Regina Hall - Showing Authentic Female Friendships in "Girls Trip"

July 17, 2017 - Regina Hall 07/17/2017 Views: 11,627

"Girls Trip" star Regina Hall explains why she wanted to avoid black female stereotypes in the film and talks about the importance of portraying realistic friendships. (5:32)

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Please welcome Regina Hall!

(cheers and applause)

(cheering and whooping swell)

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you, Trevor.

-Thank you so much...-Trevor's really cute in person.

-Oh, wow.-(cheers and applause)

Now you're putting meon the spot. Uh...

-I know your dimples.-Thank you very much.


I feel likeyou're turning the tables.

-I should be doing this to you.-No, no, no, no.

-I'm enjoying it.-This is, uh...

Thank you...thank you for being here.

You have been a staple...

in, uh, many people's livesfor a very long time,

acting in some of funniestand most iconic movies.

I feel like Girls Trip could beone of them.

It sounds like a simple premise,but if you were to tell it

to someone in,like, a sentence or two,

what would you say Girls Trip is about?

Oh, my gosh.In a sentence or two. Okay.

It's four girlswho go to New Orleans.

(Hall laughs)


-Four best friends who goto New Orleans... -Right. know,to rekindle their friendship,

and then,you know, stuff happens.

"Stuff happens" is theunderstatement of the year.

-(laughter)-You know what's funny is,

people are watching thisgoing like,

"What is this movie right now?"

-I... -With a...with a lovely message, though.

-What do you thinkthe message is? -You know,

it's like sisterhoodand being true to yourself

and being, um... um....

courageous enoughto walk in your truth.

-You know there's a lotof messages that are... -Right.

-You know?-When you... when...

No. It's interesting thatyou bring that up, and you go...

-I just thought of a scene.Sorry. -(laughter)

When you go, uh... when you...when you talk about that,

I did find it interesting thatit's an R-rated movie, right?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

But, for instance, when-when youas friends were fighting,

-you never cussed at anyof your friends, right? -Yeah.

And that-that was a decisionyou actually made.

You're like, "I-I don't wantto do that." Why?

You know,'cause I would never curse

at my friends in real life--I think there are boundaries

that you just never cross.

-Unless you never planto be friends again. -Right.

And I just wouldn't--you know,

I know on televisionreality shows,

they show us throwing waterand cursing and... fighting,

but I don't knowthat we all do that.

Like, do you thinkthat was a conscious effort

to not perpetuate a stereotypethat many people perceive

-of a black woman sometimes?Like, not in control? -I do.

Yeah. That, you know,that there's just this...

lack of respectwhen we get angry.

But, I mean,I think the love is still there,

even when you're fighting.

Even, you know...

when you're angry, you know,there's a...

there's a, um...a modicum of respect

that I think you are ableto maintain still.

Speaking of which, let's talkabout the penis in the movie.


-Let's. -It's not every daythat you-you see a penis

-in a film.-Yeah. Yeah.

-Um... I was quite taken aback,-Yeah.

-I must admit.-Mm-hmm.

As I often am when I see a penisthat is not mine.

-Yeah.-There is always that moment...

Many men know the feeling,where you go, like,

"Oh, wow, is that...?Okay. Whoa."

And then we want to lookbecause we're not sure,

'cause we haven't seen manythat are not ours, and then...

What... like,what do you think...

what do you think...what do you think the purpose

of that penis was?Like, just in terms

-of how you interpreted...-Well, there are many purposes.

-No, no, I mean...I mean the message. -(laughter)

I mean the message.

(cheering, applause)

The, uh...

Well, you know, I'll tell youwhat was funny was,

I was watching it, and then...

I was watching itwith some friends,

-and then...-Male or female?

Male and female. And thenone of my female friends,

you know, she--I was like, "Whoa!"

And then she was like,"Oh, I've never seen you 'whoa'

-when boobs are in a movie."-It's true. It's true.

And I was like,"Yeah, that's-that's true."

-That's true. Yeah.-Do you think...

-And you see that more often.-Yeah, I do.

-Yeah.-I see boobs all the time.

All... I see many boobs.

Well, I meant the penis.

'Cause you see a penis daily,several times.

-Your own, but still.-Yeah, yeah.

I was thinking if you just,like, followed me

and you know things about me...

I see penises. That's-that's...that's what I...

-But-but that... I think that...-(whispers): I see penises.


I think... I thinkthat was one of the things

that Girls Trip didin an authentic manner was...

it was a story about women,a story about friends,

told from your point of view.

Like, this didn't feel like astory that would have been told

from a guy's perspectivewhat he thinks

-a girls trip would be like.-Yeah. No, and you know what,

that's what was so greatabout the producer, Will Packer,

and Malcolm Lee.

We sat down beforewe started shooting to say,

-Right. -I would say this, she would say this,

we wouldn't do this,

you know,so it could feel authentic.

And then a polish was done--

(laughs):which was the penis scene--

by a lovely women.

-Um, and...-(laughter)

and I think that helped, too,because, you know,

it was a little bit more tame.

-Right. -And, you know,when we get to it,

we talk in the casual mannerthat we... you know, speak in.

-I-I hear you, I hear you.-Yeah.

-Handling the penisin a tame manner. -Yeah.

Or not.

-(laughter) -Which ishow penises should be handled.


I concur.


"Concur" and "penis"in the same sentence.

The Daily Show, ladies and gentlemen.

-That's how we do it.Can I tell you, -Yeah.

this was one of my favoritemovies I have watched this year.

Thank you so muchfor being here.

-Ah, thank you. -Thank youfor being on the show.

-(cheering, applause)-Hilarious.

I am not steering you wrong.

Girls Trip will be in theatersJuly 21. Go out and watch it.

Regina Hall, everybody.

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