Chrissy Teigen - A Model with "Cravings"

March 2, 2016 - Chrissy Teigen 03/02/2016 Views: 861

Model Chrissy Teigen discusses getting into trouble on Twitter and explains how she accidentally gave out her phone number in her cookbook "Cravings." (6:04)

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My guest tonight is a model

and is also the co-hostof Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle.

She is now the author ofa new cookbook called Cravings.

Please welcome Chrissy Teigen.

(cheers and applause)

-That...-Ooh. Hello!

-(Teigen whoops)-(cheers and applause)

Oh. Oh.


It's so weird to be here.

Hello. Thank you for being here.

We watch every night sothis is really exciting to me.

This is... this is really exciting for me

because you are, honestly,

one of the mostinteresting people I know.

-What?!-You really... no, you really...

-That's horrific! That'shorrible. -You really are.

You know why? Becauseyou're not what meets the eye.

-So you go, okay, model, Sports Illustrated. -Uh-huh. Mm.

We get... Yeah, okay, fine,beautiful, fine.

We understand that.

Uh, but then, are very involved

in, like,the political discussion.

-Like, you don'tshy away from it. -I know.

I should sometimes, too, becauseyou see me get in trouble

on social media,and I always regret it. I...

Never once I have been like,"I'm really glad

I said thatand stood up for that."

-Never once, no. -Well, that'swhat social media is, isn't it?

I know, I know, and I'm tryingto learn. You'd think after...

I think I've been on Twitter forsix years now, and you'd think

I would start growingand learning

and knowing when to stop,but I don't.

I just keep pushing it,and it's horrible.

I feel likeyou're the anti-troll, though.

-I feel like you are the faceof the revolution. -Oh, really?

-Yeah, you are the anti-troll.-I like that.

Because if you think about it,

like, like, trolling has becomethe new thing.

People go on Twitter,

-they say really horrible thingsto people. -Yes.

-They go out of their way,which is strange. -I know.

I always say, like,Twitter is, like,

everyone has got your address,

-and then they just cometo your house. -Yeah, knock.

-Stick... Just, yeah.-Like, would you knock

on someone's door and be like,"You're (bleep) fat"? Sorry.

Well, some people would do that.

If they had your address,they'd be like,

"Hey, you're fat," and be like,"I know. Thank you. I know."

-I know.-Yeah, so, but you take them on.

-Yeah.-Do you ever get tired of that?

You know what is weird is,I have this need for justice,

and John says it all the time,

he says I always need peopleto know when they're wrong.

And that's one of my downfalls.

So when you have thousandsof people writing you a day,

-and this need to let them knowthat they are wrong, -Yes.

it's a really bad combination.

So I have this...I-I got to tell them.

I have... I can't stop.I don't know why.

How does... how does, um...

So for those who don't know,Chrissy Teigen has a husband,

he's a guy who sings sometimes.

-(laughter) -Uh, yeah,his name is John Legend.

-Yes.-And, um... and...

(both laugh)

Doesn't heget defensive for you?

You know what, not really.

Sometimes I'll have him checkon my tweets,

and I'll be like,"Should I post this?"

He goes, "Should you? No.Will you? Yes."


-I like that.-He knows. He knows.

Um, let's turn for a secondto your pregnancy.

Very interesting pregnancy that,again, was in the tabloids,

-Yeah.-was on Twitter.

Everyone knew what you should doabout your pregnancy

-Yes. Yeah, except me.-and your baby.

Weren't you happy about that?Didn't that make you feel good?

Yeah, that's always...I mean, obviously...

being pregnant in general,not being a celebrity,

you get enough people tryingto tell you what to do

and which way to goand how to do things

and what's wrongand what's right.

And I think beingin the public eye with it,

and then admitting somethingas big as I did,

which is we went through IVFand... and that we actually

selected the gender...uh, was a really big...

I had no idea how big

-that would become. -Oh,it's a huge thing. Yeah. Yeah.

People are like,you shouldn't choose things...

-Yes, play God.-Yes.

So, um... actually, I-I...

for me, I said it so casually,because I know so many people

that are going through it, itwas... and I forget that there's

this whole realm of people thatreally think it's just horrific

and such a horrible thing to do,and, um, that think

that we went through itjust to pick the gender,

which is not true at all.

Obviously, we were struggling,we wanted to have children,

we want to havea lot of children,

and I said it so casuallythat unfortunately it became

a thing where... I just wanteda baby girl accessory,

-and that's what happened.-Which doesn't make sense,

'cause if it was an accessory

you'd want itto be adopted from Africa.

-Exact...-That doesn't make sense.

No, I mean, that makes sense.

I don't know why theywould think that of you.

That is...that just doesn't make sense.

We have a dark sense of humor,by the way.

-I know. But it's perfect.-Don't we?

-Let's talk about the book, Cravings. -Yes.

It's a very funny,very, very funny cookbook.

I know, people areactually reading it,

-Yes. -which is exciting,because I am a cookbook reader

and buyer and I collect them...

Do you really, though?Do you really cook?

-Oh, my gosh... -Like,people don't associate models

-with cooking, though.-No, I cook.

I know this is a bad stereotype,but models don't, like...

It's like the pope releasing,like, a book on dating.


But I really do.And I know when to buckle down.

Let's be honest, I don't...I'm not, like...

I'm not walking runways,I'm not in Milan or Paris or...

No, I do Sports Illustrated, which appreciates a...

-you know, a curvier body,and... -Yeah.

and when I buckle down for thatI really buckle down.

But most of my lifeis cravings. Truly.

Most of my life is really eatingand loving to cook.

So this is... the thing thatI'm most proud of, honestly.

I feel like this is mebefore model.

You have every right to beproud, because the book is now

-a number one Best Selleron The New York Times. -Yes.

-Oh, yeah!-So well done on that.

-Thank you. -New York Times Best Seller. Congratulations.

I know, I have credibilityto be here. It was my worry.

No, no, no,this is fun for me as well.

-You published your phone numberin the cookbook. -I did. I did.

Page 111, if everyone wantsto know my old phone number.

-Did you notice?-I did not notice

until that morning.

Tuesday morning I got...I don't speak on the phone,

and everyone on my team knowsthat I don't talk on the phone.

I have a big problem with itfor some reason. And...

Oh, 'cause you wantto be on Twitter.

Yeah. Yeah, and thenthey see me on Twitter,

and they're like,"Hey, we know you're out there."

So I got one phone call,two, three,

and then maybe 150 later,

and then finally,a kind girl texted me and said,

"Hey, just a heads-up,your phone number's on Pippa's--

my dog's--dog collar on page 111.

-Oh... wow.-So I had to change it.

-I've had it for 11 years.-Oh, so now you have... you have

-I've got a new number now.-to have a new number...

What about the peoplewho don't have your new number?

Why don't you tell themthe new number, so everyone...

It's, uh, it's 424...

Oh, I'm gonna stop you,I'm gonna stop you.

Cravings is in stores now.Chrissy Teigen, everybody.

-Thank you so much.-Thank you so much.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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