,

"Normally I have to stop myselffrom crying in these scenes,

"so why don't I just writesome crying scenes for myself

and do what I do well?" Soit comes pretty naturally to me.

You-you did a... you dida great job of it as well.

It's some phenomenal acting. Youdon't feel like it's improvised

at all, uh, even though it is.

Uh, which, I mean,as a moviegoer, I'm like,

"Can I improvisehow much I pay for the..."

But, anyway,um, you-you have a career

that a lot of people fell into

and brilliantly into, you know?

You-You've created a nichefor yourself.

You've created a new world.I've read things where you say

-you see the industryas like a fish tank. -Yeah.

You know, and you go, "You don'tneed to be the beautiful fish

-on top." What does that mean?-I don't want to be

a beautiful fish on top.

And I'm kind of nota beautiful fish on top.

And I'm okay with that.It's okay.

-I'm like...-What does that mean?

I'm like the...I'm-I'm a bottom-feeder,

is kind of my thing, you know?

I got a four-movie dealwith Netflix.

That sounds cool as (bleep).

But, like, I'm making,like, those little tiny movies

at the bottom that-that nobodyhas to really worry about,

and I've kind of learnedthat, like,

I like making things cheaply.

I knowhow to make things cheaply.

I'm happiest whenI'm hanging lights with my crew

and-and making sandwichesfor them.

And I tried making studio moviesand I'm not good at it

and I don't like them. Andso I got a little tiny corner

of the sandbox,and I'm just that little...

I'm that little crab down therethat's just, like,

eating all the specks and, like,little pieces of fish poop

that come down from the pi...from the big fish.

And I'm so happy down here.

It's such a strange analogy,because I could've sworn

that crab is more expensivethan fish, but...

Yeah, that's where it falls offthe rails.

-(laughter) -So thanks a lotfor that, my friend.

-Thank you so much.-Hey, guys. Cheers, guys.

Blue Jay is in select theatreson Friday, October 7,

and available throughDigital on Demand October 11.

Mark Duplass, everybody!

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