Theo James - The Very Good-Looking Apocalypse in "Allegiant"

March 17, 2016 - Theo James 03/17/2016 Views: 2,424

Theo James describes an unpleasant job he had in England before becoming an actor and chats about "Allegiant," the third film in "The Divergent Series." (6:06)

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-(cheering and applause)-Please welcome Theo James!

(speaks indistinctlyunder cheering)

-Theo, my good man.-(cheering)

He l... he looked so smugin that clip.

I was like, "God..."He was like, "Hmm."

-I think you looked handsome,my friend. -Thank you.

-You looked very handsome.Uh, question, -Thank you.

uh, do you ever worryabout your general safety

when you're walkingin the streets or just, like,

doing your thing in life?

Just because...I always... I always...

I'll tell you why.I worry for you,

because women screameverywhere you go.

How do you knowwhen it's danger?

-Whether to help or to run.-Well, you don't know,

because the rest of...the rest of the world goes...

a woman screaming something..."Aah!"

And then when... Like, do youturn? Do you still turn around?

No, I just run that way.

You just run in the directionyou're facing.

Even if it's someone n-needinghelp. They're like,

"I genuinely need help!""I don't give a (bleep)!"

Oh. Thank you so muchfor coming to the show, man.

Thank you very much, uh,for being here. A lot of people

might be shocked right nowthat you are British.

This throws people offquite a bit. Uh...

what-what is...what is going on?

Why are, like, all...Like, does Britain

have all the handsome men?How does this work?

-What's happening? -No, they'rejust... They're a lot cheaper,

for one.We sign, like, a... a thing.

So it's a lot cheaper. But, uh,yeah, I don't know, really.

Oh. Th-There.I think it came from that.

The way you even did that."I don't know, really."

I think... I think it's becauseof that. I think it's because...

How did you practiceyour American accent?

-I'm always fascinated by that.-You know what,

I practiced itbecause the first thing...

the first proper American thingI did was a TV show,

and I thought I could doan American accent.

And then when I got castand on the first day

I met all the other castand they said,

"Oh, so you're doingan American accent?"

I said, "Yeah,we just did the read-through."

And they're like,"When are you gonna do it?"

So suddenly I (bleep) myself,and I literally was, like...

n-nailed it every day.And they kind of helped

-and it kind of got...-Oh, so it wasn't, like, one

of those things where youpracticed, like, as a kid or...

No, no, no, that would be weird,or would it be weird?

-I don't know. Embarrassed?-I feel like it would be normal.

-Kids... kids... You didn'tdo that as...? -Hi.

Well, not like that.I mean, that would be weird.

If you were a little kid,and were like, "Hey. Hey."

I mean that... I'm talking aboutjust as a kid, like, practice...

Like, I, as a kid,I used to practice.

-Like, I'd play westerns withmy friends. -Oh, I see, I see.

But a lot of my friend couldn'tspeak English, so we didn't know

-what the guys were sayingin the western. -(laughter)

So, like, we'd just know,you'd grab the gun,

and then you'd be like,♪ Ooh, ee-ooh, ee-ooh.

-(laughter)-♪ Womp, womp, wah.

-You didn't do that? No?-No, I didn't, actually.

-But, uh, we should have done.-You shou...

-Just made general noises.-(laughter)

(groans) I don't know what thatis. It's the sentiment.

Uh, Theo James--it's a great name,

but it is a Hollywood name.

We all have, like,Hollywood names.

-For instance, my Hollywood nameis Trevor Noah. -Mm-hmm.

But then,my real name is Trevor Noah.


I thought you were goingto help me out there. Damn.

Uh, what is your full name, ifyou don't mind me asking?

My full name is Theodore PeterJames Kinnaird Taptiklis. Yeah.

-Uh, so...-(cheering and whooping)

I don't know whyI said it like that.

I was all like, "Taptiklis."Um...

Oh, it's because it getsthat response, that's why.

-It's just like, uh... It's justlike some... -(laughter)

It's just like a crazy thingthat happens.

Yeah, I did itbecause it was easier.

And I have to say, uh,I wanted to be called

"Theo Hames," as well,'cause I thought

-it would be kind of Spanishand sexy, but... -(laughter)

-Did you really think that?-No, no, I'm kidding.

-(laughter)-"Theo Hames!," and you walk in.

-"Hello, everybody."-Yeah.

"Would let me over your wall,please?"

Uh, let's, uh...let's talk about the movie.

I mean, um,it's a huge series.

Have you ever wondered whythese films are so successful?

I mean, like, young kids reading

about, basically,the end of the world.

-Mm.-Why is that so popular? Why...?


Yeah, I mean, genuinely, I thinkit's obviously fantasy material,

but I think there are a lot atthe moment, and I think they...

You know, young people questionwhat the (bleep) will happen to,

you know, a generationor two's time with...

Where there'll just be, like,good-looking people left?


In a fake Chicago, yeah, uh,being given tasks.

-Sexy tasks. -I love thatin the... I love... Yeah.

But I loved that in the movie,Chicago survives.

Like, everyone everywhere elsegets destroyed.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah.

-It's a good thing.-I loved that.

And someone's like, whatever theend of the world was,

-Chicago was like, "Nah."-(laughter)

But it... I mean,it really must be crazy

to be part of that series.

Do you...? You know,do you see yourself

going into something elsewhere you're not playing--

not good-looking,but, I mean, you know,

somethingthat people find as popular,

especially... especiallywith young women?

-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.-(laughter)

Uh, what, like, pornography,as well?

No. I mean,, I mean like, would you...?

(laughter,applause and cheering)

Did you... did you do porn?Did you?

Well, that's what I'm tryingto get into.

I don't know. I... Well,I say that because you got...

No, no, no,this man has had strange jobs.

I mean, first you were aphilosophy major, right?

-Yeah. Yeah, I was. -Yeah, youwere a philosophy major for...

But you also worked with dead bodies.

But I... you know,sometimes I read things,

and I go,"I don't know if this is true."

You worked cleaning the fluidsthat dead bodies secrete?

-Crazy. -WOMAN: Wait. What?-Yeah, exactly.

She's... Someone in the audiencesaid, "Wait. What?"

-What did you do? -That makes itsexier than it... than it...

-Yeah, it sounds sexierthan it... No. -What did you do?

No, I'm kidding. Um, I did...No, what it was is you...

We collected the... basically,

the equipmentthat people died on. Um...

-Who is "we?"-WOMAN: What?! -(laughter)

Me and my mate Dan. No.

We're, like,driving around, like,

-"He looks like he's gonnapop his clothes." -(laughter)

-No. We worked for the NationalHealth Service. -Oh. Okay. Okay.

So you have to go around, andyou had to get the equipment,

you had to clean it,and that kind of stuff.

Oh. Okay. So you you were like a...

Cleaning guy.

Did you ever haveto touch the dead bodies?

Uh, I... No, no, I didn't.

They were already gone,thankfully.

Oh, okay, but then, like,the fluid is there,

and you haveto clean that off...

Yeah, vacuum, usually.You have to do that with...

-Vacuum? What do they leavebehind? -I'm kidding.


I love this.You are so much fun.

This is so much fun.We should be best friends.

I like this. No, really,we should be best friends.

Give me your number.Uh, I'm kidding, man.

You're a great guest. Thank youso much for coming, too.

-Thank you very much. This wasfun. -Theo James, everybody.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant is in theaters this Friday.

-(applause and cheering)-Theodore Kinnaird James...

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