Rose Byrne - Being Mortal in the Mutant World of "X-Men: Apocalypse"

May 23, 2016 - Rose Byrne 05/23/2016 Views: 6,930

Rose Byrne recalls her days on the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" and talks about what it was like playing a non-mutant in the movie "X-Men: Apocalypse." (4:39)

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Please welcome Rose Byrne.

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

Welcome to the show.

This feels like a job interview.

-(laughs): I didn't bring my CV.-Who's getting...

who's getting the job? Why doesit feel like a job interview?

Because of the desk.I feel like I've...

Is this... is thiswhere job interviews...

-A job interview...-A little bit. Like, um...

It's normally, like,a brown desk with, like, a...

with papers and pens.

I've got some pens under here.This... Yeah, this'll make...

-There, now it'sa job interview. -Let's...

let's set it up.

Now it's a... "So..."

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you.

-Thanks for having me. -Thankyou for being... It is not...

it's not a job interview.You've got every job

right now in Hollywood,it feels. Congratulations.

-You are doing extremely well.-Thanks. Thanks.

-In three movies right now?-Yeah. What's...

-Three, uh, very differentmovies as well. -Mmm.

X-Men. And then Neighbors 2.

And then you have a comedy moviethat is out as well

with Susan Sarandon.She was telling me about that.

-Yeah. The Meddler. Which is a great movie -Yes.

to take your mum to or your dador a friend or someone.

It's like... It's a really sweetmother-daughter story.

I like how that escalatedvery quickly.

-Mom, dad, friend, someone. Justtake someone. -I know. Exactly.

Just find a strangeron the street.

"Come on, we're goingto watch The Meddler.

We're going to watch The Meddler."

But you... You know what,this is... this may be weird

for-for some people,but I remember watching you

on... it was Neighbours in Australia, wasn't it?

-The soap opera.-Oh, the soap opera.

-Uh, yes, yes, yes.-That was huge in South Africa.

-Oh, really? Wow. That's...-It was like a... Yeah.


-Oh, man. You-you could not havemade us -Really?

-sound more backwards."Oh, wow." -Oh.

-That's a shame. That's a shame.-It was huge.

-Really?-It was... Everything. The s...

-♪ Neighbours, everybody... -Oh, my goodness.

-♪ The neigh... We wouldsing that song, and... -Wow.

-I'm embarrassed. I feel like aparent embarrassing you -Really?

-right now. I'm, like... Yeah.But you have a... -Yeah.

-I didn't know that. What elseis popular there on TV? -Yeah.

-I don't...-Uh...

Well, everything else nor...We just go, like,

-Neighbours and then it's Idol and everything else. -Okay.

-We just... we just dip into allthe Australian films. -Okay.

-Oh. Okay.-That's-that's what we do.

-That's really what we...Let's... -I'm very flattered.

-I'm very flattered. -Let's talka little bit about, uh, X-Men.

That's a huge franchiseto be a part of,

and you are playing oneof the few non-mutants.

-Yeah. -Was it fun not havingto sit in makeup for hours?

-Was that, like, yoursuperpower? -It basically was.

Everyone else is getting,like, blue or green or whatever

from 2:00 a.m., and I'd, like,roll up at 8:00 and, you know...

But it's a bit dull, really.I mean, who wants to not be

-a mutant, right? Like,I'm surrounded by people -Right.

who can, you know,set themself...

-They can fly and see,-Well, they're not really...

-you know... -But they're notreally doing it while you're...

-while... No, I mean-Yes, they are.

-you must have felt cool...-The movie's real.

Just because we have Neighbours, doesn't mean we're dumb.

Like, I mean...You can't trick me like that.

But it-it...I mean, it's-it's a...

You-you do have a superpowerthough. You got...

You-you can do, like,any accent.

Except South African.That's very hard.

-Really? Why?-Yeah, I'm-I'm very impressed

with your South African accent.

-It's not real, is it?-Thank you.

-No. No, it-it isn't.-You're putting that on, right?

I'm, uh... I'm actually, uh...I'm actually German.

-Right? Yeah. -I, uh... Ja. And you've caught me

and now I have to go backto my original accent

and ze show is spoilt!

But you... How-how many accentscan you do?

Um... three.

-Three, four? Five?-Yeah. Maybe f-four.

-I feel like you can doa-a whole... -I really can't.

I can do, like, English,Australian, American.

-That's about it. Canadian.-One thing you do have is

not just a gift for talent.You have a gift

for cussing real good.

-In Neighbors. If you haven'twatched Neighbors, -Oh.

you have to go. I was a huge fanof Neighbors, the first one

-that came out. Andit's very rare -Oh, thank you.

for the second movie to beas funny, if not funnier.

It is. It's very challenging,particularly on comedy sequels.

-Yeah. -Yeah. And it's really...I mean,

it's actually very funny.A lot of people have thought

-it was funnier than the firstone, so... -And it's tough

to make a movie where, like...I mean, it's-it's all about

-the sorority coming in now.And you would think -Mmm.

going from a fraternity storyto a sorority, it would be like,

-"Oh." It gets... it getsraunchier. -It gets raunchier.

No, the girls are...They're-they're, um...

they're nasty.The girls are nasty.

So, X-Men, X-Men is-is...really, I mean,

it's a powerful franchise.It's huge. Neighbors as well.

Number one R-rated comedyin America.

-So congratulations with, uh...with that. -Yeah, thank you.

-And The Meddler coming outas well. -Thanks.

-(applause) -Thanks, guys.-Basically every movie...

I'm still a huge fan. I'mstill on, uh, the fifth season

of Neighbours, so, uh,I'll catch up to the rest of it.

You're very sweet.Well, thanks for having me.

Thank you so much for beinghere. Thank you so much.

-Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is out now. -Thank you.

And X-Men: Apocalyp isin theaters Friday, May 27.

-Rose Byrne, everybody.-(cheering and applause)

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