Zara Larsson - Feeling "So Good" with Her Debut Album

March 23, 2017 - Zara Larsson 03/23/2017 Views: 20,483

Swedish singer Zara Larsson discusses her first international album, "So Good," and describes what it's like when a pop star gets political on Twitter. (4:37)

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Zara Larsson!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)

-Ooh! Thank you.-Oh.

-Please don't fall.-Usually, these don't roll.

-Oh, yeah, mine roll.-But... All right.

-If you fell...-Yeah?

that would've beenthe best video ever.

It would've been a good video.You're right.

It would've been viral.

And then I-I would have helpedyou up and I would have said

-I'm very sorry. But I would'vebeen like... -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(whispers):"Roll the camera."

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you very much.

-Good to be here.-And congratulations on all

of your success. You-you area-a very talented individual.

You won the American versionof Sweden's Got Talent

-when you were ten. Which I'massuming is just called -Yeah.

-Sweden's Got Talent, right?-Yeah, pretty much.

Okay. It would be weirdif it was like, "Welcome

to The American Version of Sweden's Got Talent."

You won thatwhen you were ten years old.

But did you knowat ten years old that you wanted

-to be a professional singer?-Oh, absolutely.

That's why I was,uh, in the show,

because that was the only showthat accepted

someone who was ten.

'Cause I think X Factor was not on.

-Yeah.-Um, Idol, you had to be 16.

And all these shows. And I justreally wanted to be out there

and perform in front of people,so that was my only option.

Well, you-you made a great dealof your only option,

-because you went on to becomeextremely successful. -Mm-hmm.

I mean, your debut albumwent on to become

-the number one streaming albumfor a female artist. -Yeah.

-1.3 billion streams?-1.3 billion.

-Congratulations. That's...-Thank you.

-That's a lot of streams. Um...-(cheers and applause)

Let's talk a little bitabout the new album So Good.

First international album.

Is that how you're feelingright now?

-So good?-Very. Yeah, for real.

That's really how I feel,and I feel like the feedback

-has been so positive,-Yeah.

and people have been so nice,and my Twitter mentions

and everything I see onlineis just good.

So I feel amazing.

-I feel like...-This...

-I feel, like, very relieved.Yeah. -Do...

I don't knowif all your mentions

-are good, though, because...-(chuckles)

-No, you're right about that.-Like, I've followed...

-I've followed some of yourtweets. -But about the album.

-Yeah, I followedsome of your tweets. -Yeah.

-I mean, like, the album-- yeah,the response is great. -Mm-hmm.

But then... Like, for instance,you tweeted a while ago,

"Paul Ryan's a little bitch."-(laughter)

I said that. That's what I said.

(cheers and applause)

-All right.-Do you...

Do you get flak for sharingyour political views,

you know, because you''re a pop star?

-Right. -I'm surethat some people say, like,

-this is not your place?-Well, yes, they do.

But I feel like I don't reallyhave a lot

of political experiences, but...

-Trump doesn't, so...-(laughter)

You know what I'm saying?

I feel like I'm good.

You know, I have a voice,and I have an opinion,

and, um... I usually write a lotabout feminism.

I remember one of the firsttimes I became aware of you

was with that video that you had

where you put your legthrough a condom,

-or, like, you wore a condom.-Mm-hmm.

Do we have that?We... I think we have that.

-Yeah, a photo. -Yeah.You wore a condom on your leg.

But you seehow stretchable it is?

It's all the way up to my knee.

And thatwas basically you saying,

-this is for guys who say,"Baby, it can't fit." -Yeah.

And I was like, "Well, how do weknow what size your legs are?"


-B-But, you... It was a...-No, but I was very surprised.

-I don't know why I did itin the first place, -Yeah.

that what made me actuallyput it on my foot...

-What did make youput it on your foot? -But...

I have no idea.

-I really...-Like, who... First of all,

what is the condom doing...Let's start with that.

-Yeah. -Like, who has a condomlying around and goes,

-"I should put this on my foot."-Well, I had so many...

-Okay. Okay.-So I just felt like...

I could waste them.Like, I had a whole bag of them.


-Which is good. Which is good.-Which is good.

-You should stay protected. Yes.-Yeah. This is good. Yes.

So, actually,I, um, I got it given to me

-because in Sweden,we have youth clinics, -Uh-huh.

and usually school...schools go there,

and they talk about sex,

and they talk about everythingthat has to do with it,

and they give the kidsjust a whole bunch of condoms

-so they can stay protected.-Oh, wow.

But I was just like,"I really don't know what to do

with all these."

So I could just put themon my foot.

-So what you're saying is...-(laughter)

In Sweden, you guys haveso much free health care

-that you can wear condoms?-Yes.

-I can wear them as socks.-Man.

We can only dreamof what that must be like.

We can only dream out here.

-Thank you for coming to theshow. -All right. Thank you.

Zara will be doinga special acoustic performance

exclusively for us.

So be sure to check that outat and our app.

Her album So Good is available now.

Zara Larsson, everybody.

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