Michelle Rodriguez - Highlighting Diversity in "The Fate of the Furious"

April 5, 2017 - Michelle Rodriguez 04/05/2017 Views: 29,301

Actress Michelle Rodriguez weighs in on the diversity of "The Fast and the Furious" movies and talks about working with Charlize Theron in "The Fate of the Furious." (5:38)

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Please welcomeMichelle Rodriguez!

(cheers and applause)

Welcome, welcome.

Wow, it's so good to have youon the show.

Oh, I love you, Trevor.

Thank you so much.

You make me feel goodabout the world

when everything is so crazy.

I feel like you make me feelbetter about the world.

You make action movies better.

You make the world better.

Let's talk about the moviefirst and foremost.

How do you guys keep doing it?

Because I know that after,let's say...

-Like I know.-(laughter)

No, no, no. Let's say, like,after Tokyo Drift,

I was like, "I don't thinkthis is gonna carry on."

-Oh, that's messed up.-Yeah, no. I'm being for real.

After Tokyo Drift, I was like,"It's not working anymore."

And then Fast and the Furious came,

and then they gotbetter somehow,

and you guys are stillchurning out amazing movies.

Are you still enjoying it?

I am, I am, I am.

You know what keeps me going

is knowing that we're putting ona platform,

all those people who felt

-like they didn't have a doorinto Hollywood. -Wow.

You know, they can lookon the screen,

and look at all the differentcolors of all the leads

in the movie and they canfind themselves there.

-It is actually...-(applause and cheering)

It's-it's a United Nations

of, like, car-driving thieves.

Colors of Benetton.

Hollywood Olympics.

That's really--but-but it is fantastic.

I've also noticed that the cast

has become somewhatof a family now, you know?

I've been on the Fast and Furious ride

-at Universal.-Good.

I've seen the clips thatyou guys make together.

It doesn't seem likeit's work anymore.

It really feels like you guysrob, like, banks and stuff

in-between making movies.

Who would you say is, like,

your closest family memberon the cast?

And then who's the personyou like beating up the most?

I'd say Vin is my closestfamily member on the cast.

And the personthat I goof off with

the most would be Tyrese.


He's got that, like,"I'm good looking,

but then I'm a buffoon,at the same time."

-Hey, hey, wait.-No. He plays it.

He-he-he wouldn't like that one.

He-he considers himselfto be very suave, you know.

He does, uh, and you know what,he does-he does a great job.

The movie is spectacular.

In this film, you go aroundthe world, every single car.

I mean, from Bugattisto whatevers...

Charlize Theronis the villain in the film.

-She's amazing. -Dude, we'venever had anybody so mean.

(audience chuckles)

Never somebody so mean.

I mean, she put the Bin "bad," man.

-She r-she really does. She...-No, you seen this one?

-Yeah.-Oof. Yeah, it's gnarly.

-Yeah, she... -You telling methat's not gnarly?

-I-It is. It was-it wasfrightening. -What she did?

No, because I... I don't wantto spoil anything for you guys.

'Cause she d-she does somethingreally bad to the team.

-I know what it is. -Yeah,'cause you're in the movie.

No, no...

No, I know what it iswhy you can't really...

you can't reallysee the bad that she does

is because she's so hotand you like her.

-No, no. It's...-Come on. Yeah, come on.

It's becauseshe's South African.

And I go, "South Africanscan do no bad."

They can do no bad.

That's-that's what it is for me.

-That's hilarious.-That's, uh... Um, you know,

beyond Fast and the Furious,

uh, you know, everyone sees youas an action star.

Everyone sees you as a facein Hollywood who's broken out.

You're really outspokenabout diversity.

If there were someyoung Latina actresses

or Latino actors who wantto get into the arts,

-there are definitelygonna be obstacles. -Yeah.

What would you say are the, youknow, the core pieces of advice

that you would give to them?

Don't give up your assin the name of a part.

T... Try not to promote sex

as the end-all-be-allof a woman's power.

-Wow. Wow.-(applause)

And, uh, fight forwhat you believe in

because it's a longer road.

It's tougher,

but it-it lasts longer.

(cheering, applause)

Let me... let me ask you this--

do you ever feel afraid,

being an outspoken womanin Hollywood?

Because these daysit seems like

people don't reallywant women to be outspoken

and they don't want Hollywoodactors to be outspoken.

Do you have a slightbit of apprehension

before speaking out?

For me to be scaredof dumb (bleep)

like what other people thinkis, like,

the dumbest thingon the planet for me.

It's like... I'm like,"What? Why?"

I have to, 'cause, you know,I just don't... I don't...

It never came across my mindto be scared

because, you know, life is fullof so many things,

and there's so much to exploreand so little time

to explore it, that you reallyhave to fight your fears

and go in therefor anything that you...

that even gives you the shadowof a little bit of fear.

And it's tough,'cause a lot of people

don't like an outspoken woman.

They find her...annoying, you know?

I-I know tons of, like,you know, millionaire buddies

who wouldn't even date a girlwith half a brain

because, you know, they just...they-they...

-It's-it's intimidating.-Right.

And, um... But you-you got to...you got to be yourself.

And-and then you'll attractthe kind of people

that you really deserve.

-Aside... You know?-(cheering, applause)

Can I just tell you--

it is not oftenyou meet an action star

who is cooler in person.

-Thank you so muchfor coming to the show. -Aw.

-You're amazing. Thank you verymuch. -Thank you for having me.

The Fate of the Furious is in theaters April 14.

Michelle Rodriguez, everybody.

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