Marty Walsh - Why Boston Needs to Be a Sanctuary City - Extended Interview

February 7, 2017 - Marty Walsh 02/07/2017 Views: 41,910

Mayor Marty Walsh explains why he wants Boston to remain a sanctuary city for undocumented workers and offers alternatives to President Trump's immigration orders. (8:44)

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Please welcomeMayor Marty Walsh.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Welcome to the show.

Thank you.It's great to be here tonight.

This is so...And I'm glad you came today.

I-I was worriedthat you were gonna cancel on us

because the Patriotswon the Super Bowl.

-So congrats on that.-Thank you.

-Congrats on that. Uh...-It was great.

-(applause, scatteredwhooping and booing) -Like...

There's about threePatriot fans there.

You... Like, you had, what,

a million peopleat the parade today?

Yeah, a million people today.It was...

-it was really incredible.Incredible day. -Why do...

people still come out?

-Uh...-You've won it so many times.

I think it's 'causeit's number five

and the whole country hates usand they hate Tom Brady.

They think he's really handsomebut they hate him, and, uh...

It's-it's easy to's easy to hate when they...

when they're that good.Uh, what was great to see,

though, was, um, Patriots fans,which is almost like...

I wonder if it was the reasonthe team turned it around was,

I don't know if you saw,the Patriots fans had this thing

running where they said theywould donate mor... money

to Syrian refugees for everytouchdown the Patriots scored.

And then, like,halfway through...

Like, after the first quarter,I was like,

"Well, I guess,uh, no money for Syrians."

Yeah, I-I that out afterwards.I was in a press conference

about the parade, andone of the reporters asked me

did I donate any money.I had no idea what he was

talking about, and I found outafter that there was

money going to the ACLU,so I said, "Well, they made up

-plenty moneyin the second half." -Yeah.

They made-they made...they made a lot of money.

Which was... which was great.


You are someonethat has been doing more

than just giving money. I mean,people give in different ways,

but as-as the mayor of Boston,

uh, you are one of the targets

that Donald Trumphas spoken about--

-so-called "sanctuary cities."-Yeah.

You know, cities that areseen to be, uh, you know,

aiding undec...undocumented workers.

For someone who doesn'tunderstand this at all--

someone who asksa very simple question--

why would you be helping

undocumented workersstay in the United States?

Uh, 28% of-of Bostonians,uh, are immigrants.

43% of Bostoniansare first-generation.

So we're a city and we'rea country founded by immigrants.

Uh, my parentscame from Ireland.

They're immigrants themself. Andwe have a lot of kids in our...

in our school systems,we have a lot of families

in our school systems or...whether they...

where they were brought hereby their parents

or they were born hereby parents who are undocumented,

and... it's the right thingto do.

It's the right thing to doand stand up.

And I think what's happening...

(cheering and applause)

Thank you.

I think what's happening,

by criminalizing, um, immigrantsis the wrong-wrong way to go.

And-and as a mayorof a city that's primarily

a first-generation immigrantcity, I think it's important

for-for me to stand up,and there's other may...

great mayors around the countrythat have stood up as well.

Here in New York, Bill deBlasio. In L.A., Eric Garcetti.

-And Ed Murray in, um, Seattle.-(cheering and applause)

Um, you know,I go into our schools every day.

I see our kids. Duringthis presidential election,

little kidswere paying attention.

Uh, and-and after the election,a lot of little...

a lot of kids were afraid. And Ijust think it's the wrong thing.

Uh, if-if Washington truly wantsto deal with fixing immigration,

then let's fix immigration.

Let-Let's get together--Republicans, Democrats--

and-and try and come upwith reform, uh,

to fix the immigration problem.

I thinkthat that's the way to do it,

not by putting out threats

that you're gonna span moneyfrom cities

that-that are gonna be friendlyto immigrants.

Yeah, well,let's talk about that.

The federal funding-- that wasone of the biggest threats

-that Trump threw out.-Yeah.

He said, "We will withholdfederal funding

from these sanctuary cities."

And this is fundingthat doesn't even go

to any programs that are relatedto immigration.

-Is that correct?-Yeah. It runs the city.

Basically, in the cityof Boston,

we have about $500 millionin federal funding.

$100 million goesto our schools,

$25 million goes to our publicsafety, $25 million

goes to some programsaround helping people.

We have $280 million goesto housing.

And there's a whole listof what we have, and

about $57 millionin different departments.

Um, they're talkingabout taking that money back.

I mean, the way I look at thisin this country,

is that the economic enginesare the major cities.

So if you're gonnatake money away

from a major city like Bostonand other cities

across America, you're doingdamage to the economy,

and you're hurting the economy.

So, I think that, you know,that was a threat

that really, in my opinion,I couldn't take it anymore.

I felt really, uh...I felt bad for the people

living in our city,I felt bad for what...

people living in our country.

Um, you know, I have familyin Ireland, and they texted me,

"What's going on in America?"

And I think that we have to...

You know, we need a leaderthat's gonna step up,

and if he's... If you wantto work in immigration,

-that's fine. Go do it.-Mm-hmm.

But bring in the leaders--the Republicans and Democrats

in the Congress and the Senate

to come up with some reformshere and some fixing.

Don't threaten people.

Two days later,we come out with a refugee ban?

We're blocking peopleat the airports around America.

I-I... I walked one woman out.

She was getting her PhDat one of our universities,

and she's been...has a green card, been a...

been a green card holderin the country for a long time,

getting a PhD,working on medical facilities,

and she's been held...detained for four or five hours

because of terrorism.

Listen, I agree with...I'm concerned about terrorism.

I heard your last segment.I'm certainly concerned.

Boston, we hadthe Boston Marathon bombing

in the city of Boston.

Uh, but I'm can't stereotype

saying every person that comesfrom a Muslim country

or from the seven countriesthat they put on the list

is a terrorist--they're not terrorists,

they're good,hard-working people

-(applause, cheering)-that want to earn a living.

That-that is a... that isa really tough spot to be in.

Uh... you know,because you come from a city--

I mean, many people can speak,but very few people

actually come from a citywhere they have been the victims

of a terror attack.If somebody says to you,

"Yeah, but, Mayor Walsh,how are you going to protect us,

"why aren't you protecting usby blocking

these illegal immigrants,"what would you reply to them?

I think what we do, I think thatthe investment should be made

in intelligence,the investment should be made

in making sure that--you know, there was a situation

of a... of a guy that killeda woman in San Francisco,

and he had been deportedfive times.

Well, clearly, there'sa problem at the borders there.

There's a problem with himcontinually getting back

in the country.If you want to make investments,

make investments in TSA,make investments in...

in border patrol,make investments in areas

that we keep the bad people outonce we throw them out.

You know, my police departmentin Boston,

you know, we're not gonna beimmigration police.

However, if we find somebodythat commits a serious crime,

we don't want them in our city.

We'll get them throughour system and then deport them.

They should be deported.But again, you can't...

What's happening hereand what I'm feeling in...

in reading Twitterand looking at Facebook

and talking to people,they're trying to...

every-everyundocumented immigrant,

they're trying to paint themas a criminal in the community,

and every Muslim personthat's in this country,

they're trying to paint themas a terrorist.

We have a lot of good peoplethat work...

work... work in our city.

I was asked the other dayby a guy, he said,

well, you know, all theseundocumented people

are working under the table,they're taking jobs from people.

Well, that's not their fault.

That's the employer's faultfor hiring people

who are undocumented,and not paying taxes,

and not paying all the insurancethey're supposed to pay.

-So let's look here.-(applause)

I've got to let you go,but if you're looking

at the situation, you know,from the outside...

Let's say there are places

where people aren't insanctuary cities,

and they're saying, Boston,you're contributing

to me, as an American,not having a job,

because these people are here,and if they know

that they can stay here, and ifthey know they're protected,

then they'll continue to stay.

What stops themfrom coming back in?

And then most importantly,you have taken an oath,

-an oath of office.-Yeah.

So aren't you forsakingthat oath by going against,

to a certain extent, what theDepartment of Justice has said,

in saying we will not turnthese people over

who have done nothing wrong?

I've taken an oath of officeto represent

the peopleof the city of Boston.

My oath didn't say whether theywere documented or undocumented.

My oath saidthat I represent the people

that live in the city of Boston.

I think there'san opportunity here.

The U.S. Conference of Mayorsproposed an opportunity

to the president sayingsomething similar

to what President Clinton did.

Beef up the moneyin border patrol,

give more money to citiesand towns across America

to do more policing,work on immigration.

As a mayor,when I have a problem,

we have to find the solutionto the problem.

My solution isn't by blamingsomeone else for that problem.

My solution isn'tby finding a scapegoat.

My solution is I have to findthe solution to that problem.

And I think that in this issue,in the United States of America,

I mean, some people-- there is--

is there a problemwith immigration?

There is, because Congress hasrefused to act over seven,

eight, nine years,they've refused to act.

It's-it's our obligation.

We took an oath of office,

not-not to blame people,but to fix a problem.

And that's what, that's whatWashington has to do right now.

They have to stopblaming people,

stop changing the topic,stop trying to hide

under the-the disguiseof terrorism

and undocumented immigration,

and really address the issuesmoving forward.

-Thank you so much for beinghere. -Thank you. -(applause)

Really appreciate your time.

Mayor Marty Walsh, everybody.

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