Mike Allen - What Comes Next in the Presidential Election

May 26, 2016 - Mike Allen 05/26/2016 Views: 13,548

Politico's Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen breaks down Hillary Clinton's shortcomings with voters and imagines a debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. (5:15)

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My guest tonight is the chiefWhite House correspondent

for Politico.Please welcome Mike Allen!

(cheering and applause)

Thank you so much.Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Mr. Allen, thank you so muchfor being here.

-A treat to be here. -Whatan exciting time to be alive.

What an exciting time to be inthe world of politics for you.

-You must be salivatingright now. -No. And, uh,

not to put any pressureon our voters this year,

but, uh, someone was telling methe other day,

Hillary Clinton would bethe first woman president,

Marco Rubio or Ted Cruzwould have been

the first Cuban president,

Donald Trump would bethe last president.


You've been on the Internettoo much, my friend.

Uh, let's talk about this, uh...the situation.

Let's start off with Trump.

So they say now he's no longerpresumptive as a nominee--

-he is just the nominee.Is this... is this true? -Yeah.

We've reached peak Trump today.

Uh, two delegates to spare.

He's... It's official.

And there is... there is nothingthat can change...

Like, they can't change therules before the convention...

I mean, they can changethe rules, right?

But there's no push to it.

There's no reasonto do that now.

For months and months andmonths, we've been saying,

"Oh, like, what's gonna happenbehind the scenes in Cleveland?"

But overwhelmingly,Republican voters

and people who are going to beat the convention say Trump,

and, so, the peoplewho have been fighting it,

too little too late.

They're goingto have to go to Cleveland.

And the people who were never Trump, in Washington,

it's amazing how fastthey're becoming ever Trump.

You know, Paul Ryan said

-he was not quite readyto endorse Trump. -Yes.

He says he's not there yet.

So this expression--"getting there."

In Washington,everybody is talking

about how they're goingto "get there."

And sowhat we've been hearing is,

"Oh, his children are so nice,

so there must be something goodabout him."

That's what a lot of...That... You know what's funny?

-You're not the first personI've heard that. -No.

A lot of people say, "But DonaldTrump has amazing children,

so, I mean,he must be a really..."

-How has that become the measurefor a president? -(laughter)

How low have we gottenthat people go,

"Oh, but I mean,what about their kids?

"What about their dogs?Nice dogs.

-"You got to admit--really nice dogs. -(laughter)

This person could bea good president."

Have you ever seen anythinglike this,

where people have not lookedat the candidate,

but rather their family?

Well, no, and they're lookingat their jobs.

People are saying "What ifhe does become president?

I want to be connected."

And so, it's amazing how fastpeople have come behind him.

There is dramaon the opposite side, though.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary is facing suchhigh levels of unfavorability,

there's Bernie fansout there who are going,

"What about our dude?"

Is this not a timeto consider the person

because, I mean,he's still in the race.

-(cheers and applause)-He's still...

So, if you're a Bernie fanright now,

and Mike Allen isan expert in politics,

as someone who'sa White House correspondent,

what are you sayingto those people?

Is Bernie stilla viable candidate?

Well, he's not. He's not goingto be the nominee,

but you have Democratsof all kinds

looking at what happened inthe last 24 hours, and saying,

Hillary Clintonhas done herself no favors

with how she's respondedto the e-mail report.

-Yeah. -Like this legalisticresponse within the statement,

and today, she did a sort ofTrump style phone-athon

where she phoned into a lot of stations,

and she's saying no evidence,no precedent, it was allowed,

-it was consistent,it was known. -Yeah.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, none of those thingsare right,

and those answers are whypeople don't like her.

So when we goto the Democratic convention,

there is no chance where you seepeople switching over?

There is no shiftwhere the Democratic party says,

"Maybe we need to gowith a candidate

who is more likablethan Donald Trump"?

It's-it's the same thingas Trump.

It's too late for that.That time has past.

Donald Trump was fantasizing

-about the idea of runningagainst Bernie. -Yeah.

You know, people

who don't have a Trump nicknameget a little jealous.

So, he was talking aboutcrazy Bernie, and he said...

Well, now he said he mighteven debate Bernie Sanders,

which, also, I don't thinkhas ever been heard of.

Donald Trump sayshe will debate Bernie Sanders

before the peoplein California vote.

Is this a thing that makesany sense? Is this...?

Well, sure it doesfor Trump and Bernie,

and it doesif you own a television.

-(laughter) -This could be oneof the best debates

in the history of television

-because Bernie wantsto keep it going. -Yes.

He wants it to lastas long as possible.

Somebody was telling me thatBernie is the guy who you say,

"You know, party's over,you're cut off,

I'll call you an Uber,you can go home."

And Bernie just says,"Ah, no, it's okay.

I'll just crash on the couch."

-He won't leave!-(laughter)

And so he wantsto keep it going.

Trump-- this elevates him,and, well, Trump is clever.

He's very opportunistic.

He sees that he's goingto be able to bait Bernie

into saying all kinds of thingson tape

that then he can then usein ads against...

-Against Hillary.-Sure!

Wow. This is exciting.

I will say this about peoplethat crash on the couch.

-They always make the nighta lot more fun. -(laughter)

Thank you very muchfor being here.

(Allen speaks indistinctly)

-(cheers and applause)-Mike Allen, everyone.

We'll be right back.Thank you so much.

-Thank you. It was a treat.-It was a lot of fun.

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