Whoopi Goldberg - The State of Political Discourse in America - Extended Interview

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"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg gives her take on toxic political rhetoric in America during the presidencies of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. (12:29)

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Please welcome Whoopi Goldberg!

(cheers and applause)

(cheering and applause swell)


Ooh! Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

-Are you rolling off the edge?-(laughter)

It only looks that waysometimes, right?

-(laughter)-Welcome to the show.

Thank you. It's a pleasureto be here finally.

Are you kidding me?It is an honor to have you here.

Well, it's an honor to be herewith you.

You know, in South Africa,I mean, because of Sarafina!,

I don't even know how bigthe movie was in America,

but we were just like,"Oh, yeah, Whoopi Goldberg."

Can I tell youabout Sarafina!, what happened?

-The day Sarafina! openedin the United States... -Yeah.

...the L.A. Riots happened.


And so,I think people were like,

"Well, we're watching blackpeople on TV burn (bleep)."


"I don't think we want to go

into the movie houseand watch this."

-(laughter)-So it did.

It-it... it came and went.

And in South Africa,

that is one of the greatest,biggest movies of all time.

Good. Well, I'd liketo be big somewhere, some time.

-(laughter) -Oh, please.Oh, please. -You know.

-You know. -Whoopi Goldberg,are you kidding me?

Uh, EGOT winner,host of The View.

Let's talk a little bitabout The View.

-Um...-Why? -(laughter)

-Why not? Why not? You know,no, because... -Why...?

You know what I... you know whatI like about The View, is...

What do you like?Well, we like when you come.

It's almost become...it's almost become a place where

I just get to watch you hang out

and be yourselfevery single day.

I have always wondered, though.

You have people with opposingviews sitting around that table.


How do you stop yourselvesfrom hating each other?

Like, it feels likethe rest of America

has found a way to do itwhen it comes to politics.

Well, the truthof the matter is, you know,

it's like, you spenda lot of time with folks,

and you don't wantto be disrespectful

'cause you don't agree.

It's like family.You don't dis...

Just 'causeyou disagree with family

-doesn't mean you can't stillbe civil. -Right.

So one of the thingsthat I loved about The View

when I took the jobwas that, uh,

though outside people would say,you know,

"Oh, there goes those womenarguing with each other."

It's, like, five women can'tget along, and it's just bull.

It's bull.I love the idea

that I can say the whole word,but I'm, like, tentative.

-You can say bull (bleep) here.-Well, it is bull (bleep).

-Oh, there we go. There we go.That's it. -(applause, cheering)

Because, you know,that's like...

It's-it's... it's...it's this thing that people do

that keeps pushing women intosome kind of weird stereotype.

-You know, every womanis different. -Right.

Some women get along,some women are more aggressive.

Just like men.It's-it's no different.

But when five guys don't agree,

they don't say, "Oh,there they go. Look at that."

-(laughter)-You know?

They only do that with women,

and I-I find itsomewhat annoying.

-Right.-But, you know, listen, I...

It's never personal.

We're talkingabout our opinions,

and it's never personal.

We don't personallyattack each other,

'cause there would beno point in that.

Well, when you look at politicaldiscourse in America now...

I mean, you've been doing itfrom standup,

you've been doing it,you know, in movies and TV.

You've-you've had conversations

-on many different platforms.-Mm-hmm.

Do you feel a differencein the discourse now?

Do you think that it is as badas people say it is

when you compare itto previous times?

Well, I have to tell you,you know...

I remember...

when Obama got elected,

and some, you know, assistants,

or whatever they call themon Capitol Hill,

had sent around a poster

-of all the presidents,you know, -Mm-hmm.

and the last president,of course, was Obama.

But he had big red lipsand big eyes,

and he looked like a field handin the picture,

and I thought, oh, here we are.

You know, and variousconversations people would have,

you know, "Oh, doesn't he remindyou of, uh, Curious George?

Oh, no, I didn't say that.Tee-hee-hee."

And it was, like,well, okay, wait a minute.

And then the craziness of,"My God, you're black,

so you can'thave been born here."

That just...I mean, it's Hawaii.

Hawaii. I mean, I learned...

that Hawaii was part of theUnited States when I was a kid.


And yet, people were thrilled

-to jump on that bandwagon.-Right.

Now, listen,is he a perfect president?

Was he a perfect president? No.

No president is, becausethe bitch about being president

is you actually have to listento other people.

-Right. -You have to,and you have to say,

"Can I do this?"and when they say, "No,

"and we'renever gonna talk to you

"because Mr. McConnell said,you know, our big thing,

"now that you got in,is we're gonna make sure

you are onlya one-term president."

So when you turn your back thatquickly, it's kind of rough.

Now, I know the other guykeeps saying, "Well, you know,

they're being obstructionist."

No, they're actually not.

They're trying to figure outwhat the hell you're doing.

You know, they don't know...they don't...

We've never seen anythinglike this, you know?

I-I... I've never seenanybody do this before.

So I thinkif I'm a little freaked,

they must be out of their minds.

You thinkthe Republicans are scared,

like, when they lookat Donald Trump?

I'm... I think they are.

And they are just like,"We wanna win! We wanna win!

You're doing fine!"


Because this iswhat it was about.

-It wasn't about us.-Right.

It wasn't about the countryor the nation.

It was about winning.

And when somebody says,"We're gonna make you

a one-term president,'cause we're not gonna help,"

that means youdon't give a (bleep) about us.

And I don't like that.

You know, I don't mind...

a president who's...who I don't agree with.

-Uh-huh.-I do mind a president

that discounts us as the people.

And it happensfrom time to time.

But this is, you know,this is kind of hard to watch.

And, you know, all of thecraziness that you're hearing...

You know, Gabby Giffords wasa wonderful person in service,

and she was shot.

Now we have these other,uh, congress people.

She was a Democrat.

We've had Republicans shot now.

So it seems to me that now thatthis has happened on both sides,

somebody has to say, "Okay,something's really wrong here."

-Right. -Because the wayto get people out of office

is not to try to shoot them,it's to vote them out.

And if you don't have the ballsto vote them out...

that's your issue.

But you have to, you know,you have to look at it.

This-this insanity discourseis not good.

'Cause it's not working.

If you, if you look at the-thecurrent president,

Donald J. Trump, it's rareto have a president

who, on a personal level,has had beef with people.

Uh, I mean,you-you're one of them.

One of the tweetshe wrote about you was--

this was in January, 2016.He said,

(Trevor reading):


Did something happenbetween you guys?

Uh, I'll tell you, um,

I don't believe

when you comeon to our show,

and spout things like,

"This man was not bornin America,"

when Hawaii, again...


...you know, was part of Americaat the time.

Bette Midler was born in Hawaii.

So that means if Obamaisn't an American,

Bette isn't either.

That doesn't make any sense.

Bette Midler is Americanas was the president.

And he-- and for me,that was, that was...

-You did it and you-you knewyou were lying. -Right.

You knew itand you still spouted it.

And it got you whereyou needed to be,

but the problem isnow you're there,

and you're trying to blameeverybody else.

Baby, you always say,"I won, I won."

Well, yeah, you won, and nowthey're up your ass.

-Let me ask you a questionfor the future. -All right.

If you look at where you wishAmerica could go,

if you look at what your viewwould be

-for the future of the country,-Mm-hmm.

what would a dream scenario be?

I mean, not-not everyonewill get together,

but what would you hopewe would start to see?

I hope we start to see,you know, fun discussions.

-Really fun andspirited discussions. -About?

That don't have to--about anything.

Whether it's health care,

or whether it's about, you know,

making sure that everyoneis safe.

You know, making sure thatpeople read the bills

-that they sign.-Right.

You know, why would you, uh,sign a bill

that gives the mentally illaccess to a gun?

That doesn't make sense to me.

So I feel like people maybejust were signing stuff

and missed that part.

-But that's, like, not a goodb-- that's not good. -(laughs)

You know, that's not agood thing that-that...


You know what I mean?

-It's-it's not good.-I feel you.

So I just, I want people to stopthinking about winning,

and thinking about how we win.

Because, yeah, maybe we have tofind things to do with coal,

-but I know I'm not gonnaburn coal in my house. -Right.

I'm not gonna burn coalin my house,

so we have to either find waysto retrain people,

and there used to bean office for that,

but he shut it down.

There is, you know, he wantsto get ride of the NEA.

They're so happy to get ridof the NEA,

because they have no ideawhat the NEA does.

The NEA does so many thingsfor veterans.

It does all kindsof things for children

who are-are tryingto learn stuff,

and they can onlylearn it through a...

I mean, the ideathat you would shut that down

or shut down food programs--

-not just for the young,but for the elderly. -Right.

I mean, I don't...I don't understand.

I get that, you know,they don't...

they want smaller government.I get it.

Well, if you dowhat you're supposed to do,

the government does get smaller.

'Cause nobody has to keepmaking stuff happen

so that you willstick to the rules.

The EPA was createdfor a reason.

'Cause folks weren't listening.

And they said, "Look, you can'tdump your (bleep) in the river."

You know? You can't do...you can't do it.

You can't do it, because--

as we saw in Flint--

when you messwith people's water...

-it will hurt your children.-Right.

I mean, these are...these are common sense things.

We can work it outwhere you can make your money

and-and we cankeep the environment safe,

but you can't just say,

"No, we're gonnashift it and it's good."

It's not good. It wasn't good.That's why it changed.

With this passion,do you think Americans

could ever see yourunning for office in any way?

-(cheering, applause) -You knowwhat, I have... No, no, no, no.

It-it... You know what,

I have so many... skeletons.

I mean, there are so m...

The closet...

is gigantic.

And it would...

The whole time would be spent

just going,"You really did that?"

You know, that you... I wouldnever get anything done,

because people would say,"No, really, you-you did him?"

I mean, it would just be so bad.But I like doing it from here

because I think sometimesmaybe I can...

I can say to somebody, "Listen,have you thought about it

-from this perspective?-Right.

'Cause a presidentcan't do that.

A president has to sort oflisten to 900,000 people.

You know, there's a lotthat goes into that job.

I've watched a couple of folksactually do it,

and it's not a job I would want.

You know, there's a club.You know that? You know this?

There's a presid... uh, clubfor the former presidents.

-Right.-Because they feel,

no matter whatside of the aisle you're on,

you as a presidentare the only one who knows

-what it's like to do that.-You understand what it's like.

And, uh, I don't thinkthe new guy's

spoken to them about...

(clears throat)...what to do.

You know, becauseit's not an easy job.

Well, I-I will say this,uh, skeletons or not,

I think thingshave changed a lot.

There's a few things

-you can tell us you've done...-No, there's not.

that would shock America...

Oh, no, there... L-Look at me.

-...and the world today.-Yeah, look...


Thank you so muchfor being on the show.

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Whoopi Goldberg, everybody.

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