Vince Staples - Letting the Listener Decide on "Big Fish Theory"

June 14, 2017 - Vince Staples 06/14/2017 Views: 35,238

Hip-hop artist Vince Staples talks about his album "Big Fish Theory" and explains what Afrofuturism really is. (4:52)

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Please welcome Vince Staples.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

How you doing?

-Welcome to the show.-Thanks, man. Who gave you this?

Who gave me this?I made this for myself.

I need one.

I'm gonna make onefor you. Yeah.

I... 'cause I was like,"That's the album cover,"

and then I was like,"I'll just make it myself

to put on a thingto show the people."

-I appreciate it.-Yeah, man. That's what I...

That's effort.That's what that is.

That's all about effort.That's what life is about.

Welcome to the show, man.

Uh, Big Fish Theory-- I'm fascinated.

What is the Big Fish Theory?

I mean, it depends.One thing I look at music as

is something that's digestiblefor the people

that, you know,want to partake in it.

So, when you go to a museum,you know, you see a painting

on the wall, usually,on the side of it,

-it has the artist's name,when they created it, -Right.

and the name of the piece.If they dead,

it'll have when they,you know, checked out of here.

But as far as with my music, Idon't want to ever tell somebody

exactly what it's about, becauseit's whatever it means to them.

So that's up to the listenerto decide. June 23, -Oh, nice.

-they can figure that out.-Oh, okay. So, for me, it means

teach a man to fishand he will eat forever.

Give him a big fish,and he'll be like,

-"I don't know if I like fish."-Exactly.

It depends on how you see it.

Now, how did that make you feel?

It made me feel good, Vince.


That's music.That's what that is.

-That's art right there. Uh...-(cheering)

What was interesting was,at one of the launch parties,

you-you gave people goldfish.

They were actually beta fish.

Beta fish last for two weeks.

You don't really haveto feed 'em much.

Wait, what do you mean they...Wait, wait.

Let's-let's go back.

You saidthey last for two weeks?

Yeah, fish don't live that long.

You can't say "fish lastfor two..." What do you mean?

-Well, I mean, if you havea fish in a tank, -Right.

it's not like a tunaor something crazy,

unless you got money like that.

So what I'm saying is,beta fish,

beta fish is for the children,you know?

You can put it in a flower pot--it can live in the dirt.

Give it a little bit of water,a little bit of oxygen.

-And then it diesafter two weeks? -Allegedly.

Why would you give thisto children?

Well, children don't cometo listening parties.

So if you give it to your child,it's your decision.

-I gave it to you to do with itwhat you want. -I see.

-So you gave it to the adults.-Gave it to the adult.

What you do when it gets home,it's your business.


I don't know if this isthe best gift or the worst gift

in the world.I mean, this is, uh...

-It's subjective.-It-it... That's what it is.

You have to teach your childrenabout loss.


I mean, in two weeks, I feellike I would go for something...

like, give them timeto get to know the...

Or maybe the two weeksis a good time to let it die,

because then they don't gettoo attached.

Exactly. Think about it.

You're gonna be a great dad,man.

-You're gonna be a great dad.-Thank you.

When-when you, um... whenyou talked about the album,

someone asked youwhat the album is about,

and then you saidit was Afrofuturism.

I like saying stuff aboutblack people to white people.



So that doesn't mean anything?

Of course not.

Do you know how many journalistshave been like,

"Well, it's, uh... it's about,uh... It's-it's Afrofuturism."

Got a lot of headlines,happening every day this week.

They don't knowwho Grace Jones is or Sun Ra,

none of that stuff. So, youknow, you just take something

that somebody else black did,and they're like,

"Oh, that's your stuff."And then... "No, it's not.

It belongs to them."Giving their streams up,

you know what I mean?So look up Grace Jones.

-You...-Her brother is actually a pa...

a pastor at a megachurch.

Think about that.

That is the most random factever. You are just, like...

You know what I love is, like,you just spew random thoughts,

-like, and ideas.-So it's Grace Jones,

who's, you know,an international pop star.

-She was in a James Bond movie,I think, before my time. -Yes.

-You know, a lot of leathers,a lot of taper fades. -Uh-huh,

-uh-huh. -Her brother'sBishop Noel Jones.

-Yes.-He has a helicopter.

Right. Which, again,is a random fact,

like beta fish dyingafter two weeks.

Can I tell you,if people didn't want to listen

to the album before, everyoneis gonna be buying it now,

'cause they're like,"I want to go where he's going."

-And that's important.-You-you have, like,

the most random streamof consciousness.

For instance, I-I check outyour Twitter, and you, like...

For instance, you tweetabout Sprite all the...

You rap about Sprite. You...Which is weird,

because, as a... as a rapper,you don't drink,

you don't do drugs.

And so, like,you talk about Sprite a lot.

Well, you know, a lot of times,you know what I mean,

you connect to things,and I connected to the lemons

and the limes. And Sprite isa company that's based on that,

you know what I mean? Greatcolor palette, great product.

Actually have some thingsin the works with them,

going in correlationwith the album.

I can't tell you what, becausethat's a breach of contract,

but what I can tell youis that it's gonna be delicious.


(cheering and applause)

You know what, man,

I don't knowif any of this is real.

-I don't know if I believe-I'm so serious.

anything you say. All I know is

I cannot wait to listento the full album now,

because you arethe most interesting man

I have had in that chair. Thankyou so much for being here.

-Thank you.-(cheering and applause)

Big Fish Theory will be available June 23.

Vince Staples, everybody.

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