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August 9, 2016 - Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero 08/09/2016 Views: 6,569

Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero talk about the history behind their satirical reality show Another Period and quiz Trevor on bizarre facts from the past. (8:02)

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Please welcome Natasha Leggeroand Riki Lindhome!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)


Welcome, welcome,welcome, welcome, welcome.

Thank you for being here.Welcome.


Can I just say,every single time

I've seen any clip orany episode of Another Period,

you guys looklike you are having the most fun

-in the world. -I mean,it's amazing that that's a job.

Like, it's pretty crazy. I mean,you have a great job, too.

-No, but not as much fun as...-No, ours is definitely better

-than yours.-(belting) You guys...

I wish I could wear a dressand just sing like that.

-I mean, that was... -Sometimesthe crew people walk by

and they're like, "Oh, you guysjust want to dress up

-like princesses." We're like,"Yeah." -That's-that's...

For tho... for those... So forthose of you who don't know,

like, Another Period is--and correct me where I'm wrong--

Another Period is-is a...is a show...

I mean, it feels like it'ssort of like the Kardashians

-meets Downton Abbey. -Yeah.

-It's like that...-It takes place in 1902

-in America, and we're basicallythese rich socialites -Yes. Yes.

-trying to get famous.-It's like The Real Housewives

-of Newport. Yeah.-And...

But-but what-what alwaysfascinates me when I watch it

is there is no, like,"famous" back then.

There's no TV.There's no nothing.

Right. Well, that's whyit's so hard to become famous.

You've got to, like, get someoneto, like, paint your portrait

-with your ankles showing.-Right.

-(laughter) -There was,basically two famous women.

There was Harriet Tubmanand Eleanor Roosevelt.

And wait. No, there wasone more. Helen Keller.

-That was it?-There was three. That was it.

That was it, so you hadto something really big.

But our characters think weshould just be famous because.

But don't think fame is likean instinct that people have?

Like, why did that...? That'snot like a modern instinct.

-People always have wanted to beknown and... -People want...

-Well, that's true,that's true... -Yeah.

...but I mean, known for doingsomething most of the time.

No, we want to be knownfor being famous for nothing.

Don't you ever find that weird,though?

-It's weird, but we're pioneers.-Like, what are you famous for?

"And I'm famousfor being famous."

It's like chicken and the egg.It's then...

"But thenwhat are you famous for?"

"For being famous.""How did you become famous?"

-"For being famous."-'Cause I'm famous. Yeah.

I mean, it's a pretty genius jobif you can get it.

-Let's be honest.-It really is.

-Yeah. -The sisters have donea great job on the show,

because I watch it, and, I mean,the profanity is beautiful,

especially in the mannerthat you've placed it.

I find it's very classy,it's very tasteful profanity.

-Mm-hmm.-Uh, many, many jokes

about posterior rammingthat is, uh...

-Oh, right, that.-Yes.

That was a song about, um...

-LINDHOME: Anal sex.-I don't know if...

-NOAH: Anal. You can say "anal."-LINDHOME: Yeah. -Oh, okay.

-Well, I wasn't gonna say"anal." -We're all adults here.

I was gonna say, getting (bleep)in the ass, but you can't

-say that. -Oh, yeah,you can say that, as well.

-Yeah, you can say that.-(laughter)

Yeah, you can...you can say all of that.

-Yeah, we're on the samenetwork. -Right, right.

-You can sayall of these things. -Yeah.

-Yes. -So, that wasScott Joplin coming, and we were

-pitching him our song to, uh...-I mean, he's like a...

He's likea Kanye-esque character,

-this Joplin... Yeah.-He's the Kanye of 1902?

-Yes. -Yes, and he's gotthis girlfriend... -I see.

...who's, like, kind ofin a burka-type thing,

except with cleavage.

And so, he's got his...his Kim. Yeah.

You know, you just haveto watch the show.

Here's somethingI'm fascinated by is...

You're making this show,and you're...

There's obviously Kanye peoplethat you've invented,

'cause there were noKanye types back then that...

You don't know that.

That could make musicfor themselves with...

and get paid?

-Oh. Well, maybe not, yeah.-And, like...

And do a good... Yeah.

And then, also...and then, also, you...

But you've also done research.

We've done so much research.The show takes place

in Newport, Rhode Island,and the more research we do,

the more it's justso fascinating

how cyclical everything is.Like, this show...

100 years ago, you know,there was no income tax,

so people were so rich,

-Yes. -...they were livinglike rappers.

-They... Like, one guy...-(laughter)

NOAH (laughs): Did you just say,"They were living like rappers?"

Oh, I mean,'cause it's the American version

of Downton Abbey.

So these people,they had so much money.

Like, I think at one timeCarnegie had more money

than America.

-Wow. -Like, they werebillionaires in 1902

because they didn't payincome tax.

So once they introducedthe income tax in, like, 1912

or whenev... 1915, whatever,

then people were like, "Oh, wecan't have 65 servants anymore,

and we've got to moveout of these homes." So...

And yet, ironically, that'swhere we've gotten back to now.

-I know!-If rich people had found a way

to not pay income tax,and then they've got

the servants again, it's justlike a... it just all goes back.

What's the craziest thingyou discovered

when you were doing researchfor the show?

I mean, well,one thing I didn't realize

was, like, female rights.

Like, women wereactually not allowed

to read college-level books,

'cause they thoughtit would shrink their ovaries.

-LINDHOME: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.-(laughter)

Who thought it would shrinktheir ovaries?

Well, I mean, men just said that

so women would be afraidto read.

Yeah. Womenwere afraid to exercise

because they saidthey'd get "bicycle face."

Which is what... they...No, they said if a woman...

if woman, like, getsher own bicycle and exercises,

it'll... her face will freezeand stay that way.

-Wait. Like, but which way?-And so women were scared

to read or exercise.Like, like, you know...

How fast are they goingon these bicycles?

I don't know, they justdidn't want them to travel.

Wait, Riki, remember that...We read this one thing

about this woman who, like,didn't feel like moving

to Chicago with her husband,

and he had her committedto an insane asylum.

Mm-hmm. Until she agreed.

And once she agreed to move,he's like,

"Okay, you can let her out."

Like, women just...

Is this... do you thinkthis is funny or sad or...?

No, I mean, I'm...You see, that's the tough thing.

It's comedy, but atthe same time you're just like,

this is the saddest thingthat I've... 'Cause now when...

But then women got to vote and,you know, we've come a long way.

Now everything's equaland it's completely different.

I feel like you guysare rewriting...

You guys... Nicely played.

I feel like you guysare rewriting history.

Um, the segment producersaid to me you wanted...

you had, like, some facts thatwe wanted to mess around with.

I didn't even understandwhat that meant.

But you wanted... like,you have found similarities...

-We have some facts,and we want to ask you -Yes.

if you think it's true or falsethat it took place in 1902.

-Oh, okay, that's easy.-Mm-hmm.

-Can you handle it?-Yeah, I know history.

-Okay.-That's very easy.

Those are easy things. If it hasa TV, it didn't happen in 1902.

-Let's go. Let's do this.-Okay. Okay, so, uh,

we're just gonna tell youwhich of these were real

and which were made up,but you have to guess.

-Okay, okay. -Um, roller skateswere called "foot bicycles."

-True or false?-That's true.

-It is.-(bell dings)

-Yeah. I remember that.-Yes, let's clap for that.

-(applause, cheering)-Yes. Yeah. -Yeah.

Okay, true or false:cocaine wine was a beverage.


-True.-True! Drink it on the show.

Mm-hmm, it's popular. Peopledrank it in the afternoon.

-I thought you guysmade that up. -Nope.

-Co... -Cocaine winewas totally legal.

-It was the precurs...-Did they call it cocaine wine?

Yes, and doesn't thatsound fantastic?

It does sound fan...It really does.

I'm not gonna lie.It sounds fantastic.

-Yeah. -Like, why don'twe have that anymore?

Who wants to snort cocaine?It's humiliating.

-Drink it. -I don't thinkI've ever thought of it.

-I don't think I've ever... -Ijust thought of that just now.

Okay, true or false:the first beauty pageant

was between a baby, a cabbage,

a bird and an adult woman.

-That is true. -That is true.-How do you know that?!

That might be true.You know why--

if you said baby and...but, cabbage--

I would want to comparebabies and cabbages.

-Yes. -That's-that's the firstone I thought of doing

-a-a pageant.-It's natural, yeah.

It's natural. I look at babiesand I go, "Cabbage or baby?"

That's what I do.Next question.

I know history.Let's go, next question.

Okay, there was a dinnerfor two dogs

that cost $250,000.

No, that's false.

-No, that is true.-True.

In Newport, Rhode Island--we went there

and you can look it up--there was this woman

who-who start... had a di-dinnerparty for her dog

to impress another girl's dog,and they spent

-a quarter million dollars.-Did these people not understand

how dogs... You know, like,

what impresses a dog: a walk.

They had so much money.That's what I'm saying.

Like, they didn'tknow what to do with...

They would just invent thingsto do with their money.

-This is insane. This is..-Yeah.

-Okay, one more true or false.-Okay, one more.

Condoms were illegal.



You... And you especiallycouldn't sell them to women.

Men could sort of get themunderground, but women

could be arrestedif they tried to buy a condom

-or used one. -Well,it's because we like to blow

-and make balloon animalswith them. -Right.

-It's not only used for sexwhere we're from. -Yes.

-We're classy. -But they werealso re-usable, so...

-They were re-usable?-Yeah, they were re-usable.

-'Cause they were sheepskin,wasn't it, or something? -Yeah.

Yeah, it was. I know history.I know history.

You guys are amazing. Thank youso much for coming to the show.

-Thank you, thank you for havingus. -Thank you. -Thank you for

being here. It's a super funnyshow. You have to watch it.

The craziest thing you've everseen on TV. New episodes

of Another Period air Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m.

here on Comedy Central.Natasha Leggero

and Riki Lindhome, everybody.We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)-Thank you so much.

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