Wendy Williams - Staying True to Herself on "The Wendy Williams Show"

September 21, 2016 - Wendy Williams 09/21/2016 Views: 14,133

TV and radio show host Wendy Williams discusses how she learned to appeal to a broad audience by staying true to herself on "The Wendy Williams Show." (7:12)

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Please welcome Wendy Williams.

(cheers and applause)


-Hi, everybody!-(applause)


(Wendy giggling)

How you doing?

How are you doing, Trevor?

Thank you for comingto the show.

-Thank you for inviting.-This is excit...

I-I feel like I should be on theother side of the...

You-you are the expert at this.

-This is, uh...-This seems weird.

I'm not facing the audience.

-Should I swivel? What do I do?-You can swivel to the audience

If you like. You can, you canturn towards them.

-I-I'm easy.-(applause)

Get comfortable,get comfortable.

Is this how you do it?And then you...

And then you talk to theaudience, and then you, uh...

Well, yeah, I like, um,like this is good.


-You comfortable?-Very.

-Thank you for being here.-Mm-hmm.

And congratulations onthe eighth season of your show.

-Yeah, thank you.-(cheers and applause)

Thank you very much.

Did you... when starting,I mean, I know you believe

in yourself and your showon radio was a huge success,

but did you ever believethat it would go this long

and be this successful?


No, honestly.

I mean I knew that, you know,

-we had a showand I have a talent. -Yeah.

But that doesn't make it.

You've got to canvass Americain order to get the love.

And people, maybe,in Kentucky and North Dakota

and other parts of the country

might not be used to

my big Jersey personality.


I like how you are weresearching for the word

in your brain, you're like,"The right word.

Let me say the right word, letme say the right word. Yes."

-But-but you know what I mean.-I know exactly what you mean.

-Like, you live here in-inNew York now. -Yes.

-You know, I know you're fromSouth Africa. -Uh-huh.

But we are, um, a bawdy,a-a bawdy b-bunch of people

here in the Tri-States.

-It's a very different vibe.-Yes.

-It's not, it's not mainstreamAmerica. Yes. -Yes.

-Very, very East Coast.-Yes.

Wh-when you'remaking the show then,

are you thinking about allof those people

and what they want to seeon the show?

Yes, I do, but I also thinkabout myself first.

Like, I cannot be anybodybut who I am, Wendy.

-I-I can't. Like, I can't.-(applause)

You know, if you ask meto tone down my personality,

I'm like, what?

For what?

Has anyone ever asked youto do that?


In my life?

(laughing):Yes, in your life.

-Yeah, various timesin my life, sure. -Yeah.

You talk too much,too loud, too fast.

Stop being so expressive,talking with your hands,

it makes people nervous.

-Who does it make nervous?-I don't know.

It makes me very comf... I findit soothes me when you do that.

Well, 'cause you live here now,so you get it.

-It's a New York thing, right?-Yeah, well...

-Maybe it's like a...-Or something.

-It's like, it's like hypnosisfor New Yorkers. -Right.

Like, when you go for...

Like, if you go to gethypnotized in New York,

-the guy's like, "You're feelingvery sleepy." -Yes.

-"You're sleepy.You gonna sleep, man? -Yes.

"You gonna sleep, or what?

You gonna sleep, man?"

I understand that.

-That makes a lot of sense.-Yes, yes.

But-but you...here's-here's what...

Here's what fascinates meabout your show.

So, I-I have I all my TVs onduring the day, and then, uh,

it's only news and then there'sone TV in the middle,

and Wendy Williamsis on that one.

And what fascinates meabout your show is...

you have a show that'sconsidered, let's say,

in the world of light and airy,and it's like, oh, daytime,

we don't get into stuff.

But you get into someserious topics on your show

that no other show at that timeis talking about.

Well, we love hot topics and Ilove talking about pop culture.

I love celebrity culture.

Um, I think that for one houra day we are allowed

to laugh along, cry along,

-or, uh, learn aboutour favorite celebs. -Yeah.

Like if you want to know moreabout Brad and Angelina,

you come to me.

So-so, like, in that clipthat we watched there--

-if we wanted to know...-About The Game.

That The Game had had sexwith three of the Kardashians...

I got to the bottomof the information.

Because he rapped about itin a song

and said he had sex with three.

But he never saidwho the three are.

And so you went deep...You know what fascinates me

about this is, I go, "Wendy...

you realize you are wastingyour talents in Amer..."

America needs youto go after people

that are on the news--politicians who are

saying thingsand then, you know,

you could be goingdeep in and going,

"Hey, I want to investigatewho you've had sex with

-or your tax returns."-Listen, listen...

Uh, I-I think the thingthat fascinates me the most

about you, though,is how driven you are.

So, I knew Wendy Williamsfirst from the TV show.

And then, I mean, you-youhave a syndicated radio show

that is extremely successful,you have books that are huge,

you have...you have a line, now, of...

You designing shoes?Are you...

Well, I'm designing a lineof shoes, I've been with HSM

for about a year and a half.

My apparel linehas been very successful,

and on Friday I'll be presentingmy new shoe line--

which I've neverdone shoes before--

but they're not just shoes.They're shoes, honey.

-I-I don't evenknow what that means. -I mean...

-(cheering, applause) -Oh,they... Okay, they look good.

-They look good. I'll say that.They look good. -Okay?

Pumps, over the knee boots

and everything in between.

And then, coming in the...later in the winter,

I have, you know,coats and things like that.

So... But none of thiswould have happened

without the success of the base.

When I was in radio,I started writing books.

I'm a New York Times best seller,

and I've written seven books.

I've been a broadcaster for o...for over 30 years of my life.

How do you... how do youstay successful and driven

for 30 years in theentertainment industry that,

maybe, many timeshas said no to you?

Um... well, I don't

take "no" very easily.

I, uh, I also, now--in my life now--

I have a very goodsupport system.

You know, I've been marriedfor 18 years,

-and... and...-Wow.

-(cheering, applause)-Yeah.

And he's my manager,and he's also

one of the executive producersof the talk show,

so he knows exactly...

Like, they understand.

Our son, who's 16, knows

that dinneris in the Tupperware,

I left it for you earlier today.

So I'll be home later on,you know what I mean?

And so does my husband.

They under...they know where I am.

Don't-don't ring my cell phone,you guys know where I am.

So, support systemis real important,

but also, Trevor,the ability to say no.

And I know you'rea lot younger than me.

You're, like,20 years younger than me.

-But, you know...-So, I'm five?

The-These nights, that, youknow, when you finish your show,

I know you go to the bar,you have fun with your friends.

Watch that. 'Cause your friendsaren't always your friends,

and you've got someplace to bein the morning

and you've got to lookfresh-faced and ready to go.

And you've got to, uh...

No, you laugh-- I'm serious.

O... You laugh, I'm-I'm serious.

Like, to me, girls nights out

-were for when I was,you know, your age. -Yeah.

Girls nights out are no longer.

I go home after this,I moisturize,

take my wig offand get into bed.

I got someplace to befirst thing in the morning.

You know what's so funny is,that sounds like

the exact regimethat Donald Trump does

at the end of the day.

That's exactlywhat that sounds like.

It's one of my favorite shows onTV-- check your local listings

to catch The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy Williams, everybody.

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