Xavier Becerra - What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Could Look Like

October 10, 2016 - Xavier Becerra 10/10/2016 Views: 48,948

Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra discusses Donald Trump's campaign scandals and weighs in on how Hillary Clinton can work across the aisle if she wins the presidency. (5:19)

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Please welcome the Chairman ofthe House Democratic Caucus,

Congressman Xavier Becerra.

(cheers and applause)

Congressman,thank you for joining us.

Trevor, thanks for having me.

No, always a pleasure,always a pleasure.

Um, so what did you get up tothis weekend?

I watched a little TV.

-Oh, you did, you did?-I did.

Anything interesting?

Same old stuff.

Yeah, same old, same old, man.Same old.

I-I watched thisfrom the outside.

We watched thisfrom the outside.

As somebody who is essentiallyin what is happening,

what are you thinking when allof this is going down?

This is not the AmericaI grew up believing in.

And I believe, on November 8th,we're going to send a message

that Donald Trump is not theAmerica we believe in.

I just don't see howwe will vote for a guy

who says things about women,says things about immigrants,

says things aboutAfrican-Americans,

about Latinos, about disabled,

about war veterans,

about military families who losttheir sons or daughters.

I just have faith that whatwe're watching is reality TV

for Donald Trump,but on November 8,

reality will set infor Donald Trump

when we show himwho we really are.

(cheers and applause)


Between, betweenthe-the pussy video and, uh...

It's insane that that's partof politics now.

Pussy-- I'm talking aboutpolitics-- pussy, pussy, pussy.


Between the videoand the debate,

Donald Trump now down 11 points.

The question a lot of peopleare asking is, though,

do you think that the Democratscan win the House back?

We're certainly on our way.

If Donald Trump continuesto act the way he is acting,

and if the Republicanswho call themselves leaders

continue to act the way they'reacting, as you said before--

what you don't understand,what I don't understand

is how people are stillsupporting Donald Trump,

-given what he has said.-Yeah.

I... My sense isit's not just Donald Trump

who's gonna get a messageon November the 8.

I think anyone whobelieves in this country

and believes thatall of us have a right

to prosper and-and really dream,

you... you're not gonna standby someone like Donald Trump.

And I believeRepublicans have a choice:

they can standwith the American people

or they can standwith Donald Trump.

Is Hillary is kind of leader

who could workwith the opposite side?

Because we've seenwhat happens--

Congress just won't move, then.

So what-what would change?Why would anything change?

The-the beauty ofHillary Clinton is she's gonna

fight for change,but she's gonna fight for change

from a perspective of someone

who knowshow to get things done.

This is the beauty, for me,of Hillary Clinton--

she's been tested.

And by the way,she's been knocked down

who knows how many times,but she always gets up.

So when she says to you,"I'm gonna fight to make sure

"that for your kids,when they go to college,

"they'll be able to graduate

without massive debton their shoulders,"

I believe her that she'sgonna fight for that.

Now, if-if we... if we go backon that and you say, um,

you know, she knows andshe will, uh, implement change,

she is someonethat you believe in--

there are a lot of peoplewho don't believe in Hillary.

There are a lot of peoplewho say, uh, you know,

"We-we see e-mails."

Say there's e-mailsbetween Podesta

and there'se-mails within Hillary's camp

and there's some excerptson her speeches

that, ironically, were put outbecause people thought

they could be takenout of context,

and now they have beentaken out of context.

But for those people who go,"Yeah, but I don't know

"which HillaryI'm supposed to be looking to.

"Is there the-the Hillarythat gives those speeches

"or is it the Hillarythat tell...

is telling methis today?"

How do you expect peopleto reconcile with that?

You know, first, Trevor,I think it's interesting--

I'm not sure I wouldwant to trust Vladimir Putin

or the Russianson what we should believe

with these leaks

-that they are putting outthere. Uh... -Why not?

Are you... are you telling me...telling me you're having

the same bromance that, uh,

Donald Trump is havingwith Vladimir Putin?

-I guess...-He has very, very nice nipples.

I don't knowif you've seen them.

But secondly, I thinkth-this is about the future,

and I-I know that, uh,Donald Trump and some folks

would like to make thisall about

the past and these e-mails.

Secretary Clintonmade it very clear--

-she made a mistake.-Yeah.

And she regrets it.She said she...

She even said it yesterday."I apologize."

It's time to move on.

Because while we continue tohear people talk about e-mails,

someone is payingcollege tuition.

I got three daughters. One of mydaughters is here today with us.

She's now in law school.

I've got three daughtersin college.

There are a whole bunchof families that want to know

they can send their kidsto college,

but they want to know thatthey'll get through college.

And so the reality is,

as former governor of TexasAnn Richards used to say,

get over it, get on with it.

It's time for us to talk aboutthe people's business

of getting things done

that matter in the lives everyday of families here in America.

One final questionbefore you leave--

do you still send e-mails?Like, I genuine... I gen...

I'll text you the answera little later on.

Nicely played.Nicely played, Congressman.

-Thank you so much.-Thank you.

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